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#CNBCTV: Fmr. Tesla CEO on electric vehicle growth

Fmr. Tesla CEO on electric vehicle growth

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-07 19:59:37 | Duration: 4:20 | Views: 26620 | Likes: 340 | Dislikes: 28

Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard sits down with CNBC’s Mike Santoli to discuss the future of electric vehicles, his thoughts on Tesla and how much has changed in the field.

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33 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Fmr. Tesla CEO on electric vehicle growth

  1. Avatar ニック says:

    Can you imagine if Martin challenged Musk to a cage fight? The winner gets to be Tesla CEO. We could get Joe Rogan to promote it. It would be the biggest fight in history. I reckon Elon would shit himself, even though Martin is older. I could see Martin getting Elon in a chokehold and not letting go. I'd love to see that.

  2. Avatar R L says:

    This fool is not the founder of Tesla! He is just a poser, who is butthurt that Elon made Tesla what it is today!

  3. EV sales are at 2% right now. Expect that to double every 2-3 years. At 2024 it will be at 8%. At 2026 it will be at 16% and then it’s wrap. By 2030 it will dominate over 2/3 of the market globally. After that ICE vehicles will be sniffing their tailpipes

  4. Avatar Zobeid Zuma says:

    It's nice to see Martin Eberhard again after all this time, and to see that he's still so positive on electric cars. He was a very effective spokesman for Tesla when he was CEO. Many of us early Tesla fans waiting impatiently for the Roadster were distraught when he left the company and some "Musk" guy we'd never heard of took over.

  5. Avatar skyeplus says:

    There were electric cars before Tesla

  6. Avatar Stuart Wall says:

    What an articulate and informative response!! A man to watch.

  7. Avatar char says:

    TBH no one in China wants an EV except Tesla. Literally all the other kinds are crappy.

  8. Avatar M Oczakow says:

    ignorant questions answered by logic, how refreshing

  9. ices must be banned, as soon as possible

  10. Avatar duke1duke1 says:

    The Tesla CEO from before Tesla was any good.

  11. Avatar KappaW says:

    a man condemned to forever live in the shadow of giants.

  12. Avatar fruit says:

    Everyone in China wants a Tesla

  13. Avatar mrpmj00 says:

    +$2k home charger
    + tires wear out quicker than ICE cars because batteries are 1000 lbs heavier and regenerative braking

    Range is only half the issue. It is charge time and the fact that it takes 1000x longer to charge a car
    than to simply put gas in it.

    What about emergencies too where you just started to charge you car but then you have to go somewhere?
    Tell the daycare or babysitter to please watch my kid longer while I wait for my car to charge.
    Or tell your 12 year old daughter to wait at the mall alone at 9pm until your car finishes charging so you can pick her up.
    Or tell your job interviewer to wait while you wait for your car to charge.

    From my research a replacement battery costs $12k-$20k. Superchargers shorten battery life. Insurance costs more.

  14. Avatar Alex M says:

    Tesla operating income:
    Q3: $417 million
    Q4: $414 million

    Tesla free cash flow
    Q3: $881 million
    Q4: $910 million

    $3.7 billion in cash (up $718 million since Q3)

    Model 3 margins remain at 20%

    Tesla quarterly Model 3 production
    Q3: 53,239
    Q4: 61,394

    Am I missing something here? Tesla's numbers are awesome!

  15. Avatar Hans Hannes says:

    why does he wear sunglasses?

  16. I would hire Martin E. in a heart beat if I were to start up a alternative energy company.

  17. Why are mainstream media so dumb and biased.

  18. Avatar C Angel says:

    #TESLA has a #1 infrastructure. No one NO ONE IN THE WORLD MAKES THEIR OWN #BATTERIES AND CARS IN THE SAME #FACTORY. What other car company has it's own #charging stations and can use non #Tesla #charging #stations. #NoOne

  19. You're telling me that when the customers of your product receive free taxpayer funded subsidies that the demand will for said product will grow?

    Well I'll be damned…

  20. Is he including golf carts – there are very few electric cars right now – electric cars in cold weather lose 41% of battery power – wait for the utility rates to go through the roof

  21. amen
    you know ev's technically dont need batteries, … right?

  22. Avatar Graph Guy says:

    Blahhhh click bait
    Totally Tesla dribble worthless softball questions

  23. Goodluck dodging those technology thieves in china.

  24. Avatar Eli Baxla says:

    If Elon didn't fire Martin Tesla would have failed!

  25. Avatar M.A. M.R. says:

    Wall Street can give a shit about what an amazing car Tesla is, all they care about is making a quick buck by gambling on who will fail and who won't. And if they bet a company will fail but is doing the opposite then they will use their influence to make that company fail.

  26. Avatar Nirav Patel says:

    Model Y will huge. Bigger than Model 3.

  27. Avatar nokiaphone says:

    Solar panels don't distract?

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