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#CNBCTV: I won't vote for Trump again, need to protect my business: Ohio farmer


I won't vote for Trump again, need to protect my business: Ohio farmer

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-08-08 18:12:20 | Duration: 4:6 | Views: 57645 | Likes: 1103 | Dislikes: 103

Chris Gibbs, a soybean farmer from Maplewood, Ohio, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss the pain he’s feeling from the U.S.-China trade war.

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31 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: I won't vote for Trump again, need to protect my business: Ohio farmer

  1. Avatar Sonyag1 says:

    Idiot. He wanted TPP and Hillary was for it. He voted with malice in his heart and is getting exactly what he wanted. The level of racist hatred is through the roof. Too bad his farm is taking a hit for it. Racism sure is expensive. When will Trump voters learn? Leave minorities alone.

  2. This Dirty Old Man have no credibility since his young days,highly believed he also one of the Accomplice in Epstein's Pedophile Cases,is there any difference before he become a president and after he became a president.
    Like he said he like to "Grab The Pussy" + Cover Up + He done it with Epstein's.
    Question ? Who Can Have The High Security Access Epstein cell ? He is The Eliminator !!! No Prove ! No Prove ! The president election already around the corner but before that start He Already Won 1 Round that is He in "The American History "The Highest Accuse of Sexual Harassment president" (more than 10 or more the 20) Again Cover Up by Capitol Hill.

    Only the uneducated believed These Bunch of " Bullshit Moron " acting like a "Economic Advisor" =>Fake Phd holder in Whitehouse,"Security Advisor"=>The Moustache Narcissism and not to forget the " Camaleon President "=>Angry Boy Lolita Express VIP Customer.

  3. I Wonder if the ignorant president TRUMP,,,Knows about this vídeo???,,, or he is gonna twit blaming some else for HIS irresponsabilyty

  4. I howl with laughter at these dum dums.
    You voted for a conman. What the hell did you expect! You'll probably vote for him next year, on promises of the fucking rainbow gold. American weapons grade stupidity.

  5. Very rarely but Sometimes just sometimes you actually get what you vote for….don't worry corporate "farms" are doing just fine !

  6. Avatar Josh Yang says:

    Farmers are frustrated? they were so happy when Trump started this trade war. Just take it like a true farmers

  7. Avatar Mike Zhang says:

    Trump lauchw unreasonable trade war against China ,both of our two country people will lose. Nobody will win in trade war. USA government want to give China bad name, blame all USA domestic problem on China and
    want to China pay for USA. It is un reasonable and unacceptable.

    In past 30years, USA lauch so many wars all over the world and lose thousand billion dollar .

  8. He seems to understand everything on the economy, he is a smart person, so why did he voted for Trump? Why did he believed his lies? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Avatar 彭如琴 says:

    Everyone need to pay for what they did and now it is time for the farmers to pay for their votes for Trump before

  10. Avatar raven wolf says:

    You know what, if you voted for Trump and you are hurting now, serves you right and I have NO sympathy for you at all!!!!

  11. Avatar Rey fer says:

    Trump is a menace for humanity and needs to be stoped from being re elected

  12. Avatar KT Chong says:

    Trump is very good in miscalculation, all the while. He got rich by miscalculation, He got the post of US president also due to miscalculation!

  13. Avatar RM says:

    Trump caused the farmers, to lose business with China, forever.

  14. Trump is a businessman and a reality show…

  15. Avatar Alf Alf says:

    Probably the first time I see CNBC reporting real news. Maybe it's trendy now to report real news again.

  16. Avatar Fafa says:

    But you are winning right? Why running away now? 😃😃

  17. Avatar Gambler Bej says:

    America is great again

  18. Avatar HoneyBee says:

    They all believed a professional Bullshit artist.

  19. Avatar Drwatsonca says:

    If you voted for trump give the bailout money back if you don't want to help the poor and the middle class get over the rough spots you don't deserve help either. If you voted for smaller government than you should refuse the bailout money too

  20. Avatar g mac says:

    this gentleman has been interviewed before saying pretty much the same thing, finally he has conceded he will not vote for trump, better late than never.

  21. Better late than never I suppose

  22. Blame the education and system that helps elected donnie to ruins USA ….

  23. Avatar Pistacho One says:

    No, you keep voting for Trump, assholes.

  24. Avatar Tendai Tega says:

    EU don’t mess with China because they will get broke they all want to sell their products to China .China is the world market now like it or not

  25. Avatar sharon shaw says:

    He bankrupted 2 casinos. That says a lot about his deal making

  26. Avatar ziggzagg Zip says:

    Trump: Hello Comrade Putin? I'm coming home. Mission accomplished.

  27. Avatar Go Segoman says:

    people reap what they sow, republicans lost there way cause of hate mongering, real shame..

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