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#CryptoNews: EOS Price Will Hit $100 per Coin | WHAT WILL IT TAKE? [Crypto | Bitcoin | Altcoin Review]

EOS Price Will Hit $100 per Coin | WHAT WILL IT TAKE? [Crypto | Bitcoin | Altcoin Review]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk EOS.

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What is EOS?

Deep Dive Review into EOS (December 2018)

Why Is Trading Volume So Important?

Why Is Trading Volume So Important?

Huobi EOS Exchange

Free Transactions

EOS Key Features

Deep Dive Review into EOS (December 2018)


Dapp Radar

Microsoft C++…0.0..0.102.531.4j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j35i304i39j0i13j0i8i7i30j0i5i30._-WDDL0QTeE

EOS – Example Exchange Contract and Benefits of C++

EOS Unbeaten. Remains 1st on China’s latest CCID Rank


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28 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: EOS Price Will Hit $100 per Coin | WHAT WILL IT TAKE? [Crypto | Bitcoin | Altcoin Review]

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  2. Towards the end you said we didnt get to see what eos can do in a bull market. Actually it went up to 15 or 16 at that time in dec 2017

  3. Avatar Will Beecher says:

    Good call! It's doing well. I would be happy to get to $10

  4. Avatar Linus Godman says:

    Sold all Bch bougt eos

  5. Avatar Fomosapien says:

    FOMO is starting to kick in right now js lol

  6. wish i had eos for that price. $2:48 now its $3:73.

  7. I believe the easiest way to buy $EOS with a card is EO Finance

  8. I believe the easiest way to buy $EOS with a card is EO Finance

  9. Avatar Chris says:

    Great video man!!!

  10. Lol…. pretty sure “dunno who this guy is” steemit article you referenced was Dan…. the creator of EOS (Dan larimer)

  11. Avatar gtorres1719 says:

    To create a EOS account users must pay. If you want to simply send EOS than you must have some EOS staked which you must purchase so how is EOS actually free?

  12. let me know when the price hits 1k. Until then, I will never even consider selling my EOS.

  13. Avatar Aleksander says:

    Haven't spoke about Ethos in a while? They are working on!! I'm getting excited about them

  14. Avatar Viral Killer says:

    don't EOS give away your coins after 3 years? of inactivity

  15. Avatar Sushii Dang says:

    Please do a ECA review ( Electra Coin)

  16. Avatar Tiff T says:

    Is it true that if you dont use your EOS coin, let's say you keep it in your wallet I've heard that they can take them away? Is that true?


  17. Avatar Joseph Moss says:

    EOS ranked #1 yet again just recently.

  18. Avatar QuadQ says:

    If you have EOS you must CHANGE YOUR ACTIVE KEYS before interacting online

  19. Best altcoin in this cryptosphere is APEX. Bullrun will start soon.

  20. EOS AT 3 $ IN 2019 end

  21. Avatar Inaminute says:

    EOS FOREVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Avatar redbono red says:

    I really dont like EOS !

  23. I’m invested, it is the only crypto I don’t worry about in my holdings. It’s a really good crypto for people with ADD because you can always do things with it beyond speculating.

  24. Avatar Kuman Lee says:

    Thanks. I’m a big EOS proponent.

  25. Avatar Alt bert says:

    Stop saying EOS is decentralized. It is far from decentralization. Therefore apps on EOS are not dapps but apps.

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