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#CNBCTV: Trump's policies will bring down an economy on its last legs: Fmr. OMB director

Trump's policies will bring down an economy on its last legs: Fmr. OMB director

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-19 23:58:32 | Duration: 5:36 | Views: 110275 | Likes: 1173 | Dislikes: 176

David Stockman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget under Pres. Reagan, on Kevin Hassett’s rosy outlook on economic data and potential growth.

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43 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Trump's policies will bring down an economy on its last legs: Fmr. OMB director

  1. Avatar sgtmyers88 says:

    Idiots keep electing people supporting the often proven wrong scam of "trickle down" economics and then electing a pompous buffoon who has bankrupted nearly a dozen times to now run this country = a recipe for disaster. The American people are about to eat a giant shit sandwich. #MAGAisascam #Facts #TruthHurts #StupidAmericans

  2. Avatar Bill Snebold says:

    What I worry about is that the economy holds just until after the 2020 election. A democrat is elected as president, and then the economy crashes and everyone points the finger at the newly elected Democratic president.

  3. Avatar Kay Bass says:

    The outbreak of the Great tribulation has details in prophecy. These events are all described for the 'sunrise' of a brand new 'day' in history. This 'day' is God's Kingdom, a 1,000 year 'day' Revelation 20: 4-6. Outstanding is the arrival of Christ Jesus Malachi 4: 2. Also, for the sunrise is the WAR appearing between Israel and Iran; when Iran BOMBS Israel, in Daniel 11: 44, 45. Also, the financial 'meltdown' with 'wars and wrath' is the time when the One in heaven declares: "He sounded with His voice, and the earth proceeded to melt." Psalms 46: 4-6.

    THIS time is when the EURO collapses; due to an insolvency crisis in the banking system in the EU. This crisis gets exported worldwide, like a tsunami wave of financial distress. Deutsche Bank is certainly on the nose; but there are other financial problems in the EURO at the same time. There are many people who are expecting an immediate collapse of the US dollar, and they declare the date is 14th January 2020.

    My information is these other events are relevant, and then, when the US and Israel are fighting a major war with Iran; their financial/banking system is rotting away from the inside, due to a disaster arriving from Europe.

    This war is very important, because it is the really big war that creates the melt-down of this system. This is seen when Iran BOMBS Jerusalem, in prophecy Jeremiah 25: 29; and then the US+allies; acting under the UNSC [that has already been deposed by Jehovah, on the day Christ arrives 'in power and great glory Matthew 24: 29, 30 Malachi 4: 2] will BOMB IRAN Jeremiah 49: 35-38 and this will produce a financial CRASH that is SO SEVERE; it brings the present day financial system to an END Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 James 5: 1-3 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Isaiah 55: 1

    The events of the end times means the time of man's rule over man is OVER Romans 9: 28. Financial factors are an important part of this disaster. A new system under Christ is already being implemented. Matthew 6:9, 33 Matthew 25: 31, 34.

    That is why I continue to point to the COLLAPSE OF THE EURO as the significant time for the general financial meltdown Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 as the events very close in time that will impact Australia, the US, and the entire world with a banking systems insolvency crisis; and loss of currencies.

  4. Avatar Harry Lucas says:


  5. Avatar Games TV says:

    Go Trump , fuck em haters up.

  6. It’s the end of a monetary system that was never supposed to sustain as long as it has!

  7. People need to listen to this guy. People look at the US DEBT CLOCK.ORG . LOOK AT THE BOTTOM LIABILITIES. And will borris Johnson bring down England. The working class are done because he isn't going save those people when this economic crisis debt bubble pension bubble. real estate bubble. Students lones bubble pops. ITS GOING TO BE SO Bad THIS TIME

  8. Avatar David Watson says:

    Dow 27,782. Nov 13 2019.

  9. Avatar Mike Morgan says:

    Whistling past the grave yard, so true…

  10. Avatar MRMR says:

    Fact: The USA was starting to come out of the recession in 2010. Fact: Last 19 months of Obama 3.9 million jobs created, Fact: 3.6 million jobs created in the first 19 months of Trump. Fact: Trump did not do anything to improve the American economy he just benefited from the previous government.

  11. Best economy in 60 years, lowest unemployment for woman & minorities in history, highest stock market in history, 3% annual growth! David Stockman is soooo full of shit, I can smell him from here. If he keeps saying a recession is coming, eventually he'll be right.

  12. Avatar G G says:

    Stockman has made me so much money.

    Every time he raises a prediction… do the Opposite!

  13. Avatar Dave H says:

    This guy does not know his ass from a hole in the ground. He is just another rat bastard.

  14. Avatar Jay H says:

    China will no longer be around to buy the US junk bonds, at least not until the US hand Donald Trump over to China for prosecution.

  15. Avatar Yesquiet says:

    4:45 to balance the budget

  16. Avatar Marc Wesley says:

    The way the markets are set up by the people in high power it depends on always getting bigger. It's a Ponzi scheme. Just gets big then crashes, bug then crashes, etc…just with every Ponzi scheme the ones at the top profit still while the common folks get screwed out of savings, houses, jobs, and everything else we depends on for comfortable life

  17. Quit saying its going to be a ressesion its going to be the next Greatest Depression Ever! 👎

  18. Avatar TheOtherMike says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….we've heard it all before.

  19. Avatar Domino Ryan says:

    The twin twits speak the trump krook wallstreet buyback banksters is a bubble

  20. Avatar Rhonda D says:


  21. Avatar Ken Rose says:

    And now for over a month we have repo operations

  22. Avatar jlh says:

    not true – the federal reserve hiked the interest rate on 21 trillion of inherited debt .5 points 7 times and added that amount to the existing debt – your an accountant – add that up and stick it in your arrogant global pipe.

  23. Avatar Rob Evans says:

    “Starve the beast” is a political two-step that first generates deficits through tax cuts and, second, points to the alarmingly high deficits to attack government spending and reduce entitlements. Credited to an unnamed Reagan administration official in 1985 and long associated with Reagan economic guru David Stockman, the notion of “starve the beast” emerged from around the time of Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts, which were not paired with simultaneous spending reductions.
    Edit or delete this

  24. Stockman thats why you fat because the shyt can not release via your asshole you lieìng sack of shyt.

  25. Avatar Rick Hard says:

    it's not getting better. soooo.

  26. Avatar jimmy jimmy says:

    Dem commenters. Fuck wits. Same thing

  27. Avatar jimmy jimmy says:

    Trump is for America. Obama was against America. Fact. Fuck islam.

  28. If 47 million, mostly children are today on food stamps, and we are broke, what happens when like the Titanic we start to really close up and sink ? I was unintentionally in a riot as a young man, surprise, guess what I saw with my own two eyes, the high buildings were ringed in Philadelphia with HUNDREDS OF POLICE AS SHARPSHOOTERS, THEY DID NOT EVEN TRY TO HIDE ?

  29. When Obama was in office no now hiring signs, when Trump is in office, Now hiring signs. The only problem with this economy is the fact Obama deficit spent 10 trillion, Trump has came nowhere near that. In fact Trump has not only grown the economy and increased military strength he is also fighting for US manufacturing. Trump is a solid president, the only downfall will be the predecessors, my only wish with trump was he shouldnt have taken credit for the stock market and he should have continued to call it a bubble an say he is looking to fix that problem.

  30. Avatar SAB FAN says:

    He’s predicted a depression since 1980….lol

  31. Avatar Amado Leon says:

    yeah and all the millions Obama gave to Iran he did great typical liberal turns everything around

  32. Avatar Amado Leon says:

    I think Obama did that already idiots

  33. Avatar Mylynn Mu says:

    The two interviewer lack of good demeanor. Yet they full of themselves

  34. Avatar jacobrocks7 says:

    CNBC BS spin! Speak the truth CNBC. U r fake business news. The Brit is a dumbass

  35. Avatar Julia Branca says:

    O.k.old do you explain all the new jobs..+austerity..🌹

  36. Avatar James R says:

    These young duds just don’t listen.

  37. Avatar Steve Yang says:

    Mr. Stockman is right, Trump had trimmed aids programs for the poor, reduced taxes that benefits the rich even more while blown the US debt even higher; all at the expense of our future generation.


  39. Avatar Ancient Kid says:

    He predicted it ….Goddam it this is ruff ….

  40. Avatar Jesus Diaz says:

    7 months ago, and it will be 4 years ago.

  41. Avatar Jesus Diaz says:

    If Dems spend 3 trillions more on health care the problem won't be solved, it's to push down on waste money by gov, it's by bidding on drugs, and lowering health care cost overseeing hospital costs and allowing free market on insurance, once you have it, you can use it ANYWHERE in the World

  42. Avatar Arole Flynn says:

    Stockman is politically biased leftwing nut. His Economic forecasting is tainted and just wrong.

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