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#CryptoNews: DO NOT WAIT: Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did! Bitcoin Big Picture | +JP Morgan Changes Mind

DO NOT WAIT: Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did! Bitcoin Big Picture | +JP Morgan Changes Mind

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Bitcoin Big Picture | New Analysis | JP Morgan Now Giving Reports On Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value |

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SEC Postpones Decision on VanEck/SolidX Filing in Latest Bitcoin ETF Setback

Tweet: Jake Chervinsky ETF update

A Surprise from JPMorgan: ‘Bitcoin Has Intrinsic Value’

Tweet: JPMorgan analysis of Bitcoin:

Tweet: The Rhythm Trader

Tweet: Misir Mahmudov

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45 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: DO NOT WAIT: Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did! Bitcoin Big Picture | +JP Morgan Changes Mind

  1. Avatar x0Goti0x says:

    Best channel. You don’t have to remind me to like, I always do it before watching the video, because I know it will provide huge amounts of value to the crypto community! Thank you!

  2. Avatar Lisergiko says:

    I had no money when it was traveling between 3000 and 4000. I just got paid $300 for a freelance job and have to wait for the price to correct, or just accept the fact that I won't be able to invest anymore 🙁

  3. isn't AI being built to crash things like Bit Coin? can't a real Quantum AI computer crack anything? and doesn't any electronic "coin" require electricity to spend. won't the grid be one of the first things to go in a catastrophe?

  4. I appreciate your videos

  5. Avatar TCM Pabit says:

    sir please any amount of bitcoin i need

  6. Avatar L K says:

    There is no such thing as stupid buying BTC below 10k tbh..Last time we will see this price forever….buy pieces if you can. Because its the fck last time ordinary people can get even a bit of BTC without paying a fortune. I F You don't Believe me..ask the pizza guy who bought pizza for 10.000 BTC, and today price he payed 80 million for pizza..and in t hat time there was also people who said, it will go lower and lower, guess what….If you still don't are to remain in fiat and wait for hyperinflation caused by unlimited printing+debt

    And don't fck trade your btc for even more btc, just fck hold 20 years and thank me later.

    Either way you invest or either way you trade..if you try to do both..don't fck cry you end up with less, and sometimes you end up with more.

    The only dumb people are those who waited for 1k BTC they are the same people who thought BTC was going to retest 20k again and again and go higher and higher, only this time they thought it was going to go lower and lower and lower..

    Just the reverse happening in the bearmarket, perma bears vs perma bulls are the ones that get burned and FOMO because of losing the big picture and greed

  7. Avatar Monirosky says:

    What do you think about the future prices of ethereum? I need to know your opinión…

  8. Avatar Lewis17 says:

    definitely not making the mistake too, all the big dogs are now changing their previous statement about bitcoin. lol …am buying cheap now especially altcoins privacy coins to be in particular like Veil, Monero

  9. Avatar Amy Hoang says:

    Is it still good buying fron gdax with no fees instead of Gemini? It's been awhile I have not look into this and I am not up to date with the changes.

  10. Avatar Sky Lion says:

    if you have a Coinbase account you have the opportunity to get some free XLM Stellar Lumens worth up to 50$.‬

  11. Avatar yash kapoor says:

    Crap !!!

    Bitcoin is going down
    Please don’t mislead

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  13. If you were buying @ 3k I don't think it's stupid to buy some addtitional BTC @ 7k. I chickened @ 3k and didn't buy and I really regret it but I started buying @ 4k in March and just caught the train. Bought a lot between 4k and 5k and I'm ok.

  14. Avatar Tan bui says:

    "Global funds network Calastone launched world’s largest blockchain financial services community. More info could be found in The Crypto Sight, Crypto News and Crypto Insight:"

  15. Avatar james says:

    The BIG question is XRP or BITCOIN???????????????????????????? XRP to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. "Don't make the same mistake I did!"

    I didnt! while you talk shit about bsv I just kept on selling my shitcoins and stacking up on BSV at $54,$55 all in. 😎

    Thanks Altcoin Daily for giving me the buy signal to buy BSV including and not limited to:

    Crypto Lark, Chico crypto, Roger ver, Vitalik and others

    Keep on spreading Fake news!

  17. Avatar John Smith says:

    at the beginning of the previous bull run (at 1.5k) I anticipated 7-8k, we did 20… I also did a 'mistake' by selling big majority on those levels and not buying in after that.
    today I anticipate 65k, would it mean that we will make x3 of that to 190-200k? let's see.. also I don't think it will be sooner than 2021

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  19. Avatar FalconValley says:

    Thanks for a great video!

  20. Well it will go below 7k so no worries.

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  24. Avatar Mario Vip says:

    You are not showing any real technical stuff , you are only showing when btc rallied most.

    What you are saying is simply telling people buy bitcoin as soon as possible because it will go up a lot.

    Im a btc fan and i would love to see it go up a lot but you are just creating fomo.

  25. Avatar Ivan says:

    South korea is going to make sure you become rich when you’re in the coin ICON for sure!!

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  27. Avatar eric a says:

    Saying incite but I think you mean entice ?

  28. Avatar Me Metoo says:


  29. Avatar Me Metoo says:


  30. Buy a fraction of BTC at each $100 level like $7,200, $7,300, $7400, etc. If the price dips and you already own at that amount your good, if you missing some slots, then play a game to try to pick them up during the next dip. My goal is to own BTC at every $100 mark from $6k to $10k, then hold on for dear life. It’s like DCA, but more fun and interactive as you try to fill all the empty slots.

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  32. Avatar peter DAVIS says:

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  33. Seriously double ads? Trifecta soon?

  34. Avatar a b says:

    now paanzi is considered intrinsic value? just because somebody is paying more today than yesterday doesn't mean that next week they'll still pay more

  35. Just thinking about starting out with a couple thousand spare cash, can anyone explain the ETF BTC and other acronyms?

  36. Avatar Rodney Prak says:

    I’m going to buy a ledger nano s later this week using your referral link. 👍

  37. Avatar Mr Hole says:

    XRP to 80 cent soon!!!…FOMO in!!

  38. Avatar HEX Coin says:

    Austin, I made the same mistake. It's all good, though. You know what makes me feel better? …knowing the next episode of #BitcoinAndFriends launches shortly!! The humor helps break my depression over missing the big move up, lol.

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