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#CNBCTV: Trade war fallout would be worse for US than China, says strategist


Trade war fallout would be worse for US than China, says strategist

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-06-10 21:58:13 | Duration: 2:48 | Views: 50225 | Likes: 524 | Dislikes: 54

Andy Rothman of Matthews Asia joins CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

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50 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Trade war fallout would be worse for US than China, says strategist

  1. China suffered for 200 years, US, never.

  2. Who knew making deals would be so complicated. Or water so wet.

  3. Avatar J L says:

    This is one brillant analyst and trader. Listen to him. M C GA.

  4. Avatar allah kudar says:

    China communist regimes is a bullshit in Asia because they want to claiming the whole of Asia and make a puppet like Malaysia Philippines Hong Kong Vietnam Singapore Indonesia

  5. Avatar Simon Wood says:

    This guy is American betrayer.

  6. 说美必赢的只有两种人,川普和中国公知

  7. Avatar Colin Tan says:

    Who cares as long Trumpeter wins?

  8. Avatar R E says:

    Remember that’s what the “strategist” and “experts” said prior to it beginning and it has been the exact opposite. The US economy is doing well and China’s is not.

  9. Avatar Richard Chua says:

    Trump sucks again lol

  10. Avatar Ji Guo says:

    This is what happens when you start listening to idiots and nobodys like Navarro, lighthizer, Stephen Miller and that old senile man bannon.

  11. Avatar magellanmax says:

    Trump is threatening Xi with more punitive tariffs if he doesn't show up for the G20 meeting because he wants to use that opportunity to strike a face saving deal. Trump has an election coming while Xi doesn't, so you know who's under more pressure to strike a deal.

  12. Avatar JJ Grey says:

    The 1% might do worse with a trade war with China…I won't miss them at all…I don't need them…and don't even ask me to pay off the "debt" …Again…NO

  13. Avatar Mike leozz says:

    we used to be a great nation , now we are just every nation headache !!

  14. Avatar Jason Swaim says:

    "Could be worse" i.e. "I have no fucking clue." This guy must be getting paid off by the CCP

  15. Avatar Jamie Brown says:

    Trump. The worst President ever.

  16. Reality according to the expert…..

  17. Avatar Bung Kusi says:

    US media is 'unstable'
    They know Trump is lying, and fight Trump lies.

    But when talking about trade wars,
    They were with Trump, trying to spread miss-informations to American by saying US is winning, etc.
    They were fooled by Trumps lie.

    I hope US news media start becoming smarter. Tell Americans why they gonna lost the trade wars and trade deals. Tell Americans the real number such as IP theft number in which Trump lie just to make Chinese looks bad. Tell Americans the real defisit number after counting American corporation in China that did not import product from USA but sending the profit back to USA (i.e. KFC china use chicken from china). GM china make the car in China. Tell Americans how China have eclipse US in technology, and US can't simply ignore China. Tell American how advance china infrastructure compared to USA.

  18. US policy on national security agreed to War in Iraq ,Afghan, gulf and middle east Syria ,also some Africa countries. They fall out many time ,take out and get nothing
    I think Trump is clever not war with China but negotiate
    Because even UN can not make a mandate ,
    As per inter laws the terminated decided or agreement should be both party and arrangement should not indiscriminate at maximum 3 times ,then finally no deal

  19. Avatar Robert Tan says:

    History will judge Trump's the best thing that happened for the rest of the world. Americans deserve no less.

  20. Avatar Chhe Kuoch says:

    It's what happen when you give too much power to a selfish, ego centric, racist, lyer who happen to hate the poors. He doesn't care about his people and others. He has no respect for anything. He only care about him and his family. It's exactly like the Mafia. If his supporters don't open their eyes now, they will regret it all their life. He doesn't care about YOU, WAKE UP.

  21. Avatar Peter k says:

    Have you checked the prices at grocery stores recently?

  22. Avatar Mark Fischer says:

    What kind of growth in China? More ghost cities? More real estate speculation in the largest real estate bubble in human history? What's the ROI? Zero? What's the break even point? Never? You can make a case to fool tyros and even yourself but what is the quality of your investments? Garbage?

  23. Avatar Efren Plaza says:

    What do you expect, CNBC is always against Trump. They will sell US to China just to anger Trump.

  24. Avatar Darko Fius says:

    Mr. Navarro and his team miscalculated the end cost, damage is done, Chinese will build and strengthen the fences and US firms will be more and more stranded…as the Chinese manufacturing and knowhow progresses, supply of equivalent goods will be penetrating in Europe to…is Mr. Navarro shooting US business not in the foot but much higher…it is evident, that Chinese have been preparing to mitigate Washington's attempt to stall the economy, but this is now showing two edged sword, and US is exposed to both…the trade war will accelerate the swirls as US will plunge into abyss of their own making…Predatory capitalism is going to fight, grotesque fight will be ugly and its demise final…

  25. Avatar abraham mani says:

    Yes America is a technology giant, if we are not carefull all technologies are gone from America and our kids dont have anything left

  26. Avatar Africa Plus says:

    Biased analysis…That's a Dems agenda with their lobbyists we are hearing here.
    China doesn't drive the global trade as you conceive it. Traitors like you are the one's making the world believe is a focal point, because you make profit from ensalved labour system in China, and into deep corruption with Chinese officials helping them unconsciously to spread abroad…And all of this to the expense of U.S. businesses, industries and taxpayers money.

    If China is confident about local consumption market, it wouldn't in this short period of increasing cooperation of others countries. Chinese officials are profoundly knowledged that this trade war is having a significant impact that could unexpectedly collapse its economy.
    Xi recent tour of cooperations trips is a strong signal that China still an export depends economy.

    Despite their voicing with Russia as its mate in the conspiracy to combat U.S. Xi is trembling to know that if Trump can enlighten Westerners about China abusiveness and viscous strategies, it will be the end of China.

    If only 40% of westerners manufacturers in China can be repatriated in their respective countries or relocated outside China, it will be disastrous…And unfortunately that is about to happen soon.

    Trump is a never seen patriotic leader at the head of this Nation. Lobbyists are fighting for theirs interests with Democrats, but not the interest of this Great Nation on Earth

  27. Avatar fireball2222 says:

    This is economic suicide and tramp will bring millions of Americans with him!

  28. Avatar utuber88018 says:

    Never trust a man who had been involved in multiple bankruptcies to make a deal!

  29. Avatar ualuuanie says:

    Hope there is no deal. Have never seen a full effect of a trade war before.

  30. Avatar CK says:

    Xi Jinping is a strategic thinker and a long term planning strategist who have successfully lifted 400M Chinese out of poverty.

    Trump on the other hand is a tariff man who has plunge the country deeper into debt and made the average Americans poorer.

    However, he did some real good by making the rich richer both at a real cash basis by tax break for the rich and an inflated stock market.

    I think the result of the trade war is quite obvious.

  31. Avatar mike says:

    China has the pocket Ace's and Trump is bluffing with deuce 7 off suit with a low chip stack.

  32. Avatar will yang says:

    Not so sure about the Chinese desperately want a deal anymore, they seemed to be very determined on using this opportunity to hit USA hard

  33. Avatar KungUn says:

    Trump is single handedly bringing down the US economy. 👏👏👏

  34. Avatar Yasin Tokat says:

    I do not think there will be a trade deal. The attack on Huawei will be always a deadlock. So, this event will be a case proof for China that the ultimate desire of the US is not a fair deal but a full-blown attack on the Chinese economy with all kinds of bullies. And they learned that the US can bring up any made-up event to make it serve to their case. So do you ever ask yourself how reliable and trustworthy you are as a trade partner anyway? I think we all know the answer. Hence, a war should be expected further instead of a deal. The world needs to see that nature's tools like natural selection are working just fine.

  35. Avatar Marks Hwang says:

    US under Trump is becoming the trouble maker of the world.

  36. Avatar xxx tino says:

    But why are we still interviewing these idiots no offense no take that back it was offencive because these are the same economist that said what Trump is doing is perfect United States we can Outlast and will take less impact if a trade war breaks outand now they're saying just the opposite as if they were saying this the whole time f**** idiots

  37. Avatar xxx tino says:

    You answered your own question,China's growth last year was not to import export for by its own country's consumption. What is happening in the United States now prices are slowly starting to rise we are spending more money the prices of everything will slowly start the rice and even if things settle down or taper off they would never go back down United States would take more from its people now than before we will consume more China has a more civil way of doing it we're doing it by inflation

  38. Avatar James Wisrik says:

    China for a decade of moving to a consumer economy. They've been pushing for higher skilled with Force. Getting rid of lower end goods to se Asia, India, etc. CNBC again is 10 yrs behind. China welcomes if USA wants to take back low end production.

  39. Avatar Rnghin Lukc says:

    No no no this is all fake news, tariff is great for America. America should put tariffs on every other country on the planet. That will MAGA. 🤪

  40. Avatar Yasoboy says:

    Please all Americunts, do the world a favor, vote Trumpet again the next election for another term as President of United Snake so that he could screw up Americunt harder and let Americunt sink deeper into the shithole.

  41. Avatar legal eagle says:

    As usual china talk big in the begining. End of the day , i am a victim boo boo

  42. Avatar zhmz888 says:

    not only china, but also the rest of the world would see US as an unreliable and extremely selfish in trade..and would do everything possible to steer away from it…I think it is landmark for US….in my eye, US is doomed from now on, the worst of all, that is what the elected president asked for it…china is basicly re-act upon , and like the rest of the world…

    we are in a era of new world…

  43. Avatar JC69 says:

    Why's it always out of the western media mouth claiming China desperately want a deal, I have yet to hear that from China, China bashing will get you nowhere. Just remember who started the trade war and which country is on life support and threatening the world we live in.

  44. MSM is a virus that sustains and thrives on pathogens. Trade war is good for ratings

  45. Avatar Colin Tan says:

    The Xi dude has basically concluded that he should give up trying to hatch a deal with an Indian style dealmaker.

  46. Avatar chf gbp says:

    Deal or no deal, things have fundamentally changed. The world would now plan things differently and hedge.

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