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#CryptoNews: A LOT Of Good News For Bitcoin! Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Ledger! [Crypto News]

A LOT Of Good News For Bitcoin! Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Ledger! [Crypto News]

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Samsung Invests In Ledger | TD Ameritrade Testing Bitcoin & Litecoin On NASDAQ | Highest Level Of Bitcoin Transactions Per Day Since Bull Run

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Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Hardware Startup Ledger


$1 Trillion Brokerage Giant TD Ameritrade is Quietly Testing Bitcoin

eToro is giving away $1,650,000 worth of Ethereum for free

Number of confirmed Bitcoin transactions per day hits highest level since last bull run

The amount of USDT printed in the last 3 weeks is equal to the amount printed from Jan 2017-Dec 2017. Let that sink in.

2,000 More US Grocery Stores Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines

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50 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: A LOT Of Good News For Bitcoin! Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Ledger! [Crypto News]

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  4. Avatar Major REX says:

    Seriously etoro sucks. 25$ for transferring money. The 0.1 ETH is a sucker move. Just buy at bitstamp or coinbase. Trade at binance. Etoro is a pretty bad platform.

  5. Hi this Samsung deal will it effect any particular coin, or only the whole market in general.

  6. Given that I was a complete inexperienced person I have fought so greatly for an extended time on my journey to make money over the internet but then the good news is this aided me make good income

  7. Avatar Henrik Ask says:

    Which stablecoins do you recommend?

  8. Avatar Danny Avila says:

    Just went in huge on the eos dip, there going to make a huge announcement in June I expect a great return in may. Buy the rumors sell the news this strategy worked with ada a few weeks ago.

  9. Avatar Bryan Cooper says:

    Do you ever talk about the Threat of Quantum Computers where soon they will be able to HACK BTC and all cryptos in under 2 minutes???? The ONLY digital currency that is Quantum SAFE is Cloudcoin! because it's not a cryptocurrency! and (RAIDA is Blockchain 2.0).

  10. Avatar Peter Petrov says:

    Ledger need to do more! It's safe to assume that every Bitcoin that's not on a Ledger (or Trezor) is in the wrong hands. Exchanges and trusted institutions can short BTC if they choose to do so but WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. Opening accounts and buying BTC is easy; it's the part where you get the bright idea to try to do a backflip. The second part of the skill (the landing on your feet part) is more important. That's the part where you learn how to get YOUR BTC on YOUR Ledger. IMHO Ledger have to make videos all the time and talk non-stop about their product–it has to become common sense. They need brick and mortar shops with actual people just waiting to help onboard the next customer (without keeping any personal info)./// BTW Singularitynet have been working like dogs lately. Nobody can say about them that they are copycats, that's for sure. If the timing for this fantastical Sci Fi tech is right, they are miles ahead of the tech giants.

  11. Where should i buy krypto..if i´m only 16 years old ? :(((

  12. Avatar Diki Permana says:

    does this video uploaded before bitfinex & tether sues case news or after?

  13. Funny how you mentioned this morning that you should not use usdt and then this evening everything goes down. Sunny Decree says it was due to Tether. USDC, Tusd and usds went up while usdt went down. Also, I wanted to know if you think btc will go down further than it did this evening before the bull run? I'm not saying a new bottom. Of course that is just my uneducated guess. However… when I look at the charts it doesn't look right to me. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing so much upward movement.

  14. are you smoking crack ???? bitcoin just went hard

  15. bitcoin just dumped .. we going down

  16. That eToro wallet gave me 44 XRP along with .1 of Ethereum; as soon as I watched your video; I signed up. Pissed my wife off cause I was busy making a eToro wallet and she is vacuuming saying I’m not helping. I reply oh but I am helping more then you can image.

  17. Avatar npcwill says:

    All this good news has no dam effect on price so clearly its all rigged and we should hodl and wait until they figure out when we will be rich.

  18. PAYING NOW INVEST HERE .I have 7 payments and all in the time

  19. Avatar Joe Pepsico says:

    OR NOT! prepare for launch. Bitcoin Rhodium is where it's all at.

  20. Avatar firefly123az says:

    You have impeccably bad timing. BTC down over 500 USD right now

  21. Avatar Dave Chopp says:

    FYI Coinstar machines that allow you to buy crypto are only setup up to sell crypto fiat bills (you cannot cash out coins for it) and you have to get your crypto from a third party website that will also require Registration and Identification. you know KYC/AML bullshit.. Just thought that should be made clear.

  22. Avatar Rich Evans says:

    Please sing "Tiptoe through the crypto" as Tiny Tim would've….

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  24. Avatar chrisiden says:

    Hey! are you familiar with the new Nike CryptoKicks? check it out along with Disney to b involved with crypto exchanges.. thanks for your vids i listen to them daily! ***Thumbs UP!

  25. Avatar Abel Adler says:

    A ledger nano give away !! 🙂

  26. Avatar 557Ron B says:

    printing teather that's USD for you …they must have a big sign in their office about Monopoly rule 11, lol

  27. I think it will … yes like like like

  28. HI. In NZ there has been a few articles on their airline investigating blockchain use. I've seen three now – maybe something for you to verify and use for content etc.
    Here is one article I could scrape up.

  29. Avatar 557Ron B says:

    Aaron in this day of kids living on their smart phones and Samsung is leading the market.. this mean main stream adoption. Nano S give away for comments …. just an idea

  30. Avatar Nick Connor says:

    Best cryptocurrency news channel keep up the good work

  31. Avatar Lark Kemper says:

    Looking to get some BTC or something you guys are interested in doing a giveaway/raffle…lol

    Great job on the video guys!

  32. give as way $1000 equivalent in winners choice of crypto

  33. Avatar john boy says:

    give me a bitcoin thanks

  34. Only about 12 hours left…over 800 likes needed. I don't think it's gonna happen.
    *and I will not be giving away money. Especially XRP… you can't give away something you don't own.

  35. After the market kinda down I need to laugh

  36. Just invested 1200$ in Bitcoin. Hoping for the best! 🙏

  37. Avatar TiVy H says:

    Super great content as always. Thanks for sharing your research!!

  38. Btw, $100 in Bitcoin….yeah!!

  39. F Bakkt. Does anyone care about Bakkt anymore?

  40. Avatar Rodrigo John says:

    Phase 2 of ICO of New Bitcoin already started. Join us on DMX and get a lot of money!

  41. Avatar KAL -51 says:

    Top Comment: Face Reveal Hahahaha

  42. Avatar J. D. says:

    Man,Samsung is going all out! Wherever prices end up this year (I still strongly think 4.2k BTC is more likely than 6k short to mid term) the future(next 2 to 4 years) is bright.

  43. Lick my dogs ball sack

  44. Like…Like…Like…always great content!

  45. Avatar Overtino says:

    Record a video where you go around knocking on company doors saying “do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Bitcoin?”

  46. Avatar O K says:

    2.9? That’s all? That won’t make a dent…

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