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#CryptoNews: Big Change: I Have Stopped Buying Bitcoin. Here Is My New Strategy!

Big Change: I Have Stopped Buying Bitcoin. Here Is My New Strategy!

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Bitcoin Continues To Make New 2019 highs | My New Plan | Fidelity Expanding | Lighting Network Growing | Roger Ver Responds To Craig Wright | Litecoin Partnership |

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Fidelity Hires Barclays’ Former Head of Digital Assets

Lightning Network records network capacity of $5.6 million

You can now send Lightning Payments to a peer without an invoice!

Report: Craig Wright Serves Roger Ver with Libel Suit

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Litecoin [LTC] partners with military-grade wallet; another; silver crypto on an adoption spree

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46 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: Big Change: I Have Stopped Buying Bitcoin. Here Is My New Strategy!

  1. Avatar Paul Kovac says:

    Your extremely down to earth commentary if refreshing compared to some of the other channels fomo. Keep up the good videos.

  2. No time is better than now to buy bitcoins. Reason is that we are at the verge of a strong bull run. Another approach i have taken that has been so profitable for me is not just buying but also strategically growing my portfolio by trading using the well known signal service of Mateo Alejandro. I tried it first though freely on a demo account and it worked so well i invested and traded my first 1btc which 3x in just 2 weeks so i keep growing my coins steadily with just my initial capital. Its a very interesting and easy to use approach and i am sure this will not be news here cos most people that would come across this post would probably already have used and benefited from his training or trading services. His contacts are *[email protected] those who don't know him and would love to try a different but very successful approach towards realizing dreams in the cryptocurrency business

  3. how’s that 6200-6300 dollar resistance? damn win some loose some but kinda ate your words here

  4. Avatar tony wright says:

    Tons of resistance at $6200. 🤣 not anymore!!! It’s now tons of resistance and it happened just a couple of hours after you made the video, what do we do now buddy 😭😭😭

  5. Avatar Almar Rohbar says:

    is now a good time to buy ripple

  6. Avatar ColfaxJones says:

    Still holding off? 5 days later we’re well past 6k heading to 7. The FOMO is real.

  7. Avatar Kron Mc says:

    80k people can be wrong lol nice video though

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  9. All that bullshit about that 6k resistance lol, that was actually a strong support line before the market attacks due to the BCH fork fiasco

  10. Checkout this site, has good price range forecasts and allocation strategies:

  11. Avatar KingsRight says:

    i think any bitcoin buys are foolish when alt-coins will multiply your money more.

  12. Avatar Ricky Brown says:

    You know what they say. Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the face

  13. Avatar Julio Cr says:

    Just say it, today's bitcoin is been with some great mods, now have segwit, there is a red flag in most exchanges due to tether and wash trading habits from whales, we been plyaed to this point i dont touch it for a while

  14. Good video, but history does not repeat even when we are on a 4y cycle

  15. How do you think Bytom will do in the next couple of months?

  16. Avatar jones james says:

    Bitcoin will double shortly [2 months ]🖖

  17. Avatar Red Fono says:

    If we go to the 6200… I will be 1000% fomo otherwise I still think we have another dump.. I hope the last one

  18. Avatar Alex M says:

    Only idiots are buying now… lol

  19. Great video! Btw where can you see that chart? On which page/exchange

  20. Avatar gin65zz says:

    Argentas is building a new global payment network. This all is by invitation only. Here is my invitation link:

  21. Avatar jc pack says:

    I agree with you i have the same investment strategy

  22. The one thing I can give you a tip on. Don’t compare yourself with other YouTube channels. Strong flex about how many subscribers you have vs strong facts on crypto. The people who should know know this and listen, and the people who are new fumbling dumb will find your content good and stay. The one thing I can say is a very big turn off on YouTube channels is boasting about how many people have subscribed compared to other channels. The number of viewers is not what you want to focus on, it’s getting out great crypto news as you do. But when I’m listening to you in the garden and your going through crypto news and then right in the middle talking about viewership, it’s like eww.

    Take it like this go to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, how many viewers do they have? they have sheeple facts versus your real news.
    Don’t get into a spat war with crypto lark or Chico crypto or any of the other cheese ball names that pop up or down, just stick with solid facts, and people will stick to your channel.
    I unsubscribed from a dude a few days ago because he was saying “this other channel was like crap, blah blah.
    The small time investing people need crypto news; not trump numbers.

    Keep up the hard work.

  23. Avatar Alicia key says:

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  24. That $6,200-$6,400 resistance level is what I'm looking for. Curious to see what the transactions fees/speed will be for BTC at that point. If it's slow and fees are high, it's hard to imagine that BTC will move much higher. Because I can tell you that I'm not interested in buying/transacting $100 worth of BTC if it costs me $20. I'll go with an altcoin like BCH/ETH/or LTC perhaps.

  25. I cannot get my head around this. Im trying to research before i start, whats the best site or platform to start off for a beginner please?


  27. Start of a new 4 year cycle. Accumulate. New ATH.

  28. Avatar Keith McLean says:

    I personally think this a good thing for the space. It shows us where we need improvement:

  29. Avatar John Thoren says:

    Will Bitcoin ever see $4000 again!?

  30. what say you to this sorry about the plagerism I'm a lazy copy paste kind of guy, article I read today:Last week we learned that China, which is estimated to be home to around 70% of cryptocurrency mining, is considering a ban on the activity.

    On April 8, the country’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) published a list of sectors it intends to promote, restrict or eliminate, and cryptocurrency mining was cited as lacking safe production conditions, a waste of resources and extremely harmful to the environment. Cryptocurrency mining requires huge amounts of electricity and the companies involved tend to be located in coal-dependent provinces, where the cost of energy is cheaper. It is estimated that the activity generates between three and 15 tons per year of carbon dioxide. China has been criticized for its failure to meet environmental goals, but at least in this area the authorities there have taken the right decision.

    In September 2017, China also banned so-called Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), describing them as an unregulated market open to fraud. The ban closed 88 ICO exchange platforms and 85 ICO projects, although some claim that the measure is relatively easy to circumvent, but the huge amount of electricity involved in cryptocurrency mining makes it easy to locate.

    China’s reasons for banning cryptocurrency mining are easy to understand: it’s a pointless waste of energy. In fact, much of the initial excitement about cryptocurrencies is waning: cryptocurrencies, like blockchain, are being targeted by a few powerful speculators, and rather than helping with the exchange of goods or services, are useless, due mainly to their built-in economics. Even companies that initially explored them, obtaining patents, such as Bank of America, have slowed their developments and are increasingly skeptical.

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have an extremely expensive consensus algorithm, while their promise of total security has never been fulfilled, because even fully decentralized mechanisms are vulnerable to those with the determination to break them.

    In their current state, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are promising, but problematic to use. That could change with initiatives such as Vitalik Buterin’s idea of ​​replacing the proof of work in Ethereum with a proof of stake, as some cryptocurrencies have already proposed, offering potential energy savings of 99%, but even this is not entirely clear and would only respond to one of many challenges.

    Until these problems are solved, the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies remains in doubt and need to be fully overhauled and redefined.

  31. As opposed to saying BTC ‘transitioning ‘ to a method of payment, I would say ‘expanded use as method of payment’ while remaining a store of value as well.

  32. Avatar Henry Goh says:

    You are stop buying bitcoin
    Be careful you miss the boat when it drops below 5k you will wait for 4k and 3k maybe it will not happen
    If you believe in long term you should continue cost averaging until it reach ATH

  33. Avatar bellyom says:

    cost averaging is my middle name. people who thinks they can day trade and beat the seasoned professionls. they are in coco land.

  34. Alt coin daily.
    Every topic today is BTC (and infighting amongst forkers).

    Talk about the uses of tokens actually being used BTC boy!

  35. Opticalartdotcom. That is all

  36. Avatar seb22663 says:

    know that you now nothing and anything can happen

  37. Avatar KTorres says:

    I'm not buying BTC but I'm definitely accumulating more altcoins that I find promissing in the future.

  38. 2500-3000 by end June/happy 4th july🎢🏦

  39. Avatar E K says:

    170$ airdrop I can't help myself from sharing… You may use my link or not but please please dont let this slip away.. NRG token is 1.73$ each and you could earn 100 tokens doing simple tasks..

    and if you do use my link we both get an additional 10 NRG.. my math is rusty but that's an extra 17$ They allow you to stake even 1 coin in your wallet and payout is 60% a year!!!!

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