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#CNBCTV: What an inverted yield curve means to the market


What an inverted yield curve means to the market

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-03-22 20:05:11 | Duration: 3:50 | Views: 104603 | Likes: 939 | Dislikes: 120

CNBC’s Mike Santoli and Rick Santelli break down what the yield curve may be signaling for the market and how a yield curve works.

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29 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: What an inverted yield curve means to the market

  1. Seems to be a buyers market…that can only mean one thing…almost time to sell…..And who is selling. Cashed up baby boomers…who is buying. No one mileniums dont have any cash…..

  2. J_A says:

    3 months on and the 10 year is right down to 2%, lower than curent rates, lower than the 3 month note. Bond market is screaming of a likely recession. Yet stocks havent budged.. probably being unloaded on to retail traders.

  3. ragusajr100 says:

    just really hate this guys voice, but very informative…

  4. Justme says:

    Look up "punge protection team" meaning.

  5. Justme says:

    Cnbc is the world's worst news report. Do not ever trust these people. They are paid to puke anything for money. Please do not trust these people. Do your own homework.

  6. ghost27rsr says:

    it goes like this …the beast keeps gorging n feasting expanding with every round of QE they keep feedn the beast until a loaf of bread is 5000 and the pops.

  7. Destiny Fan says:

    It's always 'this time is different'. Looks like 2007, time to leave the casino.

  8. Astrology is king in time market.

  9. This happened in 2006 crash was 2008, good, but time not play here.

  10. J. D. PELONI says:

    Rick treats his flipchart as if it were a boxer who must be knocked down quickly. And Rick is the World Champion here.

  11. this means growth reached full potental, unemployment etc means also less liqudity short therm, means curve will invert fully, high risk short therm, means market s going down

  12. little bill says:

    I love that this doesn’t mean shit to my bitcoin bags 💼

  13. At least the general public is getting a good warning this time around. Nice explanation and nice video.

  14. Steve Elder says:

    Apparently not a freaking thing…everyone seems happy blowing smoke up their own ass that buying shit with a dollar that's worth .04 cents is ok. Miners are selling silver cheaper than it cost to mine it…?? What's that all about. I've been hearing for years now about a monetary reset…that's bullshit…the talking heads on these financial shows sound like idiots. But we keep going down the road..

  15. mike ran says:

    Liberal CNBC doing anything to bash Trump boom

  16. Anna K says:

    Parts of the yield curve inverted months ago. For deeper analysis, see

  17. Here after US yield curve inversion 😃

  18. Why does he say now is not the time for an adjustable rate mortgage

  19. why did he tear off the last page? he was out of paper and wasnt going to write anything else.

  20. What I learn yield curve? Do the opposite whatever says CNBC 😂 yesterday you were talking this bull can’t be stop and now……

  21. hahaha "it's not that bad" everyday the markets down 1 dam penny its bad but this will just play out???

  22. Big crash this fall. Get into cash!

  23. Kevin K says:

    Santelli confused me even more

  24. John Hanna says:

    These morons say different shit everday

  25. The inverted yield curve means ……. That a 1 month bond is paying more than a 1 year,5 year or 10 year bond. So who's going to buy a long term bond when a short one is paying more ????? You get paid more to let people use your money for a shorter amount of time. Doesn't make much sense does it ? Last time this happened was in 2007 and we all know what comes next. What kind of BS was this CNBC explanation ?? They are just trying to keep the sheep in before the slaughter.

  26. Bak Lava says:

    BS- get a 10 year Arm mortgage, gives you a lower interest rate most of the time.. you’re prob gonna sell it within ten years or pay a big chunk and just refinance at year ten. Fixed rates should only be bought if you get a really good rate otherwise no.

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