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#CNBCTV: The Fed has cut rates, so what's next for the markets?


The Fed has cut rates, so what's next for the markets?

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The Fed cuts rates. So what’s next for investors? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.

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35 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: The Fed has cut rates, so what's next for the markets?

  1. Avatar Bob Smith says:

    As a young person, I can't wait until Fed Funds is -7%, we are on QE 43, and the boomers who owned all the financial assets got richer as usual meanwhile homes are 3 million a pop and I gotta pay money to store it at my bank

  2. Avatar Mansi Pandya says:

    Enjoyed watching the video. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video..

    I think you will find this more interesting..

  3. Avatar JRT 4JUSTICE says:


  4. Avatar JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    Quantitative easing …lower interest rates…have elevated valuations. The Central Banks still need to DIVEST ITS holding equity positions on their balance sheets. The central bank experiments with low rates in 2008 has always been which historically flowed into the fixed income markets was diverted into the equity markets in order to seek better yield … the balance between the two I have always said …have artificially inflated equity values…retires no longer can retire living off their interest income as our historical and academic models for investing retirees funds have always been pre 2008. Time to raise the interest rates as more people are accumulating cash to avoid an equity meltdown.

  5. Avatar Nick L says:

    Lower interest rates.

    No debt ceiling for 2 years
    Hinting at QE

    When you enable "infinite money", you can do great things… great and terrible things.

  6. Do you know how immoral this sounds they're talking about putting the government are in the American people into extreme amount of debt just to make the stock market go higher because it's not going to do anything for the average person and make our grandkids and our great grandkids pay for our exuberance

  7. Avatar Jay M says:

    > so what's next for the markets?
    Bigger helicopters?

  8. The next for the markets… raising because that's injection

  9. Avatar Inez Qtaish says:

    Inez Qtaish is suing fourteen people and i will not stop

  10. Avatar Daniel Purdy says:

    Fed injected another $75B into market today.

  11. Holy shit!!! So much talking and no fucking point!!!
    Its simple low rates is good for stock market, luckily me understanding this I bought the dip yesterday and sold all my calls this morning for 100% on the SPY

  12. Avatar PanzerLehr says:

    Ya think after those four talk their gibberish that they bukkake that creepy chi com?

  13. Avatar jmwSeattle says:

    The market is the leading indicator that is the sum total of what everyone concerned knows. How often does that have to be repeated until it’s drummed in?
    In the last year my property has appreciated in value $16,000 and I’ve paid my mortgage down $9,000. Does that equate to anything meaningful?

  14. Avatar Jason Chua says:

    I keep hearing from the expert panels the words market, is there really a free market out there or is it a fantasy created economy where the connections are given every helps you can imagine, if it is a true market, bankruptcy is the mode of the day and interests rate will rise?

  15. This bickering is to create confusion in your mind, if you have a plan stick to it!!

  16. Avatar Mr cool Same says:

    Powell was very clear and flexible by saying if it takes several cuts so be it.

  17. Avatar Edward S. says:

    Thank you Mel and Guy for coming back!

  18. When media says long it's time to sell

  19. Avatar thomas 71 says:

    FED keeps driving up fake market values!

  20. Financial Engineers the witch doctors of the 'developed' world.

  21. Avatar F M says:

    Make your money more scarce, turn it into Bitcoin!

  22. Avatar Patrick W says:

    25BP cut oh boy…let me go out and spend now. Big ** deal…more cuts to come!

  23. Avatar Omari Worthy says:

    "It can't be that easy" – Guy Adami ….but when you have no debt ceiling and the Fed is committed to "organically" raising their balance sheet…I don't see why not.

  24. Avatar OG Jin Bling says:

    The shouldn't even care about what the equity market does. Stock price does not equal economic growth. The real issue is the economic system where inflation must occur means that using savers to pump up equities also must occur. The Fed operates under an unspoken mandate and the next 20 years could get ugly.

  25. don't trust these Guys same stories again just like before Curve inversion,Tariffs on china recession so people end up buying Puts and they end up losing their Money these guys work on behalf of wall street and financial institutions they tell you all kind of negativity to get screwed

  26. repo crazyness 2 days in a row!!!!!!!….watch out……..159 billion at 10 %

  27. Avatar Jeff Green says:

    Yep, the market will continue climbing higher, like it has been doing for the past 10+ years. Stop trying to fight it and just enjoy the ride.

  28. Avatar BullsEye3333 says:

    Thread the needle???
    He spiked the punch bowl.

  29. Asian market have a huge exploration into the world's economy from now on

  30. What about tomorrow ,and the day after ,guys ????

  31. Avatar X Y Z says:

    negative interest rate would be great!

  32. Avatar Paul Lally says:

    A owned brit, talking shit about a guys video that has more hits than he could ever imagine, has the hump. LOL what's new ? In case you didn't get the numbers jew boy, they are millions to 1 against you. Stop pretending, your jew lies, your jew media, your jew politicians are all exposed. Just give it a rest !

  33. Avatar Dp Patton says:

    YOU CAN DO ..
    RIDE IT O.U.T.

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