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BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY experts here | The Cointelegraph presents

BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY experts here | The Cointelegraph presents

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Here are ongoing experts:
– Brock Pierce, Co-founder, Blockchain Capital; Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation (USA)

– Jon Matonis, Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation (United Kingdom)

– Carlos Barbero Steinblock, Co-Founder, BTC-Guardian (Spain)

– George Givishvili, COO, BitFury (Group Netherlands)

– Jamie Burke, CEO Convergence VC and CEO Outlier Ventures (United Kingdom)

– Ben Goertzel, CEO, SingularityNET

– Federico Pistono, Author, speaker and researcher (Italy)

– Eddy Travia, CEO Coinsilium (Hong Kong)

– Mike Costache, Founder Blockchain Investors Consortium (USA)

Blockchain Solutions Forum & Crypto Friends are one of the most engaging events in the fintech sector.
Cointelegraph’s team has visited these events and would like to draw our subscribers into conversation with extraordinary speakers in the private chat room here on our channel.

We have some great interviews for you to observe. Don’t miss further videos and subscribe to our channel!



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