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#CNBCTV: China will develop their own products if they can't buy from the US, says expert


China will develop their own products if they can't buy from the US, says expert

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Ben Harburg, MSA Capital managing partner, and entrepreneur Gwen Cheni join CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” team to discuss the escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China and whether China can replace the products it’s losing from the U.S.

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30 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: China will develop their own products if they can't buy from the US, says expert

  1. She is under duress by China when sidestepping the last question posed to her.

  2. Avatar J says:

    The headline should read: if China can’t steal from the USA companies, they will look to steal from companies in other countries. The world knows China is the world capital of thievery and the Chinese government does nothing to enforce patent infringements of any kind, including fake goods.

  3. All Chinese students should be deported immediately,. Half of them or more are government stooges and plants anyway.

  4. The problem is Chinese folks can't buy the stuff they produce. They need us far more than we need them. Other countries will gladly take the business from China and they aren't communist scum. TRUMP 2020. TRUMP 4EVA!

    Are very Bad idiotic losers….
    Well ,,, just plain COWBOYS…..
    What Else do you expect….
    LUCKILY Not Even 5 %…….!
    The World'S Population….
    But,,, very Big mouth,,,, Enslavers…..
    From the Land of the Free……….!!!
    And Bye……..

  6. Avatar Tony Doss says:

    Develop them? You mean steal them, don't you?

  7. Avatar Peter Wang says:

    Nothing is for sure under the rule of the stable orange tard.

  8. Avatar Angel Lopez says:

    But they wont be developing our American dollar.. and thats what they want.. always about the money!!

  9. Avatar Ben Franklin says:

    China buys tech from US not bec if cant make them but to narrow the deficit a little. Qualcomm chips are just like soybeans.

  10. Avatar MirceaBv says:

    What happens when US won't buy anymore from China in this case? Total bankruptcy for china inc.

  11. Avatar David Lee says:

    This is be a lesson China must learn that they can be caught when the guard is down. Can't be too trusting anymore. You are not dealing with Asians with similar principles.

  12. Avatar Colin Barnes says:

    Is America finally waking up to the fact they are far from indispensable to to rest of the world and that even though it may take a while everything can be created and replaced, why do they not see that the benefit is in cooperation not hostility.

  13. Huawei might just own NBC the logo is already the same sliced up apple

  14. Avatar ShadowSOX says:

    Its great to see from time to time U.S slowly lose control on everything..cant wait till they vanish from face of earth..great job ASEAN….google play service just drain my phone battery..only dumbest use iphone

  15. Avatar Jones Jones says:

    Whoever said another phone OS or computer OS cannot be built by another country or tech giant outside the usa. Funny. Yet google is looking to build fushia or whatever it's called.


  17. Avatar USMC 2002 says:

    Without theft China will stay in tech past

  18. Avatar John Hoy says:

    Trump's trade and technical war against China is a lose-lose situation for both countries. At the end of the day, the US will lose the Chinese market while China will lose the US market. China is prepared to accept this outcome. The question is whether the US is also prepared to accept this inevitable outcome.

  19. Avatar kane quek says:

    China should build their own flights instead buying from USA

  20. I do not any products made in China it nothing more than a giant police state. time to disengage trade with democratic countries.

  21. Avatar p chi says:

    CNBC LOGO likes Huaweis logo

  22. Avatar Fook Oh Wong says:

    Every person in this world who is unbiased, objective and balance knows China can absorb a short setback and decoupling from US is top priority because it safeguards independence, sovereignty and stability. With resolve and ingenuity the Dragon will roar back and provide alternatives to many more countries.

  23. All this while China is doing good on stolen tech.

  24. I always used Chinese and Japan product. Never ones I but USA product.

  25. Avatar Nuurdin says:

    Make great America hat is made in China

  26. Avatar Huz Ib. says:

    China will self dependable. US will fall down on their export business due to Trump arrogance.

  27. do not worry, China always produces cheap and inferior quality, unless they rob from other country

  28. My oil and bass my money my company shut it down

  29. I am that reason trump and conspire s will pay for there crimes

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