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#CNBCTV: Vanguard just hit $1 trillion in assets—here's what its ETF chief is watching now


Vanguard just hit $1 trillion in assets—here's what its ETF chief is watching now

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With Vanguard reaching $1 trillion in assets under management, the firm’s exchange-traded fund chief Rich Powers joins “ETF Edge” to discuss what’s next.

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26 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Vanguard just hit $1 trillion in assets—here's what its ETF chief is watching now

  1. Your personal budget should be parsed out so that your investing won't change your lifestyle.

    for the average person ETF investment is much safer and easier than common stock. Just start a Roth IRA and log in to watch your money grow (over time) and keep investing ESPECIALLY when the market is down.

  2. Avatar Raftika says:

    Leave it up to white people to name their kid “Rich Powers”

  3. Wow this is one of the greatest achievement in my opinion, guess what they would be managing a great portfolio and earning a good service charges on such amount.

  4. Avatar yunielescaz says:

    how do you calculate expense ratio if the ETF is only held for short term like weeks?

  5. would it make sense to sell EFTs shortly after the rate cut and wait for the crash to buy them back cheap?

  6. Avatar Ragnar6000 says:

    Index funds are another way of saying "I don't know what im doing"

  7. Do vanguard do a Bitcoin ETF?

  8. I bought VOO for my grandkids.

  9. Avatar erfho8y says:

    You know you are going to be wealthy when your name is Rich Powers…

  10. Avatar Umar Virk says:

    Rich powers sounds like a Bond villain someone keep their eye on this guy

  11. Avatar Atipat12 says:


  12. AOC and socialists will take it all away when they get rid of the capital gains rate – bye bye profits

  13. Avatar Bo Ro43 says:

    Keep written record of any fund in this ass hat Ripoff company you will see.

  14. Avatar Bo Ro43 says:

    Powers can't wait to leave shitguard ,you and your company suck.

  15. Avatar T J says:

    Not getting anymore of my money , lots of crooked shit going on

  16. Avatar Bubbasizer says:

    I invested in VTSAX for 28 months and recently cashed it out to pay cash for a house that I am gonna turn into a rental property. Great index fund. After I get my rental up and going I plan on using that index fund again to continue building some wealth.

  17. Avatar cjack202003 says:

    Index Funds is where it's at. You can buy and let it ride and get some nice annual returns…and still collect dividends. Market crash? I hope so! Putting more money in at the bottom. I'm mad I didn't buy into the crash in 2008. I know those who did buy…sitting good right now! Next crash…I'm on it.

  18. Avatar Ravi Talreja says:

    5 Yr Return is not more than 15%

  19. I like how his name is Rich Powers lmfao

  20. Avatar GT 44 says:

    So, the message is to buy ETFs, don't trade too often, and watch out for fees. Sounds like someone is trying to herd sheep.

  21. Avatar venictos says:

    I want a name like Rich Powers…

  22. Avatar Robert r says:

    Just papers. Will see when crash will come😂

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