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#CryptoNews: Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

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Charlie Shrem: May 2018 Will Be ‘Last Time’ Bitcoin Costs Under $10,000

Dogecoin added to Coinbase, wtf

Dogecoin added to Coinbase, wtf from CryptoCurrency

CoinMarketCap to Remove Exchanges From Calculations If They Don’t Provide Mandatory Data

Careful what you wish for.

Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Jumped to $65.5 Million in Q1, Its Highest Ever

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26 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

  1. Avatar Zoheb Makani says:

    My favorite channel! More like a daily dose.

  2. Avatar Music Box says:

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  4. What is the best way to buy BTC

  5. Avatar demo account says:

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  6. Come on people, if we all buy we can move something… and whales will drop and we lose 🙂

  7. Avatar Ash Vecchio says:

    Of course, it is. Smart money will dump on everyone from 6k to 6400 taking us all the way back to 3k range.

  8. Avatar Will Beecher says:

    OK so we try to time the Crypto Market? It's so new we can't count on this. I think if it corrects it will after 7200-7500.

  9. Avatar Will Beecher says:

    I realize diversification was dumb mistake with Crypto. 80% BTC and 20% in Alts. If BTC corrects ALTS will get killed worst.

  10. Avatar Alicia key says:

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  11. It seems like you're stretching the truth a little bit. April is not summer. I don't I think this sort of investment has much of a seasonal factor. Maybe a little

  12. Avatar Leonard Wynn says:

    I do agree but one thing I see missing is the outside speculation and hype. Most ppl that are interested in cryptocurrency are those who are"hodling" or few big investors that believe in a future of crypto.

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  14. Whatever man. Wait to buy. It won't rally 100% of the time from here on out. DCA into a correction.

  15. Avatar bellyom says:

    I am dollar cost averaging. If it goes down I get more for my dollar. Happy days.

  16. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Avatar crypto kitty says:

    DOGE on Coinbase. Awesome. 👍 But sucks as all my 🐕🐕🐕 are on Robinhood app, no bloody wallet and NO BENEFICIARY! To leave all my stash if I get run over or hit by a truck. 🙀🙀🙀

  18. Avatar Top Secret says:

    Good news update…..I think a correction will occur soon….hit 6k….then drop….then go up again.

  19. Avatar sky sky says:

    can you 给个字幕,我听不懂!

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