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#CNBCTV: Market gears up for report that could make or break the rest of year


Market gears up for report that could make or break the rest of year

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It’s the countdown to the jobs report. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Carter Worth, Karen Finerman, Brian Kelly and Tim Seymour.

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21 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Market gears up for report that could make or break the rest of year

  1. They walked back a half a million jobs from what they reported last year, they waited till a couple of months ago, to tell us the government are liars, plain and simple, these numbers are bullshit period ! Trump has not got a 3% avg. since in office, so his prediction of 4 to 5% of employment growth is also complete bullshit, and that’s after his tax cuts, that have destroyed are budget deficit !

  2. Avatar big Cahuna says:

    The ruling families , throughout history , move resources and technology into one country that is used as a base from which to control the world. Egypt, Rome, England, Germany, USA. Big money families run all countries through fiat money debt , the military industrial complex, fake religion, the "men in black"/secret societies ( Freemasons, Jesuits, etc.)

  3. Avatar T.J. West says:

    That 2 trillion tax give away to the wealthiest didn't hurt the market, hurt manufacture, most owners didn't put the money there. Then the tariffs really slowed things down for the average person that exports.

  4. Avatar marco mac says:

    so we are over sold ? i hear the same song during the hole 2008 50% fall of the markets,
    run for the exits is only a ma tter of time.

  5. Avatar Albert Moore says:

    Are they taking into account the GREATEST OIL STRIKE IN HISTORY, no, not just in American history, the GREATEST OIL STRIKE IN HISTORY, on federal lands in the Permian Basin of Texas, benefits of which can be compounded many times over by the American Canal between Brownsville and San Diego?
    Have they even heard of the GREATEST OIL STRIKE IN HISTORY?

  6. Avatar H Serna says:


  7. But this is the best economy ever… trump said soo markets at all time highs… ignoring that 40 percent of all small caps by there 52 week lows…. tired of winning as yet trade wars with the eu now… tired of winning i said… this is the degenerate that runs the country

  8. Avatar Jay M says:

    Fed pumping the market from behind a thin veil?

  9. the rally was off resistance.

  10. Avatar Donny Nguyen says:

    Tim is a sharp dude. Communicates very well

  11. Avatar Tom says:

    5:01 "They could cut rates to zero, it's not going to change the economic situation"

  12. Avatar El Sols says:

    Are we playing musical chairs today?

    Also, why did it take until the 4th Quarter for you all to come over to what I’ve been saying for the last 18 months?

  13. It's the bearish years has started top of the mountain to the other side 🗻🏞🌋🏔🌄

  14. Avatar Mr Underhill says:

    capitalism does it again

  15. 4:16 “Good news is good news. We want good news. Bad news is not good news right now.” Amazing insights from CNBC

  16. How can u see value in the stock market when its 6% off its all time highs. Retail isnt buying, its the plunge protection team (aka fed) buying securities to prop the market up!

  17. Avatar Heather 22 says:

    The recession is HERE.

  18. Avatar Papascrub says:

    How many fake jobs will they add to this report in order to keep the stock market going?

  19. Avatar William Fang says:

    Market "Logic". If the numbers are good, yay! If the numbers are bad, then Fed will cut rate, so yay!

  20. Avatar Money Maven says:

    love my gold miners! FED is stuck.

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