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Bull Fatigue of Bitcoin, BSV Trading Like a Penny Stock | Crypto Markets

Bull Fatigue of Bitcoin, BSV Trading Like a Penny Stock | Crypto Markets

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-06-03 19:51:31 | Duration: 8:39 | Views: 4054 | Likes: 177 | Dislikes: 17

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Bull fatigue means we could be heading for a major correction of the cryptocurrency prices, but according to Mati, it’s important to stay bullish, as Bitcoin is a movement. He also thinks Bitcoin SV is trading like a penny stock.

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Bull Fatigue, Bitcoin SV Trading Like a Penny Stock | Crypto Markets

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21 thoughts on “Bull Fatigue of Bitcoin, BSV Trading Like a Penny Stock | Crypto Markets

  1. Avatar B Prop says:

    This guy talking knows nothing at all about this space !!!! what a loser!!! and please change the color of your nail polish looks really bad!!!

  2. Avatar TFV-solar says:

    Very smart Mati Greenspan, one of the few analysts here you can trust, thanks.

  3. Avatar santaclara84 says:

    Wow, what the hell is this guy talking about? He's got no idea. BSV is the original protocol, can scale and has EVERYTHING to do with technology. What the fuck?

  4. Avatar Sam Choate says:

    BSV is the real bitcoin. It’s common sense. bsv will be on top no matter how many how often fake news r disseminated because truth eventually wins. BSV is for commoners. Plz dyor.

  5. Dr. Craig, Satoshi, is back to help the world understanding Bitcoin and
    end the lies and frauds of many scammers.

     He will put core devs, Adam Back, the ICO Scam Lord Vitalik Buterin,
    Roger Ver, and many fraudsters running crypto web sites to courts. The
    best part is that they will be in prison or they have to formally make
    an apology to him in courts.

  6. Avatar Qrdebele says:

    In my opinion, if the current declines deepen, Bitcoin SV may attack up to 5th place in Marketcap. This means that there is a chance for another increase of up to 100%. People who are just making profits from other currencies, after all, see what is happening with the SV, which holds the position and is currently the only one who is not falling. I intend to buy and set the stop at -5% just in case, because with such a possible loss I am able to reconcile.

  7. I am sick of people who only hype things up and talk about price.
    Whole crypto market is a scam and Ponzi scheme based on hype only, no one is building anything, except for BSV miners and coders.
    HODL is for idiots and crooks who exploit all the idiots.

  8. Bitcoin SV is bitcoin ( not BTC fake coin )

  9. BitCoin SV is trading like BitCoin, because it is BitCoin.

  10. Avatar VentionMGTOW says:

    I'm a Permabull for BTC. The only time I lost my bullish attitude was in 2017 during the bitcoin civil war, when Vinny Lingus was blathering around that BTC was going back to 400 dollars. I panic sold half my bitcoins (big mistake). Since then I've been bullish. I was bullish and was buying every month all the way up to 18000 and I was bullish and buying all the way down to 3230, then all the way back up to 5k. That's when I pulled the plug on my job. I'm retired now (at age 54). That said I can live on conventional assets for years and I don't plan to cash in any BTC till december of 2020.
    BS-trash is garbage but some whales are pushing it up. BS-Trash is about as valuable to me as something I'd scrape off my shoe.

  11. It's fun to be part of this rollercoaster ride. At the end we know there is a big payoff so all is good 😛

  12. BSV is number 8 on coinmarketcap and has over 1 billion in 24 hour volume. your BSV analysis is negatively biased. The smart money is going into BSV right now.

  13. Avatar latigo66 says:

    Hey Molly, Bobby Brady called and wants his shirt back.

  14. Avatar uhlijohn says:

    US dollar is a consensus money with no intrinsic value with unlimited creation by Federal Reserve….BTC is consensus with no intrinsic value but with extremely limited issuance. Which would you prefer?


  16. If the liquidity is so low why is the volume so high? Keep your opinion to your self. Speak facts

  17. Molly is Matty GS the son of Alan Greenspan?

  18. Thanks Molly keep up the good work.

  19. Love your interviews! Thanks!

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