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#CNBCTV: Trump: United States will not participate in global compact on migration


Trump: United States will not participate in global compact on migration

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2018-09-25 16:04:29 | Duration: 3:6 | Views: 28012 | Likes: 1477 | Dislikes: 16

At the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump speaks about globalism and sovereignty threats like illegal immigration.

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43 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Trump: United States will not participate in global compact on migration

  1. All this BS is just because he's scared as well as the rest of the racist whites, that the American population at some time will be 99% Hispanic and Latino…you can't stop us we multiply like rabbits punk. You can't stop us all

  2. John Donwood says:


  3. Lore Wilhelm says:

    Well, the German representatives laughing at Trump won't have the last laugh. They have destroyed Germany and it will never be the same. 😂

  4. Dil Desi says:

    on this trump is. right

  5. We need to revamp the UN.

  6. Phil Osopher says:

    President Trump is smarter than all those Germans, he knows who is behind the sovereignty grab by the UN. he knows that those same people rule over Germany and have done since 1919. President Trump is the one who is laughing at Germany who are enslaved to Israel and who through that enslavement have built Israel with their sweat and toil. The biggest con ever perpetrated in the history of mankind was done on the once great nation of Germany. President Trump just like JFK knows who is behind the UN and who is behind mass uncontrolled immigration. JFK took on those filthy scum by issuing executive order 01111, 6 months later those twisted scum assassinated him. The UN pact on migration is a theft of sovereignty as those nations who have signed up have not asked their citizens if they can hand over the sovereignty. The scum behind this Globalist Zionist plan will rue the day as the world is waking up to its evil. President Trump is the smartest Leader in the Western World and those giggling small german men in this video are mere slaves to the Zionist's cultural marxism, a ploy to destroy the west.

  7. God Bless Donald trump! Resist the NWO!

  8. Get us out of all these bullshit UN affairs

  9. Please forward this to New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern ..She needs Trump to make her see sense that UN is using her as a gullible puppet ! God protect NZ from Globalism !!!!

  10. Our prime minister signed the UN Compact ..millions don't know what she has done to this once Great Country 󾓪 ..

  11. BRETT says:


  12. Wish he was president of the uk

  13. Chris Stones says:

    Trump is quality….we in the uk need to stop eu migrants….😠😠

  14. Janga Froe says:

    we need to pull out of the UN, they are Hell bent on destroying western civilization like the have done in the EU.

  15. asdqrs says:


  16. Bryce Kerr says:

    Europe deserves its inevitable chaos and downfall, the sooner the better. It may wake up the rest of the Globalist followers in NZ, Australia and Canada, before its too late.

  17. well said president Trump ,now i hope more leader grow a pair of balls & say no to the corrupt U.N & it's global compact on migration

  18. Anyone, anywhere that sits in a global leadership position that is coercing leaders of sovereign nations to accept uncontrolled immigration should be arrested and extradited to the U.S. for processing for crimes against western civilization.

  19. Debi Kinman says:

    And this is why President Trump was elected and will be elected in 2020……

  20. Levi Brennan says:

    Those Germans snicker while they lose everything they hold dear.

  21. Alvin Koh says:

    Trump is the Superman of nationalism but a huge Kryptonite to the globalists.

  22. boson96 says:

    The German politicians laughing at him should be ashamed for selling out their country to the barbarians.

  23. boson96 says:

    He is the president of the people! The US is so lucky to have him.

  24. Tony Zee says:

    Excellent speech by Mr. Trump. On point and in the interest of the US citizenry.

  25. I’m not informed enough to judge the president as a whole, but this is an excellent speech

  26. Prem Chopra says:

    As wacky as Trump is he is the man America needs at this moment in history. No more weak leaders like Obama who only know how to talk but don't have vision nor courage to make a strong stand.

  27. Wish there was more leaders like president trump

  28. Like or hate Trump, every sovereign country is entitled to enforce their borders.

  29. Why are we watching Donald J. Trump ushering in every new world order agenda on the table then? Including the UN controlled migration? Trump's playing all of you for the fools you are if you believe one ounce of this propaganda.

  30. mw3516405 says:

    Thank God for Trump ! He can see through this UN migrant pact!! We still have problems ! Let those sorry excuses snicker ; there dumb a****!

  31. Terry Grenke says:

    Thank you and bless you.❤️🙏✅ Root out communist

  32. gravediggy says:

    I’m moving to America from Australia it’s the last stand

  33. Mike Johnson says:

    Thank God for Trump!

    Vote Trump 2020 to defend America against a globalist invasion by UN globalists/democrats

  34. Brilliant! Please vote him in again, US!

  35. Ima Realist says:

    We Love you POTUS!! 🥰

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🗽⚖️🙌🏼

  36. Tressa Lynn says:

    Should just go ahead and sign the compact deal now, because what you agreed too today, it makes no fucking difference.

  37. Tero Manner says:

    Hopefully Trump gets his wall done soon. Don't let anyone invade your nation,

  38. I dislike everything from CNN MSNBC ABC all of those other fuckheadz even if I agree with what they're saying.
    Click for revenue doesn't help you here. I accidentally clicked on this.
    Trump 2020

  39. Janice Smith says:

    Stay strong, Mr. President – many, many American Patriots are standing by you.


  40. Hillary would of signed on just like that nut Obama.

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