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#AltcoinDaily: Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto News]

Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto News]

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Bitcoin Hitting Major These Resistance Levels| Fundamental/Macro Analysis | Hashrate Reaches 6-Month High | Facebook Reverses Ban On Crypto Ads | CNN Releases Positive Bitcoin Article |

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Bitcoin Price Model/ Realized Cap Chart

Tweet: The last time bitcoin broke $6,000…

Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate reaches 6-month high

Facebook makes major reversal on crypto ad ban, encouraging blockchain promotion

Bitcoin has soared 60% this year. Meet the new buy-and-hold investment

Reddit: Bitcoin On CNN

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34 thoughts on “#AltcoinDaily: Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto News]

  1. Just found this channel, and I think it's pure gold!! (I mean, pure bitcoin!) Thanks a lot for your analysis. Really like it. It's a fair analysis and I've learned a lot already in only 2 days!

  2. Kami k.k says:

    8300 bro 6 days after

  3. Brandon Pugh says:

    Looks like nobody's predictions were right since it's at 7800 😂😂😂

  4. Nancy mor says:

    Thanks for the video,Im making profit weekly

  5. Yungulee says:

    I got into CC during Jan 2018 and been spending hours a day everyday following YT cc folks. Your videos are always sensible and appreciate your voice.

  6. James Bourne says:

    By the rumours sell the news

  7. Johan says:

    which resistance sir?

  8. AirForceDave says:

    However, I do agree that a higher low is inbound. Just not worth risking it. Buy now, be safe. Lol

  9. AirForceDave says:

    Oops, missed that call. It's all good, none of us can guess the market. You might enjoy videos by Bob Loukas.

  10. This has not aged well

  11. iamramekin says:

    1:35 lol "I'm trying to share my journey with you because I know better. I'm not buying because of this imaginary resistance that I made up." Meanwhile bitcoin: "Hey, I'm over here at $6700 now! later!"

  12. Rich H says:

    It took me longer to watch this silly Technical Analysis than it took Bitcoin to break through this imaginary Resistance of $6,400 – $6,500. #idiocy

  13. When the halving happens is my wallet gonna be halved also?

  14. Hey Guys ✌🏼. I sell my Bitcoins at 6.300💵, because i thought that BTC will fall a little bit, but now im scared 😱😱😱. I now that is lot of greed now, and people are buying or take their altcoins and go into bitcoin. Do you guys realy think that Bitcoin will fall down? I dont know what to do now 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  15. Robert Que says:

    New here….came as a suggested channel…now a follower…analysis is bang on!!
    Did some backward analysis of previous posts and I'm impressed.
    Thank you!

  16. Wanda Garcia says:

    Thanks!! Great analysis. What are your thoughts on Apollo Currency (APL)?

  17. Marc Herzog says:

    @Altcoin Daily: would you do a video on BNB coin? Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Honestly I think they have managed their hack communication very well. Seems like a decent investment in the long run.

  18. Tan bui says:

    Such an helpful way to transfer your coin/token without any fee in just your hand balm, FIATO is the best option now. It's a product from Kryptono Exchange. It's available on iOS and Android. Especially you can convert crypto and fiat easily.

  19. TH = Terahertz right? Not transactions/ seconds. If that was the case scaling problem would gone:)

  20. MQ s says:

    great job buddy

  21. Can you do Thundercoin?? TT is the token. It looks really good. If check it out any one who reads this

  22. nrgskill says:

    TH is Tera Hash not transactions per seconds

  23. Well, there you go….$6,315.

  24. CRYPTO HYIP says:

    people are better off waiting for the retest then buy in. the rsi is hitting very high a dump in price is coming soon.

  25. Rich H says:

    Brilliant Analysis ! For those who believe we will continue to go up, I don't believe that will happen ! Thank you for that Brilliance ! You alerted your viewers that BTC would probably drop when it reached 3,500. What happened ? Your stupid T.A.continues to cost folks money ! In this case to the tune of almost 90% profit since January of this year. STOP this T.A. stupidity !!! Weren't charts telling you that it would drop below 3k before ? You stated you would buy more when you see 2,500 or 1,500 and I asked you what would you do if we DO NOT drop down to those levels ? Once again, T.A. for an new asset class that has NEVER earned any Institutional support, is idiocy. Stop the madness ! I find ZERO value in anyone utilizing Technical Analysis for this asset class. It has been nothing but WRONG until Institutions will give you a signal. Institutional support is the ONLY metric that will allow you to utilize T.A., period. That being said, your fundamental analysis and news is extremely useful and appreciated. Thank you !

  26. OriginalGedi says:

    Can you make a video about BAT and why it has its 29% down trend

  27. Ran Jan says:

    I can't read charts but I'm betting on what your saying. I'm going to hold off on getting into BTC. Hope your right.

  28. Stevens L says:

    I have been hearing bitcoin is gonna retrace since 5500

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