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#CNBCTV: UBS' Art Cashin: Keep an eye on bond yields


UBS' Art Cashin: Keep an eye on bond yields

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-08-07 15:36:22 | Duration: 5:20 | Views: 8299 | Likes: 61 | Dislikes: 2

Art Cashin, UBS director of floor operations, joins “Squawk on the Street” to explain what he’s watching as stocks move lower.

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18 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: UBS' Art Cashin: Keep an eye on bond yields

  1. Nicolas Low says:

    Well said. This time is different. What i thought is that the concept of money is distorted… It is ridiculous where the middle income, who does not put much in investment, will see an erosion of their capital due to negative rates

  2. Art Cashin has been my favorite contrarian indicator since March 2009

  3. I don't want to hear one more person thank me until they pay me. . my friends are about to bury my dead body while you hold onto my money like cowards

  4. drmodestoesq says:

    I guess you could say the analogy would be a bank charging you to rent a safety deposit box.

  5. BlueBear says:

    I should buy more bonds.

  6. Art is on e of the few, I pay attention too.

  7. Patrick W says:

    Seems like everything is spooking the markets, rightly so, but really NZ? GDP ranked 50th in the world . It's like saying Laraki motors only sold 50 cars this month so GM should be worried.

  8. Risk on becomes risk off. High yield components in any portfolio become toxic when seen in a darker mood.

  9. Art is correct to observe that first time in 6000 years interest rates are negative. I believe the reason should also be something that hasn't happened in 6000 years. First time in the history of the world we have nations with inverted population pyramids. That is, there are a lot more people above the age of 40-45 and less below it. Young people like to borrow and spend while old people like to save more for retirement (especially when they believe social security may not survive). That means there is less number of "borrowers" and more number of "savers" in a nation. All financial instruments like stock, bonds are just intermediary contracts between "borrowers" and "savers". When you have fewer borrowers they demand negative interest rates (I want high cashback on my credit card or I will switch to the one which will give me more). The only solution is for the fed and ECB to buy emerging market bonds (they have a lot more young borrowers). Although that will make rupee and yuan a reserve currency.

  10. Lauren Smith says:

    On top of that we have to support with our tax money all illegals coming from Mexico and Central America, The new voters for the radical and leftist Democrats. No way!!! Trump 2020.

  11. boboallan1 says:

    Art's last quote was absolutely chilling!


  13. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    when does art cashout retire?

  14. Carrie Vogel says:

    Recession on the way on top of a trade war! Bye-bye middle class.

  15. Matthew Maio says:

    The more China devalues there currency the stronger the American economy will become look at stores like rose Walmart and others who import goods from China going into those stores you see there prices falling to keep up with competition from other competitors

  16. i just pulled a ton of money out of the market, the orange faggot has no idea what he's doing and this downturn is gonna be ugly. i'll be buying back in once we hit rock bottom

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