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#CNBCTV: Jim Cramer: The market has 'hope' that American science can beat the coronavirus


Jim Cramer: The market has 'hope' that American science can beat the coronavirus

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2020-03-30 23:22:24 | Duration: 12:5 | Views: 84385 | Likes: 624 | Dislikes: 135

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said science is the only thing that will prevent the U.S. economy from “coronavirus-induced depression.”

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24 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Jim Cramer: The market has 'hope' that American science can beat the coronavirus

  1. Avatar jill bluerei says:

    This guy's an dunce – when the markets started their fall last month he was so lost and confused… he kept crying, "All this over a virus?". Surprises me how many people believe that he's competent to offer investment advice. Not to mention the number of people willing to listen to his graty/squeekie voice.

  2. Avatar Enamel Larry says:

    Fake rally is going to cost trillions of dollars down the toilet 🚽

  3. The U.S. is over. The fed is going to print money to prop everything up, the Fed is buying everything up, and the U.S. is going to be completely Nationalize. At some point people will lose confidence in the U.S. and we will lose world currency status, and all the money outside the U.S. will flow back into the country and hyperinflation will take off. This will happen sooner then people think. However everyone is living Lala land completely oblivious to reality. Where to invest, thinking everything will bounce back after the coronavirus. Everyone looks to government to take care of everything and them. People need to look at history, governments, and central banks only end up destroying nations, they never save them, or the people.

  4. Avatar Damian says:

    Probably the first time in history Wall Street has turned to science for help

  5. Avatar Eric Lee says:

    you need more than a billion mask foo you need a trillion

  6. But do I have faith in the MARKET

  7. HIS anchoring style is really different. I liked it.

  8. Avatar M2C1593 says:

    This man looks higher than a Chinese kite. 🤧

  9. Avatar M2C1593 says:

    I’d like to ask where the number 1 billion comes from? Is it based on actual data or is that just a large enough number for his audience to think it’s sufficient? Seriously though

  10. Avatar Emil Nedev says:

    Cramer, you’re late – I tweeted hours ago and since you were nowhere to be found I got moving – watch out for them spikes – it’ll be wild ride back up + all of those betting algos can go get bent – imagine years of unseen “action” … all stops now (sorry if I’m putting you out of a job)

  11. how about trying hard NOT catching a basket full of FALLING Knives???

  12. So far "GOD" has created 8 "versions" of the COVID-19 virus, so let me know when you have the data in hand !

  13. when your people loose their livelihoods and their land to foriegn citizens you will then start to figure what game you are in. It is all for sale and not to you. You are all comfortable with you welfare check for sitting at home. But when the smoke clears you will be out on your ass because of the Democrats and their stupidity right. You forgot Obama the war monger that killed so many terrorists that these days they are unheard of. But your comedy hero went and killed the number 2 man in Iran and you wonder why we are hear? The Democrats are terrible.

  14. Avatar Innis Mor says:

    Cramer …. selling "hope" …… just like Trump…..
    Hey, isn't tomorrow April? Miracle month !!!!

  15. Avatar J P says:

    Suckers Rally!! Carnival "CCL" is $13.17 today — Really??? Anyone up for a vacation + flight + cruise this year?? Disposable Income? = NOPE! Customer Demographic 50+ yrs Interested? = NOPE!

  16. Avatar J P says:

    "HOPE" is not an investing strategy.

  17. Avatar Ravencroft says:

    As a European, hearing this "American science" fanfare is amusing. We're one planet working together to beat this pandemic.

  18. Avatar Martin Sage says:

    Heard Doctors buying masks on the black market! Hospitals muzzling everyone from crying about shortages! Shame Pres. Trump.

  19. ‘American science’ could have helped HAD it been applied to the threat back in 2015 when Bill Gates begged govts to start preparing

  20. Avatar Liz Keith says:


  21. Avatar Shred Head says:

    Why does Wall Street act like they never seen an oversold bounce in a bear market

  22. Avatar Kiatep says:

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