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#CoinTeleGraph: Who Steals Your Bitcoin? | Is Gold Better Than Bitcoin? | Hodler’s Digest


Who Steals Your Bitcoin? | Is Gold Better Than Bitcoin? | Hodler’s Digest

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-03 23:57:42 | Duration: 17:20 | Views: 6515 | Likes: 252 | Dislikes: 16

Chainalysis reports $1 billion in crypto hacks, Iran avoids sanctions with crypto, Fidelity launches crypto custody, Hamas accepts cryptocurrency, and can Bitcoin replace gold?
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Who Steals Your Bitcoin? | Is Gold Better than Bitcoin? | Hodler’s Digest

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28 thoughts on “#CoinTeleGraph: Who Steals Your Bitcoin? | Is Gold Better Than Bitcoin? | Hodler’s Digest

  1. I have Gold bug & Bitcoin bug but use them differently than explained here…
    When the Bitcoin is high I sell it for gold when it is low I sell my Gold for more Bitcoins. Works for me.

  2. I never belief could work until I give it a try [email protected] is the best so far

  3. Avatar dubstep1994 says:

    I want to know how this "expert" can follow money both between exchanges, over MONEO, and out and in of crypto gateways. Over 1000 transactions? This guys evidence is so thin that you would think this was the usual fiat scam world who was setting up something that fit their agenda. Making up claims and evidence as always.

  4. Avatar dubstep1994 says:

    Dilliote is countless times proven to whitewash billions for big corporations. They are not a honest company. – Never trust anything they are a part of. They will fake any data for a hefty check.

  5. Avatar Jason Cole says:

    They are few men who are expert in mining i count Mr mike as one because of his unique mining strategy

  6. Gold-Backed Crypto all the way….I love the karatgold coin (kbc)

  7. Wtf is the gangsta music

  8. Avatar JOHNNY B TV says:

    We are in the 3rd inning of the internet "THE MONEY"! Please start averaging into good cryptos folks.. Its coming..

  9. Avatar Andrea May says:

    XRP has come with the aim to revolutionize transfers and put banks out of business and theoretically, the purpose could be achieved in a few years to come but what if not? What if SWIFT lunches a counter product of its own? What if Government regulations tomorrow makes things difficult for XRP? What if the company Ripples is taken out? What if its just a hype after all? I know the believers of xrp are very much convinced about the future of the coin and are even further convinced by influencers on youtube but i can assure you hodling your savings in xrp could be very risky in the future. I am also a lover of the decentralization idea and i totally love XRP and have made an enormous amount of xrp some of which i plunge continually into my real estate business and hodl some. The amazing thing is i didn't get there by buying but grew by trading 50,000 XRP and 4 BTC with Mark Garcia's trade patterns and signals in a very minimal time. I advice you to hodl all you want but do not accumulate with your hard earned savings but by starting decent and trading to increase your portfolio like i did. I'd also recommend Mark Garcia if you need some guidance and assistance on picking up with this strategy. You can contact him on Gmail/Skype([email protected] com)

  10. Avatar Fan Yang says:

    According to the Swiss Federal Council since 2016, Switzerland ALSO does not recognize HAMAS as a terrorist organization. I know its minor detail but I thought it should be noted in the interest of facts:

  11. Avatar Stojan Delic says:

    I have no comment on video but only comment i have is for Molly. Isn't she just beautiful?

  12. Saying "HODL" proves beyond any doubt that you are a sophomoric twit and you make people think this space is populated by ignorant little snowflake millennial's. Go back to saying "like" every 3 words at the coffee shop while yapping with your useless millennial friends. "HODL" is the most ridiculous, stupid phrase ever.

  13. Avatar TFV-solar says:

    Great videos you make, folks. Thanks a lot.

  14. Avatar K Hon says:

    If you are venezuela then great britain and USA is trying to steal your gold.

  15. Catherine Ross 💓 I am living of your memories

  16. Oh Molly Jane I want her just as much as Mary Jane!! Like subscribe and Hodl…😍😂🤗

  17. It always leads to tracking everyone's transactions. "dirty Bitcoin" it always leads to an invasion of privacy. It always leads to the common man getting fucked by the ruling class. No talk about using fees to backup balances, no talk about making exchanges more secure. No one ever takes the morally neutral approach with standards of principle only.

  18. It's the pump and dump whales like that Twitter CEO that was trying to pump bitcoin failed manipulation.

  19. Avatar Classborn says:

    Buy water, stay hydrated

  20. Gemini by far is the only exchange I've always trusted

  21. tbh i just unsubbed for the trump jab on a topic not related to crypto.

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