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#CNBCTV: Warren Buffett on what he plans to do with his Kraft Heinz shares and 3G Capital


Warren Buffett on what he plans to do with his Kraft Heinz shares and 3G Capital

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-25 15:07:10 | Duration: 8:32 | Views: 191304 | Likes: 1444 | Dislikes: 64

In an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick, Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett says he would like to still be invested in Kraft Heinz five to ten years from now, though he thinks that 3G Captial misjudged how competition would evolve in the sector.

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47 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Warren Buffett on what he plans to do with his Kraft Heinz shares and 3G Capital

  1. Avatar Krogzax Ants says:

    I try to avoid kraft heinz because warren buffett has to many shares of it. Remember what he did with heinz. Still admire him.

  2. Kraft isn’t going anywhere people live to get fat on the winter

  3. Buy more Bc he’s fearless!!!! 🤯

  4. Avatar Mark Freeman says:

    So true about stocks that ppl do not get. If it is trading cheaper and nothing has changed within the business or market place, then buy more at a discount.

  5. Avatar Mark Freeman says:

    Why do I love Buffett so much? His reasoning, logic, explanation and turn of phrase. Exceptional.

  6. Avatar Han Bulban says:

    Becky quick yum yum fap fap 🍆 💦 💦

  7. Avatar Dom Xem says:

    Kraft, as a brand has been destroyed after 30 years of being passed around by greedy investment “banks”. Now is pulling Heinz down with it.
    The board of “directors” is so out of touch with anything else but to enrich themselves real quick.
    The “do you have what it takes” cliché ridiculously points to the image of a company commanded by one-eyed gurus

  8. He recently made of a lot of mistakes. IBM, Kraft, Apple, Wells Fargo. I think he is more a man from 20th century than the 21st

  9. Avatar Erich B. says:

    That hamburger analogy was horrible. Of course he's not going to say he's upset or scared about the drop, he has a huge stake in the company.

  10. Avatar KABOOM says:

    americans have this idea that stocks will go up in value forever, will grow forever, in a imited world with limited resources its a 100% chance they wont, stock market in fact can go sideways for 10 or more years, what we are seeing is just dollar inflating and the usa exporting infation. ask warren why the market went sideways from 1930 to 1941 or 1968 to 1982. how did stocks back then? not well with inflation at 15%, value investing will work poorly in a deflationary or inflationary economy

  11. Avatar KABOOM says:

    yes i get it, buffet buys companies that on ong medium therm wi deiver x ammount return, my question is, what if they dont, what if the assets themselves are inflated and people stop eating kraft heinz, what if he has to hold on a stock that goes nowhere for 10 years? biggest proof of this is that the minute the fed raised rates stock market took a dive including heinz, why is it european stocks excellent companies trade at 20-30% discount from american ones and still perform worse then american stocks, why dosent warren buy european, japanese, even canadian stocks, why buy only more expensive stocks only from where reserve currency is issued…

  12. Avatar Metro Pcs says:

    He's with my company any time he needs it.

  13. Avatar John Stewart says:

    A bright marketer would say those brands are worth a fortune…..Philadelphia Cream cheese!

  14. Avatar Wente Jing says:

    Kraft Heinz is not a good investment for the long term investment, it's a mess ( ). Average people cannot consume 150g of sugars every day. Maybe I am wrong, I just don't see the value of processed foods in the long term.

  15. Avatar K L says:

    His answer don't even make sense.

  16. Avatar Geld ² says:

    Mr Buffet, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  17. Avatar jesse heise says:

    Inflation is killing the brand.. wonder what more QE will do.. printing money means we pay more for Mac and cheese 🧀 and that’s the only the thing the brand had going for it.. it was cheap..

  18. Avatar Mr Floppy says:

    China hate Apple and Coca Cola loses income, Kraft heinz …… He is old. THE ORACLE. I dont buy Heinz Ketchup, its to expensiv i get the same for a lower price….. that is fact…..

  19. Avatar Mike Lake says:

    I wouldn’t buy shit from kraft foods even if I was starving!!!! Fuck kraft fuck benardo Hess and fuck warren buffet!!!!Hope you all go in the shitter!!!

  20. Avatar Mike Lake says:

    Benardo hess insider trading!!!?!?!?!

  21. Avatar Mike Lake says:

    Take them shares and stick them up benardo hees ass!!!

  22. This man is the only reason Nebraska is on the map. I'd know, I'm from the Omaha-CB metro.

  23. Avatar bonbon saleh says:

    Whhhaaat? people are waking up to poisoned foods are not good for them???

  24. Avatar Derek Scott says:

    What's up with the camera man?

  25. Avatar Mike Orr says:

    He's senile along with Munger. He should have been deploying his cash more the last 10 years into growth stories like Salesforce.

  26. Avatar Tito Sofrito says:

    A lot of people speaking ill on Warren… go check Forbes list and your own portfolio and then you’ll suddenly feel the urge the shut the hell up.

  27. When Walmart sells the same product as Kraft and Heinz but at 20% cheaper, eventually people will buy the Walmart product (Equate) and not Kraft/Heinz.

    Target sells their own brand, Randals sells their own brand, every grocery store now sells their own brand cheaper than Kraft/Heinz.

    The writing is on the wall for KHC stock. Look for a dead cat bounce to move the stock higher, but then a steady decline as the stock drops to $10/share by 2020. Kraft/Heinz will continue to take on more debt to advertise, where their competitors do not have to advertise, and the dividend will continue to be slashed.

    By the time Bob Kraft gets out of jail for soliciting and hiring prostitution (caught on film), the stock will be down significantly.

    Sell while you still can.

    Disclosure: I do not own any shares, not am I short the stock.

  28. Did she say Dr. Spock? Dr. Spock was a psychiatrist. She meant Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Mr. Buffett was too polite to correct her.

  29. Warren looks and sound tired.

  30. Buffett is showing his age. Well past his prime.

  31. Buffet is learning investing isn't as easy in todays world, when he doesn't have the Payseur coattail to ride.

  32. Avatar Tin Nguyen says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful data! Greatly appreciated.

  33. Avatar Mario Perez says:

    Lmao he struggled breathing before saying “debt of 31 billion” lmao

  34. Warren's going to be in trouble when the public turns up its nose at Coca-Cola and bottled water.

  35. Zur HÖLLE mit dem korrupten Gauner

  36. Avatar lunabird89 says:

    Don’t look at the number . If you believe in the stock buy and hold .

  37. Avatar Paul L says:

    3G, GE, Kraft, Daneher have this business philosophy of cut cut cut (Jack W of GE) Buy a company and move it to Mexico, close plants cut cut cut. Then they get caught by having there customer not care about there brands (like Heinz customers moving to French's here in Canada because Buffett closed the ketchup plant in Ontario not because it wasn't making money but because cut cut cut made sense, Canadians got pissed and thought screw Heinz) You can't grow if all you do is cut.

  38. Drinking game: Take a shot each time Warren says "uh"

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