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Cash ‘on the Verge of Collapse’ – Bitcoin and Crypto Taking Over | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Cash ‘on the Verge of Collapse’ – Bitcoin and Crypto Taking Over | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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23 thoughts on “Cash ‘on the Verge of Collapse’ – Bitcoin and Crypto Taking Over | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar Dog'e God says:

    Gang gang USA Lok Tar o Kek Zug Zugguh

  2. Anybody thoughts on Nexus NXS ??? Thanks

  3. Avatar Ken Cress says:

    I have been using debit since the 80's. I don't need bitcoin.

  4. Avatar Ken Cress says:

    Can you show me where USD is crashing. No proof just speculation. Everyone uses debit and has been for a long time. Where have you been?

  5. Avatar Sunil C says:

    I still don't understand if all these are true why aren't the super rich around the world taking away all the BTC… Imagine the sheiks and the royals laying their hands on this space.. why it's not happening

  6. Avatar EmloK KolmE says:

    X-U-L-T New exchange . zero fees for market makers + free Excc-coin trading competition open! xult dotcom

  7. Bitcoin since its inception in 2009 has had some beautiful moments especially when it reached its all-time high of $20,000 and likewise, so many down times with its current decline and stagnation just around $3,800. Even though there are indications of a bull market setting it, there are no guarantees as the market has been a shocker to us all. Most crypto enthusiasts actually forget the underlying motivation which is to make money and they embrace the concept of HODLING which in itself is not bad but must be backed with a strategy to not only cut any chances of losses but also to maximize profit and increase your capital portfolio. I have made quite extensive research and what I decided to do with Mr. Harry Schneider's help is to increase my portfolio massively by trading so that if a bull run sets in, I would have amassed a very good amount of btc but even if we continue to go bearish, my profit margin would still provide me much coverage and a lot of return on investment still. The best thing with Schneider's signals is their accuracy and he goes to the extra mile of explaining reasons for actions to be taken. In no time, I was able to increase my portfolio from 3btc to 7btc which I believe we would all agree is good business. You can reach him by mail ([email protected]) or through WhatsApp +447427159640. if you need any assistance in making consistent and significant profit from cryptocurrency

  8. Avatar James Hanley says:

    Astronomers*. Astrologers study the signs and all that bs

  9. Avatar Phil Ellett says:

    Hi George, BitcoinHex is now rebranding and simply becoming HEX. Maybe with your dislike of Bitcoin-Anything projects now covered, you should take a serious look at this project. It is not a SCAM (I explained where the interest payments come from in a post on your Twitter), and even if it was, claiming your allocation (based on your Bitcoin holdings) costs nothing, so you cannot be out of pocket. Anyone missing out on this opportunity will regret it. No shill link in this post as I am not a shiller, if you end up promoting project (with its 20% referral commission) … do remember me!!! – Keep up the good work George.

  10. From trading carrots and potatoes to gold, silver, copper and paper fiat currency, the typical payment system is simply evolving. Governments will no doubt digitalise their currency's. Physical cash is definitely on the way out, It is only a matter of time. There will actually be a time when the value of a dollar is just that, a worldwide dollar or credit if you please that everyone understands the value of, a payment system that does not segregate people just because they are born at a certain latitude and longitude Get ready!

  11. Maker is popular because they MAKE stuff! 🙂

  12. In the UK cash will still be used for car boot sales :p

  13. Avatar Crypto Lambo says:

    It sounds crazy a cash collapse, but its really not crazy at all if one looks closely at the numbers. It does remind me of the movie
    "The Big Short" which highlighted the 2008 real estate mortgage collapse, accept instead of a real estate collapse, its a cash collapse and emergence of digital money 2019.

  14. Let's not blow things out of proportion.

  15. Avatar W Lam says:

    Havent watched yet, but gave the thumbs…..just don't play the ad form SIRIN 😛

  16. Avatar Rich H says:

    George, Golden State Warriors vs the field ? Who would you bet on to win it all this year ? Still the Warriors ? I would take the field. You ? P.S. Keep using the Sirin Labs commercials, they're hilariously stupid !

  17. Avatar Crypto Mogul says:

    Cryptopia is open again! For crypto newbies. Never store your coins on exchanges. Always store it on a hardware wallet

  18. Hey just checked out KIN website apparently they announced they have been working with SEC check it out for ur self

  19. Avatar Armando S. says:

    I LOL'd when you said she would like to meet Chris Larson. 🙂

  20. Avatar papi3d says:

    6:05 You want to know what people that are focused on "deep space" are called?… many words to choose from: frauds, charlatans, liars, idiots, deceivers… I'm sure I can think of a few more…

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