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#CNBCTV: Watch CNBC's full interview with Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio

Watch CNBC's full interview with Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2018-11-15 14:49:47 | Duration: 16:28 | Views: 66014 | Likes: 521 | Dislikes: 29

Ray Dalio, hedge fund giant Bridgewater Associates, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss markets, interest rates, the debt market and U.S.-China trade tensions.

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31 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Watch CNBC's full interview with Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio

  1. Pompous journalists again interrupt Ray Dalio's responses to questions — every form of capitalism needs its dense journalists as well as its genuine entrepreneurs…

  2. Ray doesn't tell you what to do, but gives you clues to figure out what you should be doing at this stage of the cycle

    He is a lot like Warren Buffett, just that they contrast in investment philosophy

  3. Avatar omegapointil says:

    Where's Joe? Must have sequestered him to the padded room. Shut up Joe about egalitarianism.

  4. no one is 100% right in this market, even buffett and also dalio. He's the mastermind and had a great performance for the long term, but as an investor, you must take his opinion as an advice not as a holy grail.

  5. Avatar Osho R says:

    What does Ray mean by late 1930's, does he mean worst is over? Are we heading towards conflict like in 1940s,
    Does it mean staying in Precious Metal is beneficial?

  6. 1:50 and 5:41 Seem to contradict each other.

  7. My fav Dalio! More Ray Dalio CNBC!!

  8. Avatar S D says:

    The young anchor is smart, the older guy anchor soooooo out of place. The lady anchor added zero value, Ray Dalio what a legend

  9. They mentioned bridge water is setting up a fund in china. Anyone know the details of their portfolio and how to invest into that fund?

  10. who was the brain child who took one of the wealthiest men in the world and put him out in the cold for a 20min interview

  11. Avatar smokeringtx says:

    Yall are right. The anchors right pupil is ginormous and lect pupil is a pin. The light guys must screwed somethin up in the studio

  12. Avatar Pl CK7_0_7 says:

    WHY Just WHY did you not ask him about G O L D ?

  13. Avatar Gary Wee says:

    Buy $XRP, there will be a crypto revolution in 2019

  14. Avatar vermasean says:

    Joe must have been reading the comments section from the last few interviews! Thanks for minimum interruptions : )

  15. Anchor's eyes are getting all the attention

  16. Avatar rmicone1 says:

    Man those announcers are annoying, I don't miss TV

  17. Avatar karlwintour0 says:

    Helicopter money next.

  18. CNBC Television & Ray Dalio, good job. U.S. is an examplary coutry. Together we are strong! 🙂 🙂

  19. Noob question: What does he mean by "asset prices?"

  20. host has robotic eye. He's scanning like the Terminator.

  21. omg is that news anchor wearing enough makeup!!! LOL

    He looks like a clown

  22. Avatar Tammy B. says:

    Capitolism Not Working ! never will, this guy is right IMO

  23. I am sure Ray knows this is not a business cycle, but a credit cycle. Also, he knows full well that the FED is raising rates in order to lower them in the next crisis. Just look at Clarida’s recent comment that the next rate hikes should be ‘data dependent’. If the future ones should be ‘data dependent’, what were the current rates about? Otherwise, kudos to him that he is warning people of the impending crisis.

  24. Avatar MIC says:

    so what if it hurts asset prices? thats beause theres a bubble and it needs to b popped.

  25. Avatar Paul Rey says:

    We know what is the problem – Government. Why cannot we get rid of the problem ?

  26. Avatar John Rand says:

    Last comment. We have been living well beyond our means since the 60's. Since 1971, we have been deficit spending since the dollar was deleveraged from the Bretton Woods gold standard. This is how we got to $22,000,000,000,000 in debt, with $150,000,000,000,000 or more in unfunded liabilities. Please understand that these commitments will NEVER BE MET. There's a reason why virtually no one talks about our National Public Debt, and unfunded liabilities…'s because WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HONOR THESE. People, the $HIT is going to hit the fan. We just don't know when, but it will happen and all the instability, market volatility, social instability, trade and currency instability, tell me that we are getting closer. If you are not preparing by having several months of food, water, protection, etc etc, you may have a problem. When the reset occurs, I believe credit markets, supply chains could be disrupted. Given the fact that we have only 3-4 days worth of food in the supply chain at any given moment. You owe it to yourself/family to be prepared. Also, have a couple month of cash on hand if you can. Lastly, pray and accept Jesus Christ. He's the direct link to God. If you struggle with this, but believe it may be true, then pray to The Lord and ask Him to help you with your faith. You can just ask, even though you are not buying in fully. Just ask Him and He will never fail you. I'm speaking from my own direct experience. Lastly, please understand that I not preaching to you, nor do I think I am better than you. In fact, I know exactly what I am and I know that without The Holy Spirit guiding me and The Lord's ultimate sacrifice, I am absolutely nothing. God Bless everyone.

  27. Avatar John Rand says:

    State and municipal pensions are critically underfunded and some are just downright bankrupt. Municipal and state governments can't print money like the Fed can. At some point, investors will no longer buy debt that keeps on rolling over to find these bankrupt pension plans and deep cuts will have to be made. What do you think the state pensioner will do when his/her $50,000 annual pension gets cut to $35,000 or less? They put in their 30 years and have planned on this $50k to live. Not going to be good.

  28. Avatar John Rand says:

    Symbolism is everywhere. California fires, shootings, massive market swings, trade, currency wars, extreme weather worldwide, earthquakes, tornados in areas that don't have them, political divisions, etc etc etc. Read Matthew 24. Before you dispel this, please read. Then you will be better informed before you knee jerk a reaction.

  29. Avatar John Rand says:

    Dalio knows that rising rates will be catastrophic for economy. Rising rates means much higher interest debt service on our National Public Debt. Period. End of story. Think about the consequences of this statement. If rates go to just 5%, then our interest debt service goes north of $1,000,000,000,000 annually. That's just to service our debt. We are in deep trouble. Those who don't see this are numb.

  30. Avatar G G says:

    Ray has early on set of Parkinsons

  31. Avatar Lyth ix says:

    Thank you for letting Dalio talk uninterrupted this time. Very informative.

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