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#CNBCTV: Peter Thiel: 'Unbelievably bad' internal politics at large companies

Peter Thiel: 'Unbelievably bad' internal politics at large companies

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-12-09 17:23:16 | Duration: 6:57 | Views: 26882 | Likes: 254 | Dislikes: 24

CNBC’s Morgan Brennan highlights comments made by Palantir founder Peter Thiel at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

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20 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Peter Thiel: 'Unbelievably bad' internal politics at large companies

  1. Avatar Jack Again says:

    Gillette, Macy's, Camping World, etc. stock in the toilet due to liberal politics.

  2. Avatar Kim Siewers says:

    Peter Thiel is not "a sometimes controversial 'name' in tech…"
    I wish CNBC talking heads would stop calling people or stocks "names".
    Peter is a person.

  3. Avatar wantafanta01 says:

    elon said he wont ever take spaceX public.. he wants control over that company and you wont have control if you take it public who the fuck wants to be bossed around by a board of directors when you wanna get to mars regardless of the cost.

  4. Avatar Stock Broken says:

    Speaking of getting political… bruh went right for an agenda on that immigration talk

  5. Avatar Stan Mann says:

    Peter Thiel is pro secrecy. Kinda gross.

  6. Avatar HB YouTube says:

    Did she say a company's "bigness"??? Lol 2:20

  7. Avatar Max Ruso says:

    What roll did Peter play in election fraud through Facebook to get his contacts to spy on American public?

  8. Avatar Marké Mark says:

    Lets be completely clear. None of these BIG Tech entrepreneurs will ever (solely) dedicate their businesses elsewhere outside the USA in reference to defense. There isn't nearly as much money anywhere else, when funding defense. The Military Industrial Complex. The US always will and always have the most enemies and it pays really well. So why would a Big Tech entrepreneur take any other offer if the demand isn't anywhere near ours. Putting morals ahead of our country makes you target number one, especially when you have Big economic influence like any of the guys they mentioned.

  9. Avatar John Bauer says:

    The Financial system is just like OS X or Windows it's just a digital system. When it throws up we just print ourselves more in debt to it. Nice 👍

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  11. Avatar no brainer says:

    Who are really running American tech companies? Time to restructure…

  12. Avatar djmbst says:

    silly framing by the hosts – as if illegals from southern border routinely go to work to Silicon Valley

  13. Did she just fart at around 3:29 minutes?!?!

  14. Avatar Michael L. says:

    Look at his OBVIOUS freemasonic messaging with his hands. It looks so forced.

  15. CNBC: " All S&P 500 sectors showing positive growth this year thanks to Trump"

  16. That black dude asks good questions and he dresses super nice too.

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