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Can Bitcoin Take All of Golds 7 Trillion $$$$ Market Cap? Bitcoin vs Gold


Can Bitcoin Take All of Golds 7 Trillion $$$$ Market Cap? Bitcoin vs Gold

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Bitcoin vs Gold. Which asset is the better store of value? Gold has been considered one of the best store of values for centuries, but since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009 many argue that BTC is the better store of value since it is a “digital gold”. Can $BTC take Gold’s 7 trillion dollar market cap? Tune in to find out!

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35 thoughts on “Can Bitcoin Take All of Golds 7 Trillion $$$$ Market Cap? Bitcoin vs Gold

  1. Avatar Matt Nelson says:

    I have both pm's and cryptos.

  2. Avatar carmen oneal says:

    tell me how an objects moves in space without an atmosphere? What would rockets be pushing against? How do rockets or anything no collapse in a true vacuum? Neither one is possible, as every NASA video is computer generated!! Learn the truth.

  3. Avatar DrIsmail786 says:

    What if a new monetary system combining gold and silver with blockchain technology that produces a yield, no storage fees and fully allocated by real gold. See

  4. Avatar Leon Banton says:

    have you looked into karatbars international they got a gold backed crypto KCB and KBC top company in my opinion. 4th of july 100 KBC coins will = 1 gram of gold

  5. Avatar 44 0 says:

    space is fake Chico

  6. Avatar Buffalo says:

    why would there be another bullrun? it's not that easy , if everybody is convinced it will happen , it won't. markets are tricky

  7. Avatar Buffalo says:

    BTC code can be changed to reduce or increase the supply

  8. Heey Tyler ( chico )

    Talk about axe crypto currency!
    Original bitcoin developer leading it it’s legit (:

  9. Tyler looks like Taco from "The League"

  10. Avatar Miriam Joash says:

    Lets all be sincere to ourselfs, gold supersedes all but that doesn't mean btc is a bad idea, it really helps, at least i bought a house trading btc with Donald Earl

  11. Avatar Ira Fudmore says:

    Good shit, as always.

  12. Avatar roguestate4u says:

    You can buy gold or silver using veritaseum, stored physically and on the blockchain, it can be redeemed physically or the token can be sold on.

  13. Gold currency of kings, silver currency of lords, paper currency of paupers, credit currency of slaves, digital currency of fools!

  14. I'd like to add that under new federal law "patriot act" your safe deposit can be seized.

  15. PHYS on NYSE & TSX physical storage of gold, closed end ETF, fully redeemable in physical gold, stored in Canadian Mint.

  16. Avatar Raul Benitez says:


    The majority of us do not want BITCOIN to drop any further, It has been dropping down for more than

    a year, Enough is enough.. Let's begin smiling to enjoy the long lasting up trend that is coming up soon

  17. Avatar R James says:

    Interesting to see ŁItecoin WEG Bank Crypto announcement on or around 1st May…..

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon..🌬..🏖

  18. Avatar cramsa says:

    Long term, both gold/silver and bitcoin will be better than holding USDs… they will keep printing to infinity.

  19. Avatar zimbakin says:

    If the world goes dark, food, water and necessity items outway any form of currency regardless. It’s a mute point.

  20. Avatar RiRiAlton says:


  21. Chico, Bitcoin is waiting for you to get a haircut…start the BULL RUN!!!

  22. Mate, great video! I'm gave me a boner.

  23. Avatar peepee says:

    Gold is a larp. If electricity shuts down long term no one will give a shit about gold. Bullets, medicine, and canned food.

  24. Avatar Mick says:

    You lost me when you mentioned nasa

  25. Avatar N Mpz says:

    Chico! Please check this out! If this isn’t adoption I don’t know what is! Earn crypto when you drive! Officially from Jaguar!

  26. The US dollar has lost 98% of it's value since 1913 to put that into context if you had a million dollars in 1913 today it's worth 20 grand. My conclusion…. fiat currency is terrible store of value .

    Did you know the contents of a safety deposit box is effectively the property of the bank? Surely a wise man would not trust their wealth to a bank.

    Did you know there's a few ETP's which are redeemable for physical bullion, as there are gold and silver backed crypto projects redeemable for physical bullion. Most are free of storage fees.

    Did you know a million dollars in gold is about 2/3 the volume of 1 million in cash. 100,000 worth gold one could easily hide in their prison wallet! I wouldn't try store a million in gold in your prison wallet cos' it would be a 4.3 inch or 11cm cube that weighs about 1.7 lb or 770 grams… ouch.

    The thought of mining extra terrestrially is cool AF but that would obviously blow the roof off of gold production costs and the price of gold would reflect that.

    Unfortunately BTC suffers from the same ailment as gold ie. price manipulation via derivatives etc. You don't need to mint bitcoins to dilute the price you just need to rehypothecate the shiznit out of it. You know the deal fake volume, front running, uncovered and undelivered futures, exchanges engaging in fractional reserve scallywaggery.

    Bitcoin was created to be money (money by default is currency). BTC in many respects was designed to mimic gold unfortunately unscrupulous people have found ways to manipulate both gold and bitcoin. People will always find ways to rort or game the system. It's evidently in our nature.

    Sadly it's back to the drawing board as far as I can tell.

  27. Avatar Crypto Mercy says:

    Excellent video. diversifying is the key !

  28. Avatar N Mpz says:

    I love your show! Always amazing content bro. Can you please cover IOTA? They recently partnered with city of Austin and Jaguar. You can earn iota by driving. Please give us your views on it and if I should buy some.

  29. Avatar tobyjuggify says:

    silver is the crux chico,with no silver there are no computers to trade crypto and is just as rare above ground as gold,mining costs with impending financial collapse will surely slow production

  30. Avatar crypto zeus says:

    WOW! To hear you say that you will trade in bitcoin for gold after the next bull run is epic. I agree with your strategy and I love both precious metals and crypto. Going long on stocks now is a stupid move so if you like stocks then look to invest in ultra short ETF. Take your pick from this list:

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