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#AltCoinDaily: 🔴Bitcoin About To SMASH 2019 Price High! Fidelity, CFTC, & Amazon Crypto News!

🔴Bitcoin About To SMASH 2019 Price High! Fidelity, CFTC, & Amazon Crypto News!

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Market Analysis | Fidelity Says Institutional Investment Will Greatly Increase Within 5 Years | CFTC Explosion Of Crypto Interest | Amazon Launches Blockchain Service

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Bearish on Bitcoin? This Fidelity Research Will Turn You Into a Raging Bull

CFTC Chair: ‘Explosion of Interest’ in Crypto May Spawn New Clearinghouses

Amazon Announces General Availability of Amazon Managed Blockchain, Making It ”Easy and Cost-Effective” to Deploy Blockchain Networks

Amazon Announces General Availability of Amazon Managed Blockchain, Making It ”Easy and Cost-Effective” to Deploy Blockchain Networks

BTC Transactions reach new highs while fees remain low

Tweet: Last 24 hours have seen 471K transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tweet: So Coinbase are doing 20kBTC/mo, Greyscale do 6kBTC/mo and now it looks like Square are doing 6kBTC/mo.

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31 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: 🔴Bitcoin About To SMASH 2019 Price High! Fidelity, CFTC, & Amazon Crypto News!

  1. Hey liked the video. Thanks for the daily update guys! 😃 I’m still HODLing my crypto and still bullish

  2. altcoin can you do a review on COVAL it is getting ready to moon………………….

  3. I am bullish on ETH. Long term HODLer of BTC & ETH!

  4. Avatar Grayson Ho says:

    What do you think of WoToken( a token from Neraex Exchange)? My friend said it offers min. 8% return monthly. Website is He’s making good money. But I am doubtful about that. Could you offer me your professional point of view? My email is [email protected]

    The following are their statements:

    ​​●WO NOTES

    WOTOKEN will open corporate office and registration in Australia for integration of WOEX exchange.

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    Previously, project parties were issued through ICO, and now project parties are issued through the IEO of the exchange. This type of offering allows the exchange to audit the project side for the investor, making the investor safer.

  5. Avatar Dom dom says:

    Nash exchange coming soon…

  6. Bitcoin will go down to 2000$
    Wait and see .there is no way bitcoin will pass 6000$

  7. Avatar Alicia key says:

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  8. Avatar Arturo Lopez says:

    me gusta el bitcoin
    i like the bitcoin saludos desde mexico

  9. One thing I've been asking myself about this coming bull/bust cycle… is will it be the same? With mass adoption and institutional involvement, will we still bust at 100X from the bottom (or whatever number X)? Will things continue up with less volatility after a 100X because Bitcoin, Ether are a part of everyday investor's Fidelity, T D Ameritrade, E-Trade, etc, etc.?

    My question for myself when we break $300-400k, is do I cash out and not be greedy, or is this time different?

    Oh the dilemma of what is to come… lol.

  10. The most centralised cryptocurrency. BTC core, Blockstream. The real bitcoin is BSV. Wake up people. Research the truth. Bitcoin is not for hodling. Read the whitepaper. This is not a casino!

  11. Rahul are smart people you know..

  12. avengers… what are you, 7?

  13. Avatar JS says:

    Been distracted by altcoins and masternodes (which have cost me), but am going back to the source… Bitcoin.

  14. Avatar C&G Tube says:

    moonboys like you are going to get rekt

  15. Avatar Fab Aleppo says:

    best EOS Wallet please mate?

  16. Yesterday you said we were heading for a huge dip. Today about to smash 2019 ATH. 😉

  17. Avatar S.B.G says:

    The market is cleaning up

  18. ATOM/Cosmos moved to 15th ! Niiice : )

  19. Avatar Curt Brennan says:

    HODL, people…….it's coming and we all know it!! 😉

  20. Avatar J. D. says:

    You, DataDash and ChartGuys are the only crypto stuff I watch on YT.

    My question is, with all this awesome news that keeps coming out why are the masses so blind about crypto?

    What never ceases to amaze me is how many people I still encounter who have never heard of Bitcoin or if they have, that's the ONLY crypto they know. We are not early adopters in one sense (this market has been around for about a decade) but on another level we are. Times are exciting for sure.

    If you guys are fortunate enough to be able to sink a ton of money into BTC( sorry, I am NOT confident that alts are a decent investment) you will be rewarded.

  21. Avatar Travis Rose says:

    Thanks great info 👊🏼

  22. $5,725.00 can I hear $8,000.00

  23. Doge listed on Coinbase?

  24. Unconfirmed tx counts already rising, devs won't learn their lesson

  25. Avatar Jerrid Pentz says:

    It’s important to remain humble and to never forget where you came from!! See ya on the moon boys 😎

  26. Bitcoin is awesome, But I'm gonna short it for now.

  27. Avatar Henry Goh says:

    Bull Not yet confirmed bro
    Watch out for false break out and dump below 4k for great time BTC accumulations

  28. If tether dont temporarily screw bitcoin over

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