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#CNBCTV: Why legendary investor Ron Baron is betting big on Tesla


Why legendary investor Ron Baron is betting big on Tesla

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-03-14 12:25:15 | Duration: 8:28 | Views: 153642 | Likes: 2403 | Dislikes: 87

Ron Baron, chairman and CEO of Baron Capital, sits down with “Squawk Box” to explain why he has decided to invest long-term in Tesla despite analysts shying away from the stock.

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38 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Why legendary investor Ron Baron is betting big on Tesla

  1. Avatar hisham 3018 says:

    cnbc , when it comes to Tesla just SHUT UP

  2. Avatar Craig says:

    CNBC is owned by Comcast. Comcast provides TV services. Traditional Automakers are large advertisers on TV.
    CNBC hates Tesla.

  3. I guess I beat him by a bunch getting in only 6 wk.s ago at $202, side stepping 5 dead years.

  4. Avatar dandansfu says:

    and stock went down. again. I have no doubt in long term but how long is it. what is the opportunity cost

  5. Avatar Kevin Harte says:

    The stock has fallen by a third since this video

  6. Avatar G-PALMER says:

    I am not nearly as smart as Barron, nor do I have a clue how Musk's brain works… BUT… I kinda understand that the technology revolution in transportation is being led by Tesla. So if a simple-minded horse like me can understand this, then I have to assume these CNBC twits can do the same (or even better than me). I think that PERSONALLY they agree 100% with Barron – but they are being TOLD to spread FUD – and the reason for this is obvious:-
    1. Tesla does not give millions in advertising revenue to CNBC or its parent company, or any of its associated companies.

    2. CNBC is propped up by advertising revenue from all the industries threatened by Tesla – and these are not only traditional cars and big oil, but every associated business, right down the value chain.
    CNBC is ITSELF under threat… If their big advertisers go out of business, then so does CNBC.
    There is a saying "A drowning man will clutch at a straw"… CNBC is clutching at these straws.

  7. Avatar André V says:

    To everyone: please copy this whole text and put it everywhere…..let it spread by itself….

    Hey CNBC reporters, when will you understand that you are defending an hopeless dinosaurus case? Everybody nows Tesla wins in a year or two and you will be remembered as being on the wrong (old fashioned) side of the war. For the sake of your own integrity: think for your self and don't sell your soul to the shareholders/advertisers of your (mother) companies. That is short term policy like the short-sellers you are evilly helping to lose there money.

    In 75 years Elon Musk Will be rememberd like Albert Einstein…."At that time there was a television company called CNBC who battled desperately against him, driven by the advertising money of the losing oil- and car companies" ……

    As a European I say: you should be very proud to have such an American company like Tesla!!

  8. Avatar sam s says:

    Funny part is CNBC considers themselves God. They have no clue what is going on, in real world. They are wishing world fall behind on fossils energy. How these so called newsroom hold their licences in spite of spreading lies and rumours. Why these people are not ashamed of their wrong doing? Pathetic self claimed news channel……

  9. Tesla at 219 now oops!

  10. Avatar SilentDrex says:

    This video should be titled,

    "Schooling the dum dums!"

  11. Avatar Jay Thomas says:

    Literally the first stock he has bought for himself in 17 years. A man who has made his clients $28B since the 90's. Hmmm what a thonker this one is. TIME TO BUY FOLKS

  12. Avatar Ian Todd says:

    So basically this guy is saying on live tv that he gets insider information! And no one seemed shocked by that!

  13. Avatar Riley Frost says:

    he's losing so much money right now, holy shit hahaha

  14. “Tesla makes half the batterie of the whole world”

    Actually it makes none as Panasonic makes the batteries you old anchovy. I hope you are happy sitting in a 35% loss

  15. Avatar Jeff Newcomb says:

    Great interview with a man who gets Tesla. What even he didn't discuss: The "competition" is half the car a Tesla is, but at the same time, the Tesla becomes a better car than you purchased, overnight, with a software download. Nobody else does that… This will be a thousand dollar stock in a year and the short boi crowd will be broke.

  16. Avatar King Kang says:

    Who is Ron Baron? Been investing for 15 years and never heard of him.

  17. Avatar Fernando M says:

    I doubt he will buy more at $189… haha

  18. Avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    CNBC isn't worthy of this man's wisdom, he looks into the blueprints and understands the long road ahead, unlike CNBC who promotes the shorts and the F.U.D

  19. This guy knows his stuff!!

  20. He’s lost a lot of money based on this

  21. Avatar KABOOM says:

    i guess hes losing big too eheheh

  22. Avatar Greg Rymer says:

    What does Ron think about the stock currently priced at 198.05?

  23. The shorts are banging this company dry!!!!!

  24. Avatar Adele says:

    is this guy feeling ok now?

  25. Avatar J HILL says:

    Wonder how he feels now ha

  26. My opinion of Ron's opinion hasn't changed in 3 years. I think he's dead wrong, and it appears he thinks great things are coming. Maybe at some point I change my opinion, but I feel pretty stubborn.

  27. Avatar HAO WEI says:

    I bought Tesla stock today for $226, does it mean i beat Ron Baron?

  28. I’ve never seen a situation in which it is so glaringly obvious that almost all of the bad news, negatively and FUD about a specific company comes entirely from hopeful shorts who thought they found something they could crash and were so obviously and fundamentally wrong. Tesla shorts are completely alone and have little to no influence over public or vc/institutional investors perception. Talk about HODL.. Gotta let go eventually Tesla shorts 😂.. You lost before you got started and just never knew it.

  29. Avatar alex stewart says:

    so you're saying right now I can buy tesla for the same price this guy did 3 years ago? CNBC was so desperate to stop this guy from speaking the truth they cut the video mid sentence lmao

  30. Avatar Bruno says:

    Well that’s an envy bitch

  31. Avatar Polo C says:

    $1000/share in 12 – 18 months. You can bank that. Einhorn will jump off Trump Tower then.

  32. Tesla at 255 now wonder if he still feels the same

  33. Avatar MrSierra5000 says:

    The hosts of the show want to bash Tesla, but end up looking like fools after getting schooled 😂

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