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#CryptoNews: $55,000 Bitcoin By May 2020 Halvening! Why? Big Stock/Flow Ratio & Scarcity!

$55,000 Bitcoin By May 2020 Halvening! Why? Big Stock/Flow Ratio & Scarcity!

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How the Bitcoin Halvening Could Lead to $55,000

How the Bitcoin Halvening Could Lead to $55,000

Modeling Bitcoin’s Value with Scarcity

Bitcoin fees, security, and adoption have improved since the last bull market

Google Search Requests for ‘Bitcoin’ Tripled During Recent Price Surge

5-Star Swiss Hotel Set to Accept Bitcoin Payments

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34 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: $55,000 Bitcoin By May 2020 Halvening! Why? Big Stock/Flow Ratio & Scarcity!

  1. You my friend are one of BEST news/ information channel in this space. I’ve been listening to you for awhile now, and I noticed that you always keep it positive, very professional and mature compared to many others in this space. Good work, you will go far. 👍

  2. Avatar Ace Hby says:

    No need to cash out ur btc. It will be the currency u will use for everything in the coming future. Good times ahead! My bitcoin aint going nowhere 😁

  3. Avatar Xeno Bob says:

    Think the next halving will be a dud. There have been only two halvenings so far. Thats a very weak trend.

  4. Avatar Alan Barnes says:

    Great Video!!! Will Dogecoin rise with the Bitcoin rise? And If so, then what will it rise to? Thanks.

  5. Avatar Cryptom says:

    I do like what are you saying.
    A lot of facts, and value is build on facts!
    Go to to get some facts, about two new blockchain Companies with partnerships.

  6. Avatar anwar sadat says:

    Very good video brother

  7. Avatar MizzC says:

    haven't taken any just adding consistently XRP Baby !! – The Standard

  8. Avatar Nate Allison says:

    Btc devs didnt fix high transaction fees , and lighting is off chain plus is not going to be used by the average person for years to come. Ok so ofcourse its still a broken currency. Good luck to the newcomers next bull run , they will find out the hard way. Not a great business model is it?

  9. Avatar Kit Cat says:

    Holding. Really would like to see your speculation come to fruition.

  10. Maybe another leg up and then the most epic crash coming up. If we hit 6000 I'm selling everything.

  11. Avatar Mike Smith says:

    i certainly agree with Satoshi Money!!! Great news channel!

  12. I've been holding on to mine for a while and it keeps going up, long term investment. Let it sit.:)

  13. I was really impressed a few days ago about one company IN the Netherlands called Temper accepting Bitcoin as a way one can pay just in case of paying for a no show at work. Always this company links employees and employers. It's quite a great innovation that is driving the crypto currency into a real world day to day mass adaption.

  14. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    too many trader channels like Kirby can do your head in if you keep listening to the short term sentiment, this is now a hodlers market

  15. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    some of us have missed the lLtecoin Halvening Boat, lets not miss out on the Bitcoin one

  16. Avatar chrisiden says: (Please help make this Bitcoin Cartoon Video go Viral )

  17. Where does this leave altcoins 200kx ?

  18. Holding on so excited!

  19. Avatar fiat is king says:

    I don't know, have a feeling total market will shock every one and drop below 100B. Just have a hunch. I think bull market comes back end of 2020

  20. Avatar Cryptomama says:

    I have 1 for profit to hold until the end of 2020 and possibly sell depending on price, keeping the balance to infinity

  21. Avatar R James says:

    Yep! Reminder! "Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!"

  22. Avatar Bato Cesco says:

    Can you please say something about SMART CASH (SMART) ? – i think its one of the best coins worldwide… insane idea, very decentralized, biggest potential in my opinion

  23. He looks a little rough for 44😀

  24. Jim: not taking profits waiting for this run to explode

  25. Avatar James Morgan says:

    55k, possibly more 12 months after halvening. Price will be around 8-12k for May 2020.

  26. Avatar Jared Thomas says:

    Cryptocurrencies to us, is like the stock market to the world in the 1800’s!

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  28. Avatar sciflyer67 says:

    Executive Order 6102 is a United States presidential executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States".

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