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#CNBCTV: Chris Whalen explains why he doesn't expect a Fed rate cut until late 2019


Chris Whalen explains why he doesn't expect a Fed rate cut until late 2019

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-07-18 17:06:00 | Duration: 6:26 | Views: 14388 | Likes: 178 | Dislikes: 7

Chris Whalen, Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors, discusses bank earnings and the possibility of a Fed rate cut on CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report.”

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29 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Chris Whalen explains why he doesn't expect a Fed rate cut until late 2019

  1. Chris is one of the brightest lights on a very dim street, thank you for having him on.

  2. Avatar WhispersOnLy says:

    This guy Chris Whalen looks like Jonah Hill when he played as Donnie Azoff in "The Wolf Of Wall Street".

  3. Avatar web2yt says:

    Why is her posture so defensive and her demeanour agitated. Time to balance your pf

  4. No cut needed. Powell shouldn't get intimidated by Trump. Trump is mentally sick person

  5. FED created this rigged game and Bernanke is one of the biggest criminal.
    End the FED

  6. Avatar thomas 71 says:

    Economies so great FED shouldn’t cut rates!

  7. Avatar keimo2007 says:

    He's right, bond market got this wrong, but i would add, first cut mid 2020!

  8. Avatar Flip Ya says:

    CNBC has someone who's not all lala land printed money bs. Wow.

  9. Avatar Ken Powers says:

    Yep…agree with him. The futures curve on Eurodollars don't look right for a cut either.

  10. Avatar Oliver Rios says:

    Lmfao. So ppl are refinancing at more favorable terms creating a loss for banks.. if rates continually fall psychologically people would tend to wait to refinance in hopes rates continue to fall

  11. Avatar shangpush says:

    This market is whistling in the dark. Should oil prices rise further on Iran conflict . . . and then there's a black swan default from no where. The powers that be are out of ammo to stimulate. Mr. Market will also be unhappy when Senator Warren takes the Democratic nomination. Trump won the Rust Belt by a very slim margin. We won't get fooled again.

  12. This man is being self-contradictory. He seems to think the Fed should cut rates (because current bond yields call for it, because credit markets are tight due to balance sheet run-off, because of Fed miscommunications last time and this time they’re signaling rate cut and should follow thru and do it, etc.), but then says they won’t. I only heard 2 reasons they won’t – because by cutting rates Fed would be political, and because Powell indicated he will finish balance sheet run-off before cutting rates. Huh? What about slowing global growth, expected lower earnings reports from US companies, stagnant low inflation, and political risk of prolonged and volatile trade wars? Not to mention the same reasons he mentioned that Fed should cut. If the Fed cuts .25 or even .50, will there be enough Fed ammo and tools in the shed to fight off another recession? Well Job One should be to prevent any recession and continue the expansion. And if recession comes, then yes, Fed still has 2% to cut and can ramp back up buying bonds on the balance sheet. Let’s roll.

  13. How can you say no rate cut when the bond market is yielding negative

  14. Avatar jonnyboy950 says:

    These people are losers…

  15. Avatar Bob Smith says:

    Fed is just pumping up the stock market at this point. Powell is Trump's Bitch

  16. Help me out what is he referring to arise in repo

  17. Avatar J HPW says:

    Whalen is great, but no cut is too bold a call. We'll get a 0.25 minimum.

  18. 0:45 the moment you realize your spy calls will be worth dog shit

  19. Quick poll: Who here believes that a fed cut would provoke a correction in equities, and who believes NOT cutting would provoke one?

  20. Avatar benz806 says:

    If the fed preps the market for a cut then there gonna cut. Either quarter or half point is unknown.

  21. Avatar patrick ok says:

    At last, I found the insightful person who are talking about the realities. Equity market will be plummet again like last December.

  22. Avatar Star Gazer says:

    whalens insight spot on..first person I heard say 'we may correct to lows of dec 18'….agree totally

  23. Avatar Jorge Ponce says:

    Have told Chris he should design a Central Banks ETF. SNB and BOJ are already looking more like hedge funds. ECB and Fed will follow suit. Once runoff is stopped and the few cartridges of lowering interest rates are spent, then comes QE-ternity. Bill Gross has been spot on with his 'New Normal'.

  24. Avatar PrestoWind says:

    The Fed will never allow a market correction.

  25. Avatar Chris Choir says:

    8 years of zero rates under Obozo proves the Fed is political

  26. Avatar Wally Morris says:

    The female host seems to have a bad attitude toward Whalen.

  27. Avatar IMA RUSSIAN says:

    when rates are already rock botom, will lowering them to negative help anybody?

  28. What the Fed learned after 2009 with interest rate at 0% is that Fed Speak is also a policy method that can be used to ease.

  29. US could runs out the money by ends this year.

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