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Can Millennials Drive Bitcoin To $1 Million Dollars?

Can Millennials Drive Bitcoin To $1 Million Dollars?

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Recent poll says millennials love Bitcoin. Can the future generation drive Bitcoin to historic highs?


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19 thoughts on “Can Millennials Drive Bitcoin To $1 Million Dollars?

  1. Great analysis, opinion and news sharing. You have much potential to grow as much as this alt coins. I came across Darren Steve on the comment section of one of these video after I lost my bitcoin to a fake trader , He helped me recover my loses in 10 days by investing 2BTC to earn 7BTC. You can boost the BTC on your wallet through him. Reach him on [email protected] to know more about his winning strategies.

  2. Look as long as people keep their money in the dinosaur banks. People old and young need to learn on how to use crypto. Crypto is instant and becoming better with investment possibilities. See with the stock market and wall street it can be easily manipulated by big central banks. It's hard to manipulate crypto it is what it is. Fiat currency can be printed and corrupted. When I hear people say I have to wait to get paid. I say no you dont. Not with crypto.

  3. Avatar Kengine says:

    I don't care how much it reaches as long as it's adopted.

  4. They aint got no money yet man

  5. Btc $1mil will happen

  6. Avatar borgilskye says:

    Well you have millennials with their Square app at one end putting in bits of crypto and the oldies like me at the other end with the Swedish ETN for BTC ETH LTC and XRP effectively putting physically backed crypto investments into their self invested pension funds, and in the middle you have lots of people from those unstable and undemocratic countries buying OTC to hide their assets. May take a while but the tide is rising inexorably.

  7. Avatar D Based says:

    No, BTC will NEVER reach 1m, it won't come close, it would require too many conditions to be met,
    Also before it becomes that big you know damn well governments will regulate it to the ground…

  8. Avatar H says:

    Should i put $1000 usd in bitcoin right now?

  9. Do you have any suggestions for copy trading? I can't afford to lose more money so thinking just a small copy trade account until i learn more

  10. Avatar J says:

    How can you justify a $20k + price when the utility will go down?!

  11. Avatar J says:

    LN is a joke! Btw. If people are forced to use it think of the liability for nodes that carry large sums of BTC that broadcast the nodes public IP address 🤔

  12. Avatar J says:

    Can you elaborate more on the UASF on BTC on Aug 1st?! Core is going to shrink the block size to 300kb – won’t this decrease BTC’s utility?

  13. Avatar J says:

    Not if Millennials prefer BCH? 🤔

  14. Avatar Justin Chris says:

    Who cares, Chewbacca passed away😓

  15. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    Millennials will spread their money through the crypto market, Bitcoin will be viewed too boring a crypto to own, maybe they prefer Dogecoin or Digibyte, or something else

  16. If they drive btc to 1 million, I think it'll be the ONLY reason I love Millennials. I'll kiss the next one I see if they drive btc to 1 mil. Right on the lips…and I'll give em $1k!

  17. Avatar A Z says:

    No they can't. But the finance industry might.

  18. Thank you brah! Keep up the good work! Love Ya! 👊🏽😀❤️

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