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#CryptoNews: 3 More Indicators! I Am STILL 95% Sure Bitcoin Has Bottomed – Analyst Willy Woo Latest & Crypto News

3 More Indicators! I Am STILL 95% Sure Bitcoin Has Bottomed – Analyst Willy Woo Latest & Crypto News

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3 Indicators That Will Signal The Bull Run | Bitcoin Cash Small Network | Free Bitcoin From Gemini | Ripple XRP News

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A single Bitcoin Cash address is responsible for nearly 50% of the network’s transactions in the past month

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Canada Awards 300-Megawatt Block of Electricity to Attract Bitcoin Miners – Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano Crypto Flash

Canada Awards 300-Megawatt Block of Electricity to Attract Bitcoin Miners – Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano Crypto Flash

Ripple Brings XRP-Powered xRapid to 200 Banks and Financial Institutions

Ripple Brings XRP-Powered xRapid to 200 Banks and Financial Institutions

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34 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: 3 More Indicators! I Am STILL 95% Sure Bitcoin Has Bottomed – Analyst Willy Woo Latest & Crypto News

  1. Hahaha. You get a like for that bcash segment

  2. do you know where i can look up when the bat reward system for adds is avaiable in my region?

  3. Avatar ZUGZUG says:


  4. Avatar Austin says:

    I’m a little concerned that you’re not aware of the reason why a bank would flip the switch to xRapid over implementing Bitcoin. Bitcoin does not have the same infrastructure, banking relationships, support teams, speed to reduce slippage, regulatory considerations, and the list could go on and on. Are you trying to strike up conversation or do you really not know why they’d use one over the other?

  5. Avatar pepitoaus says:

    It should be Biach! 😉

  6. Avatar Mike G says:

    rofl bet your indicators didn't show you the three massive drops that happened today – LOL

  7. Avatar Space Oddity says:

    What about re-test the 200 Weekly MA ????

  8. That dude is a little BCH bitch, lol! Cheers my friend 😎

  9. Avatar Brad G says:

    One of my favourite videos

  10. Have you ever read the whitepaper??

  11. BitcoinSV is the original Bitcoin…
    NOT BTC Segwit coin…

  12. Avatar Cameron Sy says:

    Exciting times, indeed! (Great thumbnails, great videos)
    #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain

  13. Avatar John says:

    I bought some BitcoinSV… I crazy? Can you recommend a wallet? thanks

  14. Avatar Will Beecher says:

    What does the volume have too hit to confirm? Does Willy Woo measure number of coins traded too or just money volume?. Obviously the past bull runs will be in lower monetary volume than now.

  15. Avatar Will Beecher says:

    It seems trying to time BTC is not worth it for people who have real jobs. Buy and HOLD and you will never miss anything.

  16. I just estimate long term entries based on the mining price

  17. Nice … but other large channels called bottom in January and were right … are we really still talking about bottom … ? We have almost doubled since ….

  18. Avatar M. t.V says:

    Hahaha that BCASH part 😂👍🏻

  19. Avatar Greg Eddolls says:

    Hey there…love your show.
    You guys must be really busy…
    You have asked for input on what coins people would like to hear about….well I am saying it again in hopes you will look.

    STILL IN THE TOP 100 on CoinMarketap

    About Electroneum

    Electroneum (ETN) is a cryptocurrency that launched in 2017 with its own blockchain developed on the explicit intention of gaining mass adoption by targeting mobile audiences and smart phone users. Offering to users dedicated mobile mining applications available in many languages to anyone with a typical handheld smart device, this project has shown an effort to make it so those who wish to become involved in the revolutionary technology may do so with relative ease and see results in the form of small amounts of ETN each day for their participation. With the idea that access to the technology underpinning Bitcoin could be made simpler for today’s global economies, the teams behind Elecroneum genuinely aim to make their blockchain and cryptocurrency readily available to the ordinary mobile user and to spur rapid viral growth extending credit to their actively engaged community.

  20. Im not a professional or anything but why would the 6k resistance still be valid? who would hold from 6k to 3k and then sell as soon as it hits 6k again for a break even… I don't trade so maybe i'm missing something but i personally would never sell as soon as i break even, especially when the markets are clearly turning bullish. The price has almost doubled since the bottom which to me would mean people are more likely to sell because they've already doubled up rather than sell because they've been holding their bags since it dumped from 6k. Does anyone have some good input about my thinking?

  21. Avatar Eskwyr says:

    XRP is a MUCH FASTER crypto than BTC, and much less expensive per transaction. Those are the reasons why banks will run to XRP, and why ultimately XRP will replace BTC as the #1 cryptocurrency.

  22. Bitcoin is on the verge of a bull run with a value of about $5,941.85 which makes it a great time to invest and grow a portfolio in
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  23. Avatar J. D. says:

    I don't think we will see 3.1k again but i think 5k or under is more likely than 7k short to mid term. Wouldn't want to go all in now even if i had the cash to do so, and yet I wouldn't want to short either.

    My risk averse nature has served me well. Just buy and hold and hope for big gains in the coming years. I don't want to miss the rocket when it takes off by risking trades in what COULD be the tail end of a long bear market.

    My hunch says there's NO WAY we will blow past 6.1k resistance and hold past it first time for long. It could happen but don't bet on it… at least I don't plan on it.

    Thanks again.

  24. Avatar DaveTech CA says:

    Wanna bet that address for bitcoin trash is nvidia ? Haha.

  25. Avatar jjose93 says:

    Who dat yapping in the background!!!? RV. .. 🤣🤣 BEEEECASSSSSHHH!!!

  26. Avatar weeh Dinga says:

    Walking in the park while listening podcast please will be appreciated pop-pa need to lose some weight i wanted to live longer now im a member of 21 million club appreciate tue video by tue way classic mention xrp bot i mean army bwahahah classic

  27. The Guy With The Unfinished Last Name sure has a whiny voice. Good show on that one man, and as usual love the report.

  28. Avatar Wally XRP says:

    BTC can be 51% attacked although I hope it doesn’t and own BTC. That’s probably why the International Bank of Settlements wrote an 80 page paper recently on the dangers of BTC and proof of work. Seems to me that’s why banks would use XRP. But you’re right… who knows 🤷‍♂️

  29. Avatar J Guillory says:

    Yep. Sound Effects? You two have officially gone Super Saiyan Bullish. Me too

  30. Avatar Robyn Ocean says:

    Altcoins are sliding slowly into abyss, Max Keiser states altcoins are dead, what is the argument that we can be sure history will repeat, seems increasingly likely it won't..

  31. Avatar Brad D says:

    Isn't Roger in Asia spreading the gospel of bcash? Maybe he's using the account for demo purposes?

  32. What is your view on Litecoin?
    If you think BTC will eventually reach 1Mil what about LTC?
    And for every 1 BTC one holds, how much LTC should one have also?

  33. It doesn't get old. 3 times I watched Lil Rodger and laughing just as hard as the first time. Priceless

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