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#CNBCTV: Warren Buffett: I'm not buying the Uber IPO, but I've never bought any IPO


Warren Buffett: I'm not buying the Uber IPO, but I've never bought any IPO

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-05-06 12:55:14 | Duration: 5:42 | Views: 197809 | Likes: 1863 | Dislikes: 61

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger sit down with CNBC’s Becky Quick to discuss why they don’t purchase IPOs, including Uber.

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27 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Warren Buffett: I'm not buying the Uber IPO, but I've never bought any IPO

  1. Avatar Mark Oppuse says:

    Charlie you da man 💪

  2. Avatar El KHALIFA says:

    He is a 95 years old billionaire, he could care less bout being interviewed about a scam like Uber is

  3. Avatar W C Guy says:

    These guys wouldn't touch UBER until it his 8. And it definitely will.

  4. Avatar Sourish Saha says:

    I have been watching so many standups but none of them gave me as much laugh and fun as this small vid of Munger did😂😂

  5. Avatar Sourish Saha says:

    90% of the comment section is of memes on Charlie😂

  6. Avatar Sourish Saha says:

    Buffett and Munger is the ultimate duo😂

  7. Avatar Sourish Saha says:

    Buffett is a legend…and That reporter is damn smoking hot… she's definitely smash

  8. Avatar Leather Neck says:

    Some old looking farting grandpa looking motherfuckers

  9. Avatar Diane Choate says:

    Charlie? You there?Warren? Engaged… thank you….

  10. these two got half their bodies hanging from the grave.

  11. Avatar mmand1 says:

    Why am I watching this at 3 in the morning? Where are my food and cat videos?

  12. Warren buffet is encyclopedia of investing .. Hv learnt so much from his interviews.

  13. Avatar Don Kim says:

    did charlie get up on the wrong side of the bed damn lol

  14. Avatar golong son says:

    Issue with humans and investment is…..they want immediate return. Because they are aware of their death. What is the use if one doesn't live to benefit.that is the reason Vegas wins.

  15. Avatar golong son says:

    Charlie is totally pissed off. Not getting the attention he wants. Sick of Buffett

  16. Charlie looks like he’d rather be elsewhere

  17. Avatar Anthony D says:

    Charlie is a reptilian 🐍

  18. 2:53 They don't even call us~

  19. Avatar Brain says:

    1:35 I will hav what he's having 😂

  20. Charlie looked annoyed. Warren was all over trying to explain. They get into a fight before this was filmed?

  21. Avatar sbtopjosh says:

    Charlie looked like he was sick with the world 30 years ago and asked for death but was told it will come soon.

    He has been waiting (and brooding) ever since.

  22. Avatar Nicko Suav says:

    He got a point always!read up on the company you’re buying shares to and have a reason for buying it

  23. Two of the world’s most boring men. Together. On the same programme. And millions of people watched it.
    And these same people reckon they aren’t brain-washed

  24. Avatar ratliff2006 says:

    Two rich old fucks… This is what's wrong with America

  25. Avatar Alie Grid says:

    Great input from these two skeletons

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