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#CNBCTV: Steve Bannon: Trump knows 2020 will be a very tough race


Steve Bannon: Trump knows 2020 will be a very tough race

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-09-19 12:41:43 | Duration: 6:11 | Views: 67151 | Likes: 627 | Dislikes: 80

Steve Bannon joins “Squawk Box” to discuss the 2020 elections, saying that while President Donald Trump is a “closer,” his reelection is “definitely not in the bag.”

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29 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Steve Bannon: Trump knows 2020 will be a very tough race

  1. Will you please filter the background noise?

  2. Avatar Jason Dinan says:

    Trumps base looks at China as jobs competition not a chance to funnel money to our children and golf buddies like the beltway crowd.

  3. Avatar john hng says:

    SB – He is really Great, he knows what he is talking. Ever-ready to respond without hesitation. His mind is always sharp and focused.

  4. If you want to find out what's going on, this man knows. I fucking love listening to him get interviewed. first rate

  5. Avatar FARBOLUOS says:

    Viva Trump!!! Latinos for Trump!!! MAGA 2020 all the way!!!

  6. Avatar Anna Vajda says:

    He has been bringing back the manufacturing MADE IN AMERICA is becoming a source of pride again and he even has Louis Vuitton in Texas. Trump is going to continue doing great things for the country if you just let him. More jobs less junkies all I see are improvements since he took over.

  7. Avatar Vlad CCC says:

    It's a shame Trump won't win in 2020 I'll have nothing to laugh at anymore

  8. The intersection of voters and soybean farmers is pretty tiny.

  9. Bannon knows what's really happening in China and their future plans.

  10. Avatar Joanne Clark says:

    I love Steve Bannon!!!!

  11. Avatar Benny Bodash says:

    I do not agree with this title. Everything our President has done far exceeds any other President, so why would it be a tough race? It’s actually the opposite.

  12. It would wind it down hands down and he should but they hide the truth from the American people this is a dangerous thing as fake news so dangerous thing all the activities like there

  13. I think if the president didn't have to deal with the fake news the fake media and social

  14. Avatar pdxeddie1111 says:

    Did he raid Johnny Cash's wardrobe or something? Cause he may be going to a funeral.

  15. Avatar Optimistic says:

    I sincerely hope America wins again in 2020.

  16. 1:04 Imagine all you want Sorkin, while you're at it read "The Grapes of Wrath". The people in fly-over are loyal to Trump's America First Agenda regardless of their status… Unlike certain NYC "Push Button Patriots".

  17. Avatar Esther Prine says:

    The Democratic party is the party of slavery. STOP

  18. Avatar Esther Prine says:

    Deep state strategists

  19. 5:12 Liz's polling well not due to being anti-China. She has the most support among White-Liberals whose primary concern isn't China. You are a moron.

  20. Avatar Gary Wilson says:

    Steve Bannon is evil incarnate, the puppet master.

  21. The USA (Protestant Christians) and Western Society needs to win against the Communist China. 🤔

    We have 250-500 million Chinese brothers and sisters being persecuted and murdered by the Communist Chinese Party. 😡🇺🇸

  22. Avatar Ning Li says:

    支持班农!support Bannon!

  23. Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

    He was selected by Trump alright, compare him with Schumer, Pelosi, or Schiff. LOL.  
    Trump only select best people to work with him, that's just part of his OCD kickin'

  24. The key to the 79,000 votes in 2020 is the black vote, period.

    We will not vote for Trump in 2020!!!!

  25. Trump is not going to win Michigan!

    He won Michigan because 12,000 black ppl did not vote. This statement is 100 %facts.

    Black ppl “will not” vote for trump in 2020!!!

  26. Avatar Atemporal says:

    what Steve said at the end is laughable. Trump is everything but STABLE. the thinnest skin in town

  27. These sick mofos treat living humans like a business deal… we can just starve them so the government folds. Sick..I want to puke… please.. people… wake up. We are all in the same game on the same side. . Were humans beings…blood donations dont have labels of color or religion or ethnicity.. yet we can survive off each other..

  28. Avatar Rayoscope says:

    I'm impressed that Steve Bannon knows how to pronounce "Iran" correctly.

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