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#CNBCTV: Here's what's next for Tesla following its record Q2 deliveries


Here's what's next for Tesla following its record Q2 deliveries

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-07-03 12:35:35 | Duration: 3:28 | Views: 38326 | Likes: 585 | Dislikes: 57

Tesla shares surged after the electric car maker posted new delivery and production records. Gene Munster, founder of Loop Ventures, Joe Terranova, senior managing director at Virtus Investment and Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary join “Squawk Box” to discuss.

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39 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Here's what's next for Tesla following its record Q2 deliveries

  1. James Shanks says:

    It's FUD!

    Actual car deliveries is 95200 cars at the end of the second quarter. 77,000 of which are model 3 cars, the rest are model S and X.
    Don't believe it? Check it out.

  2. I wrote CNBC completely. It’s cotton candy like FOX. Treat it as trash.

  3. CNBC is backed by ICE car advertisements. They have used there platform to try to slow TESLA with all their might. CNBC and ICE car will loose in the end. MATH!

  4. tactikl says:

    Add me to the list, CNBC has a positive interview about Tesla? What???? What???? I am now second guessing my self, with this odds I now believe unicorns are probably real too. Or maybe people stopped reading or watching CNBC news and they now need ratings. CNBC is up to no good with Tesla, or maybe the big three and oil companies stopped paying them. Haha!

  5. Steven C D says:

    I predict it will take 2-3 more years for these guys to get it. Unless they drive one.

  6. What's this?!!! CNBC is having a positive guest about tesla?! And even if he tried to diminisch tesla with "oversea's higher costs" he got immedietally owned by the bullish analyst's answer.

  7. Ram Zeneger says:

    I can see the shudder of cnbc for Tesla, for one Tesla does not give them billions to advertise, second those industries that advertise with cnbc will be gone if Tesla will be successful and therefore a great threat to cnbc. This I can tell cnbc, the horse survive model t, but the carriages did not, are you getting my analogy cnbc?

  8. When are the gloom and doom folks wake up and realize gas cars are going the way of the dodo bird?

  9. can't take CNBC seriously when the caption monkey can't figure out the speaker is from Loup Ventures not Loop Ventures even though it's behind him on the wall

  10. Frost says:

    TSLA: more debt, more homeless Americans and suicides for profits.

  11. Arnav Rawat says:

    Cnbc and bloomberg owned by a big oil company, and that's why there is a blatant disinformation campaign.

    Now their owners must be getting kidney stones seeing the sales tesla is making.

  12. zero15388 says:

    hope Tesla smashes it in the future too!

  13. CNBC will put more guys like this on. Look at the dislikes and likes. They are after ratings. Great video from a fresh perspective

  14. S H says:

    How do you know what's next when you (cnbc) is always wrong about Tesla

  15. Mark says:

    What a dumb interview question, posing as well articulated and thoughtful. "what about margins? Is the model 3 cannibalizing the model s?" No. They are entirely different markets with different economics driving profit. Model s has a larger margin, but smaller market and less sales. Model 3? Worse margin with a larger market and more sales. Anyone who can afford a model s would likely still do so for the performance, status, or whatever. That's like saying, "is the new, cheaper Ford Ranger cannibalizing Raptor sales?????" No, it's not. Just a dumb interview where the interviewer presents an inherently dumb idea

  16. Doubling production every year neans nothing

  17. Bro who tf are these people?

  18. Suzanne Waco says: I dreaming? Not trying to kill tesla? Not selling the fake shortsellers narative? What happend…did Big Oil take a vacation?

  19. NO DRUGS says:

    Next video they will be immediately negative.

  20. He may have mismanaged his improvements. Knowing he could he gave more hunger to big players who have decent investment.

  21. Leif Johnson says:

    What happened? CNBC actually had someone on their network who could speak intelligently – and honestly – about Tesla. Were the CNBC lackies for Big Oil asleep at the switch? I guarantee that CNBC will shortly pull this video and go back to the 100% FUD, 100% of the time.

    Of course one of the CNBC lackies brought up "margins." This is typical of CNBC. If they say the critical measurement of Tesla's performance is "A", as soon as Tesla meets the goal of "A", CNBC switches to another criteria. Example: CNBC says that Tesla has a demand problem. Tesla then sells sold 95,000 cars in Q2. CNBC then says "Oh, what we really meant is that Tesla has a MARGIN problem." CNBC scumbags. Anyone who works at CNBC should they thoroughly ashamed.

    CNBC does the bidding of their master, COMCAST, which is an internet provider treated by SPACEX, so of course CNBC wants Elon Musk to fail.

    Rot in hell, CNBC and all of your employees.

  22. But But But .. CNBC y6ou are always trash talking .. Why so positive now ?

  23. Robot Ace says:

    India has initiated a huge reform in favour of EVs with huge tax cuts and incentives.. New markets opening up for EVs and Tesla

  24. MrB1923 says:

    Big Auto not pay it's bribe on time CNBC?

  25. Tesla still sucks. I don’t trust it

  26. knekker1 says:

    Look at that, CNBC giving a none tesla shorter some air time, happens every 10th time they address Tesla, so they can claim that they are unbiased and give time for both sides to talk.

  27. Well something that actually makes sense on here people are finally coming around!

  28. 888rocketman says:

    CNBC. Why do you make positive news about Tesla feel negative? Do you really hate Tesla that much?

  29. July will be the last chance to buy in on this incredible sale called Tesla stock!!!

  30. Gary Menezes says:

    Tesla is at the bottom of a demand cliff looking up at all the demand for their cars. Now there are 95,200 more cars on the road with the next generation Full self driving hardware. More data for their self driving AI to train from.

  31. Mark Poidvin says:

    Battery prices are set to make an electric economy car cheaper than an ICE economy car in 3 years and these fools are debating if a company 3 years ahead of everyone else will make it. Add to that that 90% of people HATE oil companies. The second a person can afford an electric car they will buy one. We are 3 years from a sub 20K electric car with 500 miles of range. I wonder if people will buy them? What a bunch of morons.

  32. Rob Crawford says:

    Canabilization? Why is that a bad thing? Other car companies do the same damn thing! Oh, yeah I forgot…Tesla does it so that's a big concern some F*cking how!!! Gimme a break CNBC! More nit-picking! Of course! F*ck CNBC! Oh and Margins???!!! WTF is that!???? Oh yeah I forgot more nit-picking!!!!!

  33. Musk is betting too much on the Model 3 while firing workers. No one is excited about the model 3 anymore.

  34. Brian C says:

    Americans just don't get it. "Made in US" carries a prestige for a product. I wouldn't want a Tesla made in China, if the same one is available and is made in US.

  35. Dave Froman says:

    More FUD from the network pundits while real people are realizing that the disruption has already happened. It only took 12 years for the Model T and its cohorts to replace 95% of the horses in transportation. And we have much better means of production today.

  36. That has got to be the first positive spin I have ever seen about Tesla on CNBC. I don't even have a witty comment. I'm just in shock right now.

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