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#CNBCTV: New Delhi, India, faces worst air pollution of 2019, forcing vehicle restrictions and school closure

New Delhi, India, faces worst air pollution of 2019, forcing vehicle restrictions and school closure

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-11-04 16:19:09 | Duration: 2:5 | Views: 64784 | Likes: 441 | Dislikes: 36

Air pollution in New Delhi, India, is facing a three-year high as emergency measures cause vehicle restrictions and force school closures. New Delhi is considered one of the world’s most polluted cities and air pollution typically peaks in November for the region.

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27 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: New Delhi, India, faces worst air pollution of 2019, forcing vehicle restrictions and school closure

  1. "Khoo Khoo" …Free Odd Even Pollution..!🤔🙄😜

  2. Avatar Z O says:

    Stop driving gasoline cars you Ben Chodes, there is electric cars now get with the times.

  3. Beyond index! This is…. 🙏🏾 😞

  4. Kid smoke cigarettes
    Men smoke cigar
    Legend live in Delhi

  5. Avatar damakun9 says:

    I am Japanese and have been to India many times for business.
    As far as I know, lots of Indian people recognize that the air is super dirty in India.
    At least, my Indian friends are well educated and understand India's situation compared to developd countries.

    People know that famers field burn, smoke which come out from industrial plants illegally, and exhaust gas of vehicles cause the air pollution.

    Vehicle exhaust gas cannot be reduced by people because it is a technical issue.

    But when it comes to the rest 2 factors, I don't understand why people stop burning, or generating illegal smoke in spite of knowing what the factors are against the pollution.

  6. દિલ્હી શહેર મા વધારે પદુષણ છે

  7. They all still happy and walking around lol people In cali would shit themselves

  8. Avatar Nima Nakisa says:

    Dumb breed of people doing suicide with their habits and stupid traditions of burning
    Silly rashdu’s need to start planting trees on their holy diva like instead of burning firework the imbreds

  9. Avatar Mady Lim says:

    This is the effect of over population. The nature itself will do something to reduce the population…

  10. Avatar D L says:

    sUpER pOWer 2020. less than 2 weeks to go

  11. Avatar Vijay V says:

    If our 1.3 billion people participated in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Clean India campaign, then India can be clean in the next few years.

  12. Avatar No1sy says:

    People in Delhi : Here the pollution is the most deadly

    People in Lahore : LAUGHS WITH ONE LUNG

  13. Limited lands , still slaving policies , corrupted government , intensely over populations in city what an hell India, China

  14. I am worrying about the Indian politicians, who are living there in this pathetic environment.
    It's humble request to delhiites. It is the time to think about them.

  15. Only mention it's from fireworks and burning fields at the end.

  16. We need population control. It’s getting out of hand

  17. And I thought Phoenix has the worst.

  18. Avatar Paul Snonec says:

    Greta needs to go to india stat

  19. Avatar Rahul Arora says:

    Sab bewakoof banaya ja raha hai agar it i pollution ki fiker hai toh diesel car low floor bus jo ki dusrlt pollution karti hai kyon nahi bandh ki jati

  20. My Indian friends here in the Philippines always mentioning this problem in New Delhi. No wonder some Indians moved abroad to live because of this situation. Is there any action or plan by the government to resolve this air pollution???

  21. Avatar Maryam Khan says:


  22. Avatar Suman Singh says:

    न मफलर न टोपी और न खाँसी सरजी स्वस्थ्य तो मैं कैसे मानू कि दल्ली में पोल्युशन है।

  23. Avatar Brian Sitz says:

    First and foremost,,eits not OUR PLANET

  24. Delhi's plight ….!

    Should i say or stay quiet.
    By the way speaking of a major issue
    Is not a crime.
    Issue which has been threatening our health, our life.
    Where are the so called conservationists.
    When Delhi needs an action of wisdom infinite.

    Do something …
    At stake is delhi's life.

  25. Chuthiyaa logh diwali crackers manufacturing ky bandh nahi karra

  26. happy diwali Delhi🤣🤣🤣

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