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#CNBCTV: Police release body camera footage of gunpoint stop of Yankees GM Brian Cashman

Police release body camera footage of gunpoint stop of Yankees GM Brian Cashman

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Police in Connecticut on Wednesday released body camera footage that shows an officer making a gunpoint stop of New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, whose car was still mistakenly reported as being stolen last week. The video shows the 52-year-old Cashman last Friday calmly exiting his car at a Darien, Connecticut, gas station, with his hands raised in the air, as the officer yells at him to get out of the vehicle.

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24 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Police release body camera footage of gunpoint stop of Yankees GM Brian Cashman

  1. Avatar Jay Mcintyre says:

    The cop had information that the car was stolen, He done a high-risk traffic stop which i assume is procedure for stolen vehicles. Drop your fucking agendas, the police aren't out to get you.
    What did he do wrong?

  2. Wheres the cash??? Lol😂

  3. Sorry for the embarrassment sir, we didn’t realize you were rich.

  4. And..if he was black..would it have ended up differently?

  5. I study American Law and who the Law Enforcement agencies hire….These
    are my findings: Question: "What is wrong with cops"? ANSWER: All Law
    Enforcement officers are hired under very strict criteria to have up to a
    maximum IQ of 95, along with having a Mental disability called a
    "superiority Complex". All officers are required to join a Freemason Fraternity Cult
    Club (Fraternity of Police F.O.P.) where oaths are taken, secrets are
    kept, and Bad Behavior and the Taking of Life is encouraged to increase
    Rank and Status within the organization. Law Enforcement officers do not
    enforce REAL laws but only Corporate Policies and Concepts under Title
    50 usc "Trading with the Enemy Act" of 1917/1933 that classifies us
    citizens as "Enemies of the State" where the administrative Agencies
    were given unconstitutional authority to Regulate us through the
    Licensing! The reason why Law Enforcement officers can not enforce real
    laws is because of the "Bankruptcy Act" of 1933 that placed us under
    Military Rules and suspended our Courts. Our Courts under Military Rules
    (represented by the gold fringe around the American Flag) can not hear
    Constitutional Law.( They have NO Criminal Jurisdiction) The Court can
    only enforce Corporate state statutes (color of Law-not real law) and
    "codes" which are not law. Titles 1-50 United States Codes were never
    passed into Positive Law by Congress back in 1925 under Congressional
    records(Statutes at Large) Volumes 43-44. The United States Codes are
    strictly Administrative Rules for Administrative Agencies ONLY!

  6. Avatar ScienceGuy says:

    OMG! When you comply the cops don't kill you! Somebody ought to send a memo to the black community about this! "Comply and you won't die!"

  7. Police today is so insecure. They pull gun on people for non reason? Back in time: To protect and to serve was for real. Today they acting like shooting to people make them feel better


  9. Avatar Yabeen Sees says:

    stop covering the footage with text, it's obnoxious

  10. Never been negligently pulled over and gotten that kind of treatment after ive been cleared… NEVER.. Nothing but dickhead attitude from beginning until the end

  11. Avatar says:

    Y'all should subscribe to the channel "police activity" to see what cops go through before making stupid generalizations.

  12. Driver not shot by police! – Betty White (I bet he's white)

  13. Avatar Nick Curran says:

    Holy shit. That was for a suspected stolen car?

  14. Avatar Josh Hockman says:

    Corrupt cop Red Sox fans….

  15. Avatar BIG FACTS says:

    White privilege must be nice, I'm sorry for the embarrassment I never get that when they fuck with me for nothing. They tell me your Freetown go like being, detained and harassed was apart of my day.

  16. Avatar Nigel May says:

    Yet another explain of good police work by mature public servants, even handed, no issues, enjoy the rest of your day sir.

    Follow police instructions ftw.

    If you want to troll or get fresh or smart… . do it on your xbox

  17. Avatar Omaticdream says:

    Imagine getting pulled over at gunpoint by cops after your car was stolen then cops find out it was you that stole your car 🤡

  18. Ive replied to a lot of people on this but something has to be said: Its time to be embarrassed of our police force if we have people applauding the fact that an unarmed man wasnt shot… that should be a given. Everyone talking about "wiling out and not complying" who thinks that warrents being shot…..your weird as fuck. If they see a weapon by all means send that man to kingdom come. But otherwise our police force should be better trained to deal with situations without always using their gun as a crutch

  19. Avatar xerxes2044 says:

    My ass no spectacle. That ship sailed when a gun was drawn. Cashman did a good job keeping his cool.

  20. Avatar barrynzay says:

    No wonder they're always under attack

  21. Avatar Mark W says:

    Jackboot cops are deserving of having guns pulled on them and then addressed as Officer Down. #BLUEISIS #BLUEKLUXKLAN

  22. If that was a regular joe he wouldn’t have got that treatment!!

  23. I would bet my last fucking dollar they wouldn’t let a black man go get ID from the car

  24. Avatar Will Jacobs says:

    The GM of the Yankees drives that POS?

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