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#CNBCTV: Three numbers show how US farmers have already been hit by the trade war

Three numbers show how US farmers have already been hit by the trade war

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Farmers are losing their fourth-largest customer as China officially stops buying U.S. agricultural products. The loss piles onto an already tough year for crops and commodity prices and could dent U.S. gross domestic product and sales at companies whose businesses are tied to farming in the Heartland. These three numbers showcase how American farmers have already felt the impact of the escalating trade war.

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30 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Three numbers show how US farmers have already been hit by the trade war

  1. Avatar rick ricky says:

    no bailouts to any farmer that voted him in

  2. Avatar Bad Dealer says:

    They Were Counting On Tax Dollars To Bail Them Out…….Again…

  3. Avatar Bad Dealer says:

    I Love That The Farmers Are Struggling. Fuck Em..

  4. Avatar Jimusmc0311 says:

    You voted for Trump and he put you on welfare…hey remember when you looked down on welfare recipients? Karma… just for you 🤔

  5. What u can expecting from a bankrupt king? More bankrupting of anything that he touch!!

  6. Avatar Belu Pilem says:

    bailouts are taboo – all republicans

  7. Avatar HJ T says:

    Hey conservative farmers, you voted for the fool. You're a good example of how stupid his base is. Keep licking his NAZI boots until he kicks all of you idiots to the curb. So freaking blind.

  8. Avatar lucky Tiger says:


  9. Americans should learn to eat lots of tofu and drink soybean milk like Asians. We eat tonnes of these stuff here.

  10. Avatar wenchen wang says:

    please vote trump again and again I can buy cheap corps i need health diet thanks

  11. Avatar Charles says:

    nice! let the usaians suffer!

  12. Avatar Sonyag1 says:

    President Obama was right about Donald Trump. "Donald Trump doesn't know ANYTHING."

  13. U. S Farmers can always fall back on cleaning toilets at Trump resorts for a living when they go bankrupt. Just wear your Maga hats in the job interview. Other countries can take China's business.

  14. Avatar Eddie Laster says:

    That's a government hand out to Trump supporters. Say what.

  15. Avatar Gambit771 says:

    Who knows what chemicals murican farmers put on their crops.
    Best to buy from elsewhere anyway.

  16. Avatar rant1200 says:

    Another socialistic aid package to the welfare queens in the heartland.Don't hear much lately about dems and socialism.Wonder why??Whew.











  19. Avatar Austin Lee says:

    Nobody was happy when Trump win Presidential election. This is the outcome of it. Trump is completely ignorant

  20. Avatar James Wisrik says:

    Farmers don't need WELFARE. They need the business! American taxpayers in debt to bailout Farmers for issues Trump created. Another Trump shutdown.

  21. Avatar Jian Yu says:

    I thought the trade war is easy to win! Where are all the winning Trump talks about? Loser Trump !

  22. Avatar Linda Gaia says:

    Trump`s trade war is preventing the crisis from spiraling out of control, since ruling elites are attempting to lock in their financial control  by making various international trade agreements, which ultimately strip the people of the world from their wealth. Bottom line is that nature is directing us to a new era where we` ll need to live just with what we need (zero overconsumption). Nature controls our ego`s desires. On the one hand, you can’t require a man to work, to buy, and throw away and again work (man`s ego is getting tired of that). On the other hand, the climate crisis can eventually affect earth ability to produce crop. The good new is that all these problems can disappear if humanity starts develop good relationship with others. This will force nature to take us in a different direction.

  23. Avatar el Kay says:

    Maybe that's why the uptick in immigration raids; less farms will need them now.

  24. Avatar mh r says:

    Farmers getting money from fed so why keep crying—plus china does not have democracy so USA should not sell any product to china.

  25. Avatar xing288 says:

    soy bean price dropped only 9%? if you lose 60% of your market, how can it only drop by 9%? There must be some other buyers? If so, China market must not be that big a deal. If not, then the price would continue to drop, and when it drops by 25%, then China would buy it again since the discount can make up for the tariff. If 25% discount means the price is below cost, then you would not plant it again. Then problem is solved too. That's why Trump says he will WIN the trade war. Perfect logic!

  26. No sympathy for farmers, they voted for Trump.

  27. Why would China trade with Iowa or any other red state knowing those states agree with trumps trade tariffs making matters worse why would China trade with any racist state

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