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#CNBCTV: CEA's Kevin Hassett discusses the economy

CEA's Kevin Hassett discusses the economy

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2018-09-10 19:19:43 | Duration: 9:4 | Views: 43501 | Likes: 850 | Dislikes: 13

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hassett addresses the White House press briefing. He goes through ISM Purchasing Managers’ index, durable goods, employment and other statistics to bolster Trump’s claims about the economy.

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20 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: CEA's Kevin Hassett discusses the economy

  1. Avatar critic geek says:

    Obama you were right Trump did have a Magic Wand!

  2. Avatar Trump 2Q24 says:

    All Aboard 🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MAGA

  3. Avatar Gdurant says:

    This proves Trump is outstanding.

  4. Avatar philaufan6 says:

    Obozo was a joke! 95% of the jobs created under the Obozo administration were part-time and contract. The Trump admin is creating REAL jobs. REMINDER: Obama was the first half white half black President.

  5. Avatar Kris Bohème says:

    Would like to see these same charts updated and including 20 years of history (at least)

  6. Bookmark this page to forward to people who insist the good economy is thanks to Obama. Here are facts and figures they can't refute.

  7. Avatar Shon Diego says:

    White House's puppet..
    The liar that's been told how to figure

  8. Just found this …10 months later. Hmmm…I wonder why I and many others haven't seen this?

  9. Avatar SamSamSam says:

    Wow, this good news got buried. Shocking. Some of these media folks would rather that the economy do poorly and all of us suffer just because they hate Pres. Trump.

  10. It is pitiful that some people give Donald Trump credit for Obama's economy

  11. I didn’t hear the press cover this at the time

  12. Avatar Bret Banker says:

    So Cory Booker goes on CNN's "State of the Union" today (5/5/19) to push the HOAX that Trump inherited Obama's great economy. To put it nicely, he is "factually incorrect". Why can he get away with lying about this… because the M$M will not report the truth. Just sayin.

  13. the smile on his face is incredible hahahaha

  14. Damn, how can this be? I trusted my Obbutthole that jobs were gone and not return. That Pres Trump will cause a down fall. HOOWWW, HOW CAN THIS BE? OH WELL, WE'RE DEMORATS, WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ CHARTS.

    if u didn't get it, I'm MAGA all the way. Just poking holes on Obbutface comments that Pres Trump has no "magic wand" and will cause America to get worse in dept.
    MAGA 2020

  15. SUCH A BAD ANALYSIS, Obama did planned everything from the beginning. Nobody understand that he also planned the Trump election results!

  16. Avatar s577151 says:

    US economy is showing good steady growth, this is good news. but the presentation is a bit misleading not with the starting point of the trends but with the descriptions, example: the goods-producing employment was presented as the acceleration 5:26 (present change graph) and the jerk was extrapolated (change of change), looking at the same data nominally from 2012-nov to 2018-nov one would be hard-pressed to extrapolate the same conclusion. here is a link yes there is an uptick but presenting the derivatives of it is problematic

    this data is generally not fit with polynomials, this is because it is noisy and when you make trendlines each derivative multiples the noise/error factor. like I got marks taken off at school for doing the same thing

    another one that was really weird is prime age employment to population ratio 4:54
    I downloaded the data and tried to make it as smooth as he does on his chart but it is so much more jittery and yet a trendline fits much neater across the two periods.

    I just think he could have presented the data better, or like talk me through it a bit… especially if he is targetting a more "nerdy" audience there are enough positive indicators from FRED albeit maybe not as dramatic as he makes them out

  17. Avatar Liquid Bacon says:

    Why did they end the video so soon? Sounds like he was about to drop a bomb on them.

  18. Avatar ACE Hann says:

    The Fed is doing the damage to hold the future economy growth by increasing the rate too fast

  19. Avatar ESEkbrown says:

    Hopefully CNBC gets off the fake news business from now on.

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