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#CNBCTV: Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff on reshaping capitalism and Big Tech

Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff on reshaping capitalism and Big Tech

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-10-16 16:09:51 | Duration: 11:49 | Views: 23335 | Likes: 596 | Dislikes: 34

Marc Benioff, chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, joins “Squawk on the Street” to discuss his view that capitalism is “dead,” and why he believes Big Tech may need to be broken up.

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49 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff on reshaping capitalism and Big Tech

  1. virtue signaling extravaganza

  2. Avatar RayC1 says:

    Cramer is fucking hilarious to watch. This guys balls where sledgehammers.

  3. Avatar Francisco P says:

    God, I love this guy.

  4. thanks marc for 900,000 trees🌴🌲🌱🌴

  5. Avatar JacobIgl says:

    Who's here cuz he donated 900000 trees?

  6. Avatar Lil Speeds says:

    He attac
    He protec
    But most importantly
    He donated 900000 trees

  7. Avatar Artivisual says:

    Let's solve the 4th industrial revolution issues with human centered capitalism #yang2020 🧢

  8. Wow. Can't wait to read his book !

  9. I'm from the UK, love Trump and still pushing hard for Brexit over here – and I'm also a Salesforce certified TA. Love this

    … I also have Star Wars office a bit like Benioff :- )

  10. The most philanthrophic Ceo i ve ever seen..wkg for a better world. Incidentally 😆i m also a salesforce developer working in an IT co. For last 10 yrs. Salesforce makes my living n i still dream riding on the " cloud " .😊

  11. Marc Benioff the hero we don't deserve 😿

  12. Avatar Brian Davis says:

    time to sell his stock

  13. Avatar exeuropean says:

    Benioff for president

  14. If these capitalist act like crap they will face the guillotine!!

  15. Avatar jonz23m says:

    Unfortunately CEOs like him are very rare that's why capitalism as it is gonna be doomed.

  16. Avatar MysticJimmy7 says:

    What's the deal with billionaires like Stephen Schwarzman, Marc Benioff, and Tilman Fertitta writing books all of a sudden?

  17. Avatar MysticJimmy7 says:

    Those snakes tried desperately to get Marc to say something indictable.

  18. Avatar J says:

    Just the tone of him saying "what do you say to shareholders who just want you to stick to making money" or "the people who don't agree with YOUR views". Which crazy mfs cares about economic growth more the planet?

  19. Avatar Dana M says:

    This correlates with what Andrew Yang is saying about technology. Gurdgiev who is as of today ranked #2 in the world in predicting Economies and talks about "data mining" and "age of tech" and the "age of machines" Gurdgiev talks very fast and with an accent so go straight to 8:00 in his talk to hear his main theme.

  20. Avatar Dana M says:

    Hey wait a minute……..he's not wearing a tie!!!

  21. Avatar John Borgen says:

    That was an artful dodge about Trump.

  22. Avatar The Archive says:

    06:24 Look at Kramers face…homeless? Why do we need to help the homeless? Wanker!

  23. Avatar Galaxy749 says:

    Has Benioff endorsed Yang yet? Let’s get this guy a 🧢

  24. Avatar Peter Immoos says:

    Marc Benioff appears to have a moral campus and the hosts appear to be bewildered by this. Questioning the state of capitalism is something we all have to do from time to time or corruption will creep in. From the attacks Benioff endured from the hosts it is evident that they should reed his book before challenging, only fools attack with out studding there opponent. The hosts appeared to be ill prepared and foolish to me. I am going to reed the Book "Trailblazer: The Power of Business As the Greatest Platform for Change" making my judgement.

  25. Avatar Dianna Skare says:


  26. Avatar Dianna Skare says:

    BERNIE SANDERS AND CORPORATE REFORM IN A SOCIAL CAPITALISM 40% Workers on Board, 20% for employees Union can be formed , all decisions with workers who share in benefits . Regulations for a sustainable business !!

  27. Avatar garbonomics says:

    Unfortunately this seems more like leftist progressivism than business capitalism. Businesses who take this approach have to be incredibly successful with a lot of free cash. I’d like to see his business take this approach while going through hard times. We need more CAPITALISM and less IDEALISM.

  28. Avatar Adam G says:

    Cramer, you're a hack dude

  29. The frustrations today are huge. Corporate profits are higher, as is CEO pay. Markets are more monopolized. Wealth is more concentrated at the top. Although the official unemployment rate is lower, most peoples’ incomes have gone nowhere and they have even less job security.

    Meanwhile, Washington has become even swampier. Big corporations, Wall Street and billionaires have flooded it with money and lobbyists. Trump has given out all the tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks and subsidies they have ever wanted. The oligarchy is in charge.

  30. Avatar Mark Cohen says:

    Cramer acting like a total tool

  31. Avatar Kevin Scott says:

    Imagine how much better the world would be if every CEO viewed the responsibilities of their company like this. I’d worked for Benioff any day.

  32. I believe that this is a very smart move from CEOs if they don’t want Unions to come back in USA.CEOs know Corporations do not have a good feedback from the stakeholders and public opinion in general. I believe Bernioff is right and Bernie Sanders can help to bring this discussion and policies on changing Corporate mentality in order to benefit companies and CEOs with this view.

  33. Avatar Brad says:

    This Jim Cramer guy is super annoying to listen to. The man's voice and mannerisms are like claws on a chalkboard.

  34. I can see the end of America

  35. Worldwide Development Corporation @t John Rosebush CEO/Founder.

  36. I want distributed platforms. Information network effects are different than addictive drugs. Who do we trust to decide our access to information because while I don't trust Facebook the government doesn't have the best record either.

  37. Avatar Fred Frond says:

    I own a hundred Salesforce shares. After this i am thinking about doubling down.

  38. Avatar Shes IT says:

    Corporate responsibility! Guess what, Cramer, paying your employees a living wage and giving a fuck about your community is actually a good thing and puts more money in everyone's pockets.

  39. Avatar Playtype says:

    Yep some big techs need to be broken up. They are making it difficult for smaller companies to compete. I mean shit Facebook have 2billion users I think, and that’s not counting Instagram and whatsapp. If you take take out repeat users the Zuck probably has 3 billion users across all 3 platforms. That stifles innovation, at this point people have probably given up they just go work for Amazon or Facebook etc…

  40. Avatar Rety Fuller says:

    Cramer is a crook! All in bed with all the elites!

  41. Avatar Multikalwin says:

    "People can change, people can change, people can change" HAHAH…. When in history has anyone with immense power and money "changed" to start caring about others?

  42. Avatar Skillest says:

    Marc Benioff!!! You are the greatest!!!!

  43. Avatar Dino Zaur says:

    Cramer is old news, keep thinking like you think you dinozaur. Time to update the thinking of CNBC.

  44. Avatar Charles says:

    I don't think I need SalesForce for my company, but I'll find a way to use it to support this man.

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