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#CNBCTV: Tech stocks to beat the market: ARK Invest's CEO


Tech stocks to beat the market: ARK Invest's CEO

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ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood on how to beat the market in 2019. Time to jump back into tech? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, …

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25 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Tech stocks to beat the market: ARK Invest's CEO

  1. They were laptop cylinder batteries Tesla used.. The batteries in phones are pouch type… I like Ark, but they should know better

  2. This is a guru worth watching!

  3. Nicolas J says:

    As an EDIT share holder, she mentions it working in model organisms. I am pretty sure that the editing itself was successful (which is great) , however that still does not prove that it accomplishes the goal of reversing blindness from LCA10 in humans. Excited to see the clinical results though.

  4. Raymond says:

    CNBC hosts are so basic and infuriating. "Why can't GM just ramp up EV production like Tesla?" Their product is inferior and no one wants to buy them; they don't have cheap access to cells so they lose money on every car; their EV sales would cannibalize their ICE sales, so they get hit at both ends. This is basic shit but every time you talk about Tesla, competition is going to kill them everyday for the last SEVEN YEARS. Take a hint.

  5. Sam Laster says:

    People like her disappear in a downturn.

  6. NESIAN SIDES says:

    Tesla will merge with hydrogen tech, for now They're not too optimistic with hydrogen but they must consider business economic survival. due to power performance demand within industrial applications, battery domestic consumers is simple were as truck and trailer require delivery demand. inevitably hydrogen will deliver.

  7. Hi. Unless Apple goes into the A.I. EVs as well which they are it seems, Tesla's going the way of the Blackberry and Nokia or 2nd place.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  8. T C says:

    This lady is Fraud. In the BOOMING STOCK MARKET…she barely @ 8% margins. Thats not even average numbers for Money Mangager. Boeing is going to cut cost by 75% on parts using 3D Print…BULLSHIT…whats the timeline on that. "Telsa is under valued " more BULLSHIT…she sold majority of her TSLA Jan 2019…what one thing did she say that was TRUTHFUL or made Financial Sense?

  9. J Kreutzer says:

    They all looking at her like reindeers staring at headlights! lol

  10. mel saint says:

    She's being over optimistic about curing blindness

  11. golaizola says:

    Great that you bring super smart people like this lady is.

  12. Tom Brown says:

    Cathie wood and ARK are terrific.

  13. LULU H says:

    Good luck! Big Pharma won't let cures happen

  14. Aaron White says:

    Hahaha. Up 3 tenths percent for the year. She totally killed it!! I have my money invested in local savings account doing better than that.

    Shell do well on some of these tech bets, and lose it all on crypto/blockchain market.

  15. sam guapo says:

    There is nothing amazing of how Tesla did their technology including battery use. Tesla is somewhat innovative but not groundbreaking. However, the OTHER COMPANIES are dumb and stupid. I've heard so many supposedly smart people and experts who say how something can't be done or is impossible, only to be proven wrong, again and again, by people who aren't so called experts.

  16. Bart us says:

    We love you, Cathie. You forgot to mention the Supercharging Network @1:40, IMO. This is monumental advantage to Tesla.

  17. Blue Bayou says:

    No Money in curing Cancer, so don't hold your breath

  18. Again as Friday 18/1/19 shows Tesla cannot sustain what is needed to be profitable. Take Herbalife over the last 12 months the difference between HLF & TSLA is 70%. Unbelievable. Which share would YOU rather own? Perhaps Ms Wood should forget Tesla & pump her fund full of HLF. 16/7/2016 settlement a watershed for HLF. Making huge profits – even growing profits throughout Ackman attack. The panel also should just recommend & buy Herbalife , sign off and go then for some "shakes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I am not a distributor just a small Accountant from Glasgow, Scotland whose client's have loved the share since 2006. )

  19. Alexis Dimes says:

    3D printing cars? Tesla? The machines that build the machines?

  20. After this EV revolution is over Toyota Will again be at the top .

  21. TheHoplite14 says:

    Transports are going to shit. Oil is going up in operational shortage. 4 mid-size producers in Texas just got bought out and shut down pumps and rigs. Call me a liar.

  22. Verne Fits says:

    Cathie is awesome 👏

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