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#CNBCTV: President Trump met with boos and 'lock him up' chants at World Series game


President Trump met with boos and 'lock him up' chants at World Series game

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-10-28 12:46:03 | Duration: 1:25 | Views: 227053 | Likes: 2766 | Dislikes: 391

President Donald Trump was met with a chorus of boos, as well as some cheering, at National Park in Washington D.C. for a home game against the Houston Astros for the Game 5 of the World Series.

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35 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: President Trump met with boos and 'lock him up' chants at World Series game

  1. Avatar Subooking says:

    They can boo him all they want but he’s gonna win again. #Trump2020

  2. Avatar matt balliet says:

    Trump 2020, yeah buddy!!!!

  3. Anyone here after Soleimani killing?

  4. Avatar Enrico 47 says:

    now that’s a real american and normal human being

  5. Avatar Abomi Nable says:

    he don't give a shit about government workers booing.

  6. Avatar Nate Jr says:

    Boooo trump sucks

  7. Avatar Troy Branson says:

    They weren't shouting LOCK HIM UP, that's fake news, they were chanting WE LOVE TRUMP.

  8. Avatar Green Dome says:

    Put the tax dodger in a mental health institution

  9. Avatar bt Hill says:

    They all wanna say that they can all get the …. out of our country bunch of liw life fools

  10. I’m assuming that none of you assholes were there. He was very welcomed

  11. Also cheers……anyone can play a section of 20 fools and spin it

  12. looks like the country doesnt love now mr president😄😅😆

  13. Very disrespectful after what he has done for the country. The booers are no hopers

  14. So I watched the booing of the president while he was out watching a baseball game with his wife. I can now say I am completely ashamed of the American people. He made a face I recognize. It went from happy and having a good time to intense sadness and stress. In a world where we condemn any form of bullying and shaming… you folks in that stadium did that to another human beingl.

    Youre not saying anything about our president, youre telling us something about you

    Whatever your political views, that was horrifying to watch. He is flawed yes, but dammit so are you, so are we all. No where in America should we treat someone like that. What would your face look like if 100 decibels of booing and a giant camera were pointed at you?

  15. Avatar ej says:

    DC is possibly the most liberal city in the US like what did y’all expect

  16. All those americans who shouted: Lock him up; Thank you from the bottom of my hart. Karma in action !!

  17. Booed by the swamp well don’t mister president

  18. Look at all the liberals in the comments thinking this is a W😂😂 you do know this is a liberal controlled city right? There’s no surprise in what happened

  19. This video was so much more exciting when it was played by an independent media youtuber leve it to corporate media to take a video video like this and make it fall flat on its face, un exciting. Thanks cnbc your lame like the rest of them news channels.

  20. Of course Democrats have the right. I'm a life long Democrat. The booing is fine with me, but I oppose lock him up even for Trump. In a Democracy that type of hooliganism should be left to Republican hooligans. The Legal Process should deal with Trump, or if not that, the 2020 Election. Not that, Election 2024. We are a Democracy, not a tin horn mess.

  21. I'd slap a booer up side their square head! Boo the President? Assholes!!

  22. Avatar Bos Too Lowe says:

    Obama was the best president ever

  23. Avatar Lisa Chant says:

    Seems like more are cheering than booing

    Sounds like only a select few are chanting lock him up and conveniently close to the media cameras

  24. Avatar Pro Gamer1 says:

    I mean he’s in the most liberal infested city in the U.S if Obama went to a rangers game woulda been the same response…..

  25. Avatar Benny Hill says:

    Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! #Trump2024…that would make it Eight more years dummy…Eight more years! Eight more years! Eight more years!

  26. Avatar Lady Jeani says:

    Washington DC and New York don't like Trump, but most of the rest of the country does.

  27. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    sports promotes ethnic equality and global unity over differences, i cant tolerate that. no ethnicities or nations are equal.

  28. Avatar Chicken Ray says:

    The People: Lock him up!
    SDNY: Challenge accepted.

  29. can someone give an educated and FACTUAL answer as to why he is such a bad president. Like actual unbiased answer. I litterally cannot find anyone to answer me like I really want informed of what he is doing that's so wrong. Please have actual sources too I dont just believe everything someone says because it sounds good to me.

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