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#CNBCTV: DiMartino Booth: we're having a recession party


DiMartino Booth: we're having a recession party

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-06-20 10:55:51 | Duration: 5:18 | Views: 34357 | Likes: 336 | Dislikes: 36

Danielle DiMartino Booth, Quill Intelligence CEO, talks the Fed, falling rates, and the big market impact

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21 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: DiMartino Booth: we're having a recession party

  1. Avatar Ned says:

    You got awesome curves Danielle.

  2. Avatar cogen651 says:

    She's got some big ones! Nice!

  3. Avatar Aston M. says:

    Loved that extended big smile of Danielle at 3:12 following by saying "dot plots", when he said "let's get into the DPs"….her voice sounds a bit husky too…she must be a beast lol

  4. Avatar Dave B says:

    If you don't know what you're doing get out of the market

  5. This ugly chick knows nothing.

  6. They’re going in and out. Maximizing profits

  7. Avatar Paraaronoid says:

    Take it from a Canadian where this is a hidden secret in our housing market. The 2 scariest words to hear are "mostly re-fi's".

  8. Avatar wolfflow says:

    We are literally partying like its 1999

  9. Avatar Mike Combat says:

    Ooooh Danielle is soooo hot!!! 😀

  10. Thumbs up for DiMartino, thumbs down for the interviewer for not letting her share her views clearly. Isn’t listening a basic skill anymore?

  11. "when we look at that DP" LOLOLOLOL

  12. Avatar onceANexile says:

    She's a built piece…

  13. Avatar David Wolf says:

    gloom at harvest time doom in the winter …

  14. That guy sure likes to hear himself talking….. problem is nothing of worth really comes out

  15. Avatar Rex Scott says:

    These low iq tards are the best. Homeless people everywhere. They just cant figure out why the homes are not selling. Rich people are so sheltered and incompetent.

  16. Avatar S. D. H. says:

    The American Oligarchy is doing fine. Pretty much everyone else is hosed.

  17. Avatar Mike Halve says:

    Man that guy has huge ears😂

  18. Avatar michael s says:

    I can't concentrate on what she's saying. They need to interview ugly people.

  19. Avatar vrmkk says:

    The FED has nothing to do with real economy, they are into slope voodoo now

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