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#CNBCTV: What's behind the Amazon lag?

What's behind the Amazon lag?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-11-27 22:53:39 | Duration: 11:55 | Views: 19056 | Likes: 161 | Dislikes: 14

Why is Amazon’s stock stuck? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Steve Grasso, Brian Kelly, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.

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23 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: What's behind the Amazon lag?

  1. got called out for liking dicks! hahahahah

  2. Physical retailing stores won’t become the next growth engine for Amazon. Unlike AWS where Amazon was the pioneer and now the leader, physical retailing is way too competitive and costly especially considering the advanced camera technologies.

  3. p/e nearly 80 but less growth and growing in sectors with tighter margins. Cloud growth slowing, retail shops low margin in competition with the likes of Walmart, logistics sector high investment low margin 5-7%.

  4. Its the CEO that's holding them back. He's a weirdo. Who wants to buy from such a creep?

  5. bla bla bla. Everyone is recommending to buy amazon stock, but the price is going down. Something does not make sense here.

  6. Avatar JCarigma says:

    cmon guy you gotta say pause

  7. Avatar Abu Salim says:

    5:36 and then the fist bump at 6:23 LOL

  8. Avatar Isuzu Buyer says:

    Money doesn’t flow into and out of stocks anymore than you might think “my money’s in my house when I bought it”. It’s in the pocket of the person you bought it from. If your neighborhood goes downhill, your homes value drops without Single dollar leaking out of it. It’s this wrongheaded thinking that so many of these talking heads have but keep the public dumb. Values change because opinions change not because money moves in or out of it.

  9. One certainty is that generic cloud computing is going to be a commodity business. The prospect of Amazon in brick and mortar stores is highly uncertain. Walmart's and Target's success builds on their history and the retail segment where they are effective. We don't live in a one size fits all world.

  10. Avatar coryg121 says:

    Maybe… just maybe it’s the multiple on amazon.. with growth slowing the multiple has to come down. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out

  11. The people who are adding to Target's bottom line, are those who now have jobs. They are Target Shoppers normally, Amazon not so much.

  12. Avatar dylan mize says:

    Maybe because it is trading at an insane valuation and investors remembered to look for value when the trade war blew up all the momentum stocks.


  14. companies like Amazon they're going to make money either way if you think you're going 2 trade stock on something that's worth that much already it's a waste you need to get in on something that's Young something that's fresh and definitely not the Cannabis industry unless you're investing in the black market LOL

  15. Avatar robo9876 says:

    Wonder if they loose money if Netflix has less material

  16. Avatar Bruce W says:

    5:37 “but I also like the stock too”

  17. Avatar Victor Hugo says:

    well, I don´t get it, I mean all the companies I buy from have their own delivery personnel on bicycles, motorbikes, or drones, trucks, or walkers who deliver stuff, so never understood amazon, since other delivery companies are just so much easier to deal with, I give my address and they deliver stuff, am I missing something?

  18. A .G .Q .T .A .I’m stoks 😂👏🏼


  20. The American consumer may act irrational under the spell of marketing but historically they don’t allow B2C Companies to have market share monopoly without looking for other options. The Pattern is there, I Predicted this would happen to Amazon. Bezos getting a little too greedy & the citizens sense it.

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