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Bitfinex & Tether LOST $850 Million Dollars – Causes Bitcoin Dump


Bitfinex & Tether LOST $850 Million Dollars – Causes Bitcoin Dump

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-04-26 01:19:55 | Duration: 8:34 | Views: 9791 | Likes: 500 | Dislikes: 23

Latest news about Bitfinex and Tether


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27 thoughts on “Bitfinex & Tether LOST $850 Million Dollars – Causes Bitcoin Dump

  1. Avatar Abd Crypto says:

    guys from bitfinex should keep fighting for truth and against centralized fraudsters who only want to crash btc price

  2. Avatar Aodh Healy says:

    They have no right to deal with that in the US court. For some reason, the Hong Kong prosecutor's office has no complaints about Bitfinex. Therefore, it seems to me, all this are just US games to crash the BTC price again.

  3. US Gov decided they could organize this scandal with bitfinex and crash the btc price. They were wrong.

  4. Avatar Vise Crypto says:

    They 've organized IEO to temporary cover the lost amount before the investigation ends and the money will be returned.

  5. Hopefully the IEO causes just the bitfinex's recovery.

  6. Avatar Maeve Trader says:

    Btw, despite all the fud around tether/bitfinex bitcoin could reach 8k

  7. Even it the IEO doesn't work they won't leave the market I bet.

  8. I can't stop thinking that it's just another FUD to dump price

  9. Avatar Crypto Bull says:

    I think the truth to us will tell the court 🙂

  10. Avatar Egree Ggeee says:

    Around 9 minutes of video and no objective information

  11. dump? what are u talking about? sounds too ridiculous if u are talking about such a giant as bitfinex. i agree that its a problem and it should be solved, yes. but dont make a catastrophe out of it. i hate the work of press, really…
    if the wrote news they should be more informed about all facts!

  12. Avatar Wither Rump says:

    Latest news today from The Crypto Sight, Crypto News and Crypto Insight that Tether Responses to New York Attorney General in Bitfixnex’s $850M Loss

  13. the whole case has been orchestrated by the us. it's obvious, ppl! smb with big money needed to dump btc and used bitfinex for that.

  14. we can not state it will 100% confidence. there is some info that portion of these funds are held by the US authorities

  15. Cm'on the bitcoin is stabilizing now. It was just normal reaction of the market on negative news provided by media which usually distort news to hype

  16. Avatar Gans Jogger says:

    yes but any negative news do affect the market cause people start to panic and this situation is not an exception. However, i would not say that because of the bfx story bitcoin suffered a lot. It was near 7 percent last time i checked. Not a big deal as it will recover. Media will soon find another victim to distort the news to catch hype and have ratings.

  17. Avatar Tomas Lock says:

    how is that possible just to lose $ 850 million dollars? its huge money

  18. Avatar Nocturne GFX says:

    Hmm so you just said the timing is good for report does it mean that you admit that it was done in purpose to manipulate the crypto market which is extremely sensitive to any negative news? the release and the situation on the market leads me to the assumption that it was really done in purpose maybe to shorten btc. As for canceling tether this will be really stupid many people use it no matter what rumors come out. Look at China where tether is extremely accepted

  19. The money is not lost. It's not Bitfinex that caused BTC dump. This whole story consists of 90%FUD and 10% truth in which only the main characters are interested.

  20. Avatar Correy Fogg says:

    What caused btc dump is all the wussies who started panic selling. Not tether/bitfinex.

  21. Avatar Hong Rio says:

    what do you think about this little doc about Bitfinex? I think it makes the situation clarified – the platform is under the investigation at the moment, nothing more

  22. Bitfinex is fully clean in regards its background, one single case can’t spoil their reputation, especially when they are not guilty.

  23. you'd rather read the whole 23-page document before making any judgements otherwise they sound ridiculous. and one more thing – the problem is with the whole crypto environment but not with bitfinex in particular. they just HAD to resort to such a payment processor as CC.

  24. bitfinex exchange services are working without any problems and I am sure that all these talks about it are not truth

  25. Avatar Mr Jenkins says:

    LOL $850M cannot be just LOST. They were seized and safeguarded, and Bitfinex is struggling to release them.

  26. bitcoin dump was caused by fud campaign that media launched, idiots don't know how to read documents

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