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#CNBCTV: Kevin O'Leary on why he doesn't own Big Bank stock


Kevin O'Leary on why he doesn't own Big Bank stock

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-07-17 12:58:15 | Duration: 4:46 | Views: 33562 | Likes: 323 | Dislikes: 26

“Shark Tank” Host Kevin O’Leary explains why he’s hesitant to invest in Big Banks.

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37 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Kevin O'Leary on why he doesn't own Big Bank stock

  1. Big Bank stocks are like an old rabid dog…

  2. Avatar iPamaj1 GT says:

    We have said it billions of times and once again —> we don’t want Joe!

  3. Avatar CB B says:

    Bank covered call ETF….

  4. Avatar Metal Bum says:

    I sold bank stocks and am buying physical gold like Kevin has. I do Unboxing a on my channe

  5. Would Canadas CIBC bank count as a "big" bank

  6. Avatar Fortify 98 says:

    I don't agree with O'Leary here

  7. Dude might need hobbies? I recommend a cooking class or learning an instrument. Or maybe a class on how to grow hair.

  8. He doesnt buy a 2 dollar 50 coffee everyday either.

  9. Avatar captiantim1 says:

    Jamie diamond imports the best drugs.

  10. 😂😂😂 He said sell Apple
    I bought Apple and paid off my tuition in March when the stock bounced back

  11. Avatar AHillard1 says:

    low pe's, decent dividends with a very low payout ratio (paying me good money but not hurting the companies cash flows), fast increasing dividends… I think banks have under performed because their price hasnt went up with their performance. There are good and bad banks, just like every other sector.. but everyone will always need financial companies

  12. Warren buffett own banks he worth billions Kevin o leary is worth 400 million warren buffett is 220 times more wealthy kevin is only know because of Shark Tank

  13. Why didn't the presenters point out 2008 banking crisis, being bailed out with tax payers money. poor journalism . Bankers are like children, they need to be supervised hence regulation.

  14. Avatar Hew Branford says:

    Funny how the CNBC hosts allow kevin to talk and make his point when he is not talking about how he supports president trump on his trade war with China and how China engages in IP theft…funny that 🤔

  15. Gold and Silver screw the banks.

  16. Avatar Jake Hunter says:

    Kevin always a good Sharpe dude… but he has more of Business mind than a investor mind. #JakeHunter88 just my opinion

  17. Avatar Martyn Smith says:

    Hey Jamie Dimon. Got any cocaine????

  18. Avatar Guron90 says:

    this guy is a fricken moron. the buybacks and dividends are going through the roof.

  19. Avatar Ed Palmieri says:

    Kevin!! Take Ray Dalio’s advice and start buying gold, silver and the big mining companies going forward!! Best returns will be in this sector over the next decade with paradigm SHIFT!!!

  20. Wow. Becky is looking long in the tooth.

  21. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Is AI manipulating the market seriously, wtf

  22. Avatar TheHoplite14 says:

    When liquidity is dried up and the consumer is leveraged to the max, there's no amount of growth banks can capture for their earnings without changing regulatory capital requirements to boost lending and outlaying capital.

  23. He secretly traded it for bitcoin

  24. Avatar TBD says:

    The idea that Congress over-regulated the banks after they caused the biggest global financial crisis in recent history is idiotic. Too many morons work for CNBC.

  25. When you owe a bank 10,000$ that means you are in trouble. But when you owe the bank 100 million dollars, that means the bank is in trouble.

  26. Avatar 133j0hn says:

    Kevin 'O Leary is an asshat.

    Being the host of an investing-related show doesn't automatically make him anywhere qualified to give financial advice.

  27. His attitude is always pessimistic

  28. Avatar hardy2175 says:

    Fixing something that ain't broke. hmmm. Just forgot 2008 so fast. Kevin is delusional

  29. Kevin got owned…so he pivots his attack.

  30. Avatar eugyero says:

    Banks are a black hole of investment of my money, so no thanks.. there are better places to place your cash.

  31. Avatar sommi says:

    💚💙🧡💛 Kevin "Buy Bitcoin" O'Leary 💚💙🧡💛

  32. Avatar Dee Van says:

    Didn't Kevin say crypto was crap on this show not to long ago…Now he's cheering for JP MORGAN coins talk about flip flop😆😆😆

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