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#CoinTeleGraph: Alex Tapscott on Why Bitcoin Won’t Stop Rising


Alex Tapscott on Why Bitcoin Won’t Stop Rising

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-06-26 17:02:22 | Duration: 7:18 | Views: 15065 | Likes: 425 | Dislikes: 14


According to business author and advisor Alex Tapscott, next year’s halving, the Libra Project announcement and monetary policies around the world are some of the factors fueling this year’s bull run. Bitcoin dominates the rally due to its superior liquidity and maturity. If unsolved, Bitcoin scalability issues might prevent coin from reaching its full potential.

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Alex Tapscott on Why Bitcoin Won’t Stop Rising

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31 thoughts on “#CoinTeleGraph: Alex Tapscott on Why Bitcoin Won’t Stop Rising

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  2. Ahh the old ball under water analogy what about the rubber band analogy.

    As expected, just people like you and me guessing.

  3. Avatar Stock Fadi says:

    I guess the idiots Havnt figured out that bitcoin price goes up and down

  4. Avatar 독수리TV says:

    Your video is very informative. Can I share it on my business site?

  5. This prediction isn’t marinating very well lol.

  6. Avatar CryptoM says:

    Bitcoin still going so strong. Alts are not yet there

  7. Always fun to watch these the day after the market drops like a rock lol.

  8. Avatar Chris Rock says:

    This video didn't age well. Lol

  9. Avatar joe allen says:

    BTC 10555. Bitcoin stopped rising.

  10. Avatar Ted Kirk says:

    It crashed today hard. You might want to take down this video.

  11. Avatar Farmer Jimmy says:

    It just did clows 🤣

  12. Not even few hours after this video the price has collapsed… How useless are analysts! 😀

  13. Avatar Don Tapscott says:

    I'm biased, but that was pretty brilliant..

  14. Avatar Grant Cooper says:

    Would like to give you guys perspective to alts vs btc at the moment.
    The fact that the alts are lagging is mainly due to bots keeping the prices down. As a day trader i look at many indicators when entering or exiting a position. Price action to me is one of the biggest.
    The "main" wales/traders/high frequency traders as you call them are keeping alt prices down and pushing them lower so that when they exit btc they can climb into the next run on the alts.

  15. Avatar Keun Lee says:

    The major stable coin Thether (USDT) is also very volatile in the market. It is a major currency for pumping and dumping currency price. Libra is not here yet to compare to BTC. Making good and error proof crypto software takes long time. Libra will make Bitcoin stronger and Libra will be dependent to Bitcoin in the crypto currency market. Welcome Libra!!!

  16. Avatar Mike OZ says:

    Hedge funds are betting 14% bearish that it drops!! Watch it go down 2 – 3k!!!

  17. Avatar Pablo Dee says:

    There was no QE announcement recently

  18. Then it fell. But then it came back!

  19. "The Blockchain Revolution". One of the Most important books ever.

  20. Avatar Cat says:

    It will correct.

  21. Avatar John Binnie says:

    It's in the strongest position it's ever been in by a big margin.

  22. Will hit 100k $ by 3 month

  23. Avatar Classborn says:

    "When Bottom?" Tone Vays

  24. this time it might go up for the next sixty days every and each day one thousand bucks up

  25. Avatar chrisiden says:

    $13,454 BTC as i watch this video

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