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#CNBCTV: Bill Gates, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett on the socialism versus capitalism debate


Bill Gates, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett on the socialism versus capitalism debate

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-05-06 13:25:05 | Duration: 9:27 | Views: 452197 | Likes: 6096 | Dislikes: 579

Bill Gates, Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett sit down with CNBC’s Becky Quick to give their opinion on the debate between capitalism and socialism.

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45 thoughts on “#CNBCTV: Bill Gates, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett on the socialism versus capitalism debate

  1. Avatar Jeff Lumbar says:

    Guaranteed that libs are gonna hate this because there old, straight, white and male.

  2. Avatar Tommy J says:

    What these three gentlemen are discussing is not capitalism or socialism, they are discussing economic fascism.

  3. Warren Buffett not only a pos but a hypocrite, “card carrying capitalist” that receives welfare (socialism) to everyone of his corporations, Bill Gates was able to run a monopoly for decades and was fined crumbs compared to the $ he was pulling in which gave him no incentive to stop and Charlie is Warrens bitch boy. Everyone one of them is a joke that got rich of welfare (cough* socialism *cough)

  4. Avatar Wesley Hite says:

    the only way to believe in Socialism, u have to be ignorant of history. it has never ever worked. Never. socialism is what destroyed Venezuela. those people are eating dogs to survive.

  5. Avatar James Lee says:

    Our society is centrally planned and managed. It just doesn't take care of it's people like socialism. Furthermore, socialism doesn't need to be centralized anymore than capitalism.

  6. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Avatar kim wiser says:

    Everyone should pay taxes from poor to rich. Only 50% of the population pay federal income taxes. The part of the population that use the most services don’t pay taxes. Yes people that make more can pay more but everyone should have skin in the game!!! The cost of government takes a lot of money out of people’s pockets. Nothing should be free because then it isn’t appreciated.

  8. Avatar Mr Fantastic says:

    How to become a Billionaire:

    1.Wear cheap suits
    2.Wear glasses
    3.Be old

  9. Avatar Sporkzz says:

    No economic system is perfect, and capitalism has it's flaws, but it's the closest to perfect, socialism is not the answer.

  10. Free Market Capitalism has pulled more people out of poverty then any other economic system in human history.

  11. Avatar MRK Prod says:

    @CNBC Television please add spanish subtitles in all yout videos we are a lot of people that would like it. Thanks

  12. Avatar dustinseth1 says:

    I’m fine with a cap on wealth and billionaires. Let’s start by redistributing the government’s wealth back to those from whom they stole it.

  13. Avatar Robert Barth says:

    Nice men but what's the point of ashing billionaires about being greedy. Smfh

  14. They see the textile worker as expendable and done even consider their 2nd or 3rd mansion: Totally impudent opulence

  15. Avatar nikolasao says:

    Forget the fact that they are living proof of how the system they defend produces inequality and environmental devastation.

  16. Avatar Bat Man says:

    ‘‘We’ve just started what capitalism can produce in the United States.. it just needs certain rules & regulations’’ – Buffett 💰

  17. Avatar Common Sense says:

    This is so deceptionist. They appear to stand for capitalism. They are praising the government over reach that chokes out free enterprise. They go so far as to praise Bernie and say he really don't believe in socialism. Lies! Bernie has said he is for socialism. They are so deceptive. They have a certain amount of control over certain congressmen through the donations. Shame on them, now that they are at the top they don't want competition. More propaganda from fake news. Don't be fooled people these 3 are not out to protect America or it's people. They want to protect their own interests. They want to make the rules and force everyone else to live by them. Yet, they want to do what ever they please.

  18. Opportunities is the solution for the have-nots…job availability and job security
    Not everyone wants to have the responsibility or fame of a billionaire..most want secure wealth that gives them the opportunity to support their family and have time to enjoy their family
    Working for minimum wage even at $20/hr will never give that feeling…Career jobs with security is the only option

  19. Avatar Edward Hayes says:

    I love the idea of capitalism, but these guys weird me the fuck out! I feel as if I’m at a wine/cheese tasting.

  20. Avatar phukit says:

    These guys talk like republicans-but won't admit it.

  21. Avatar John Woodard says:

    Interviewed by a communist

  22. Avatar John Woodard says:

    Yet you three attack capitalism regularly, explain please

  23. Bunch of idiots. Most dont even no what there talking about. And yes Warren Buffett they di want bigger government

  24. Avatar Michael Uhen says:

    Charlie “they ought to just cool it and take a recreational hit” Munger

  25. Is that Golem from Lord of the Rings in the middle?

  26. Funny; all of these men exist because of government. Microsoft was given tech discovered by research out tax dollars funded, so did Apple, Xerox, IBM etc. from our collective tax dollars.

    Buffet exists because of immense govt contracts and protectionism. The govt insured many of his thrift/insurance/financial blunders with our tax dollars … Their companies spend billions yearly to lobby for more govt benefits…. Capitalism crashed and burned in 1929.

  27. Warren makes most sense. Tax laws changed,v they find ways around them. Always loop holes.
    If they want to pay more taxes nothing in code prevents them from donating as much as they like to federal govt. Nothing stops them.

  28. Avatar frankpesca says:

    Socialism is and ideology force with violence thas enough evidence of how bad it is…

  29. Avatar Nehesy says:

    “If you love your post office you’re going to love socialism” 😂

  30. If I made 1000 dollars an hour on a 40 hour work week I’d make 2,080,000 a year. It would take me 480 years to reach just 1 billion. These 3 have upwards of 50 billion. Capitalism creates great wealth.

  31. Avatar Jon Alarcon says:

    I love capitalism it's the best

  32. Avatar mcconn746 says:

    My main question is who does the DSA think is smart enough and honest enough to lead us in Socialism. I don't think any of them in DC meet both criteria. If we do not get the right person at the top, we will be just like Venezuela in a couple of decades. They main stream media praised Chavez. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

  33. Avatar mcconn746 says:

    Mr. Gates, if you read the DSA (Democratic Socialism of America) website, they want our government to control banks and many businesses. Bernie and AOC are members of DSA and they seem to be pretty powerful leaders of the DNC.

  34. Avatar Ezekiel 2150 says:

    News flash, if you're going to take advice from people who take advantage of everyone to become rich is asinine. You think these men became rich by being nice and caring? Get the f**k outa here, they earned there wealth by being scumbags. I'd rather take advice from my 3 yr old, at least she would be honest.

  35. Avatar nihiswann says:

    Asking 3 billionaire capitalists about capitalism = moronic… these rich pricks are so out of touch with the welfare state the US has become..

  36. Avatar Grant Smith says:

    It’s interesting how certain people feel entitled to tell bill gates how it works

  37. The anger is fueled 100% by the media

  38. Avatar America Only says:

    What is funny is they speak out of one side of their mouth with half-truth reality the one on the right talks about killing you off to save the carbon footprint the one on the left & right say raise the tax on the one percent guess what they are not 1% they are Wealthier then 1% of the population those who are 1% make $422,000.00 or $700,000.00 a year thats not Warren Buffett the daily pay for him is $37 million every day Bill Gates co-founder and technology adviser of Microsoft corporation. Earns about $250.000.00 every second, that's about $20 Million a day and $7.8 Billion a year! Charles Thomas Munger makes $100,000.00 a year so even he isn't in the 1% so he & the others lie & try to rais taxs on people who are not in their tax bracket because they are tax-exempt or not even pay the ing more then middle class which is a lot!

  39. Avatar t w says:

    Bring out the dollar and measure her dress, it is not in code. Shame shame on you young lady….

  40. Avatar bangsdagong says:

    the us of a died when legal bribery began…lobyists! these guys are full of poop!!!!

  41. Avatar bob bob says:

    I’d be a socialist in an instant if I get to tap the show’s host.

    she’s is


  42. The United States gained independence from Great Britain because of taxes.
    How can we tolerate the high taxes we have now?

  43. Anger drives out reason
    Bernie – very angry socialist

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