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Can Google Predict FUTURE Price of Bitcoin and Crypto?

Can Google Predict FUTURE Price of Bitcoin and Crypto?

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Can Google Trends or hot search keywords be a good indicator of what’s to come?

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21 thoughts on “Can Google Predict FUTURE Price of Bitcoin and Crypto?

  1. Avatar Eddie Lopez says:

    whats to come ….. a flood is going to happen with new Crypto users

  2. Avatar BLOCK CHAIN says:

    George you stayed positive during the entire bear market. You help me stay focused. Thanks. IT'S THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS THAT MATTER

  3. Avatar Frank V says:

    Google trends = lagging indicator.

  4. Avatar m h says:

    Can you add the link for Google trend search?

  5. Avatar Lucius says:

    The correlation itself would not even be enough, because of lacking knowledge about the cause/effect relationship, but in this case, we don't even have a real correlation. At least no correlation indicating an increase in price when searches are high. If one just looks at both graphs, for example at 11/18-12/18 or 07/18, it becomes clear that relatively high searches don't necessarily indicate raising prices but can also go along with dropping prices and relatively stagnant prices.

    By the way, love your dedication to producing the number of videos you do, despite the bear market and its implications for generated traffic.

  6. I believe Google trends are a great indicator because people that don't know the space first search and only then buy bitcoin.

  7. I think the google searches lag price, it took the whales to get it going now searches kick in and general interest. Now it can snowball

  8. BLAHHHHHHHN, blaha and blahhhh

  9. Well obviously ppl look up "bitcoin" after the pump / during the rally, so it is a trailing indicator.

  10. Avatar Nonbruh says:

    Crypto Kirby has talked about this and how it has 100% accuracy with calling each bull run

  11. It’s of what’s to come, it is coming!

  12. Avatar Mark Zerilli says:

    It’s of what’s to come cause people are curious of it

  13. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    Ill play this lil pump… try and win back a bag that some whale stole from me in 2018….

  14. Good research. See you at the launch pad.

  15. George go live it is pumping

  16. Avatar claudioboc64 says:

    Good morning George

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