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Bitcoin's SHOCKING Fair Value According to Tommy Lee

Bitcoin's SHOCKING Fair Value According to Tommy Lee

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Tommy Lee went on CNBC today and talked about Bitcoin’s fair value. It is much higher than where we are now. Take a listen and see if you agree.

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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin's SHOCKING Fair Value According to Tommy Lee

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

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  2. Avatar Justin Kasey says:

    Another round of pump and dump coming? The markets and crypto is a scheme. Do something real with your lives, your laziness and greed is unbecoming.

  3. Avatar ssfd dfsd says:

    Thanks for video about a video, I should make one more video about this video. Inception?

  4. Avatar S Dj says:

    Lol 1% TOO CRAZY.

  5. Avatar Lorin Lewis says:

    Currencies throughout the world can be and is being printed to Oblivion. If Bitcoin never becomes an interactive currency…it still is a store of value being that there are only 21 million bitcoins. And some of those coins are lost forever. Sure there are other coins..which add to the inflation…but they banksters can't stop this without nuking the planet and or turning off the internet imo.

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  7. Avatar Tracy Brooks says:

    1% is too much to risk in crypto !!! try adding two 0's behind that 1 !!! i feel safer at 100% in crypto than i would in the rigged stock market or holding the us dollar.

  8. Avatar Mehr Licht says:

    It's a well known pricing model for cryptocurrencies. Makes sense and I agree with him.

    CNBC is just entertainment for retail investors. That woman has either an IQ<90 or she has the role of acting stupid, so that the average Joe feels like a smart pro.

  9. Avatar K Y says:

    He is a turd tard

  10. Avatar LAVIN20 says:

    So the guy is always wrong but this time he is right. BS

  11. Avatar Matt E says:

    The blonde secretly has 8000 bitcoin. She just doesn’t want anyone to know and horde it for themselves. Smart woman.

  12. Avatar N B says:

    I disagree with Tommy Lee … Bitcoin is NOT a commodity. Bitcoin is a worthless Ponzi coin that has no assets to back up its already inflated value. It is dogshit and the only reason it exists is because it is still attractive to fraudsters and criminals who wish to protect their ill-gotten gains from being confiscated. It allows people to speculate and make a high return because that is the only way anyone would bother with it because it has few if any use case for it. In fact it is an extremely unsafe way to transact just like Western Union payments. When investors start withdrawing funds, then the lack of assets means that the price will crash and those last to withdraw will likely lose most if not all of their investment. Bitcoin is essentially bankrupt as deposits have gone to pay those that already withdrew with profits and the payment of those running the Ponzi, including miners. Only speculators need apply. Bitcoin is not money. I suspect it will continue to be hyped by those that have invested in the Ponzi and whom are trying to get the public to invest so that they can get another bull run and cash out with their gains before the public realise what hit them. I'm with Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger on this.

  13. Avatar Booney Inc says:

    But it's like Peter Schiff and James Rickards saying gold should be at $10k. But it's not.

  14. Lmao that woman is a moron.

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  20. Avatar mosako ainu says:

    I'm hold

    1m xrp
    10m Tron
    1m Steller

    Hold until year 2020

  21. Avatar Tub Toby says:

    “1% for retail investors is CRAZY”… hahah what a joke CNBC.. typical example of mainstream media trying to maintain negativity on bitcoin so that the wealthy can buy bitcoin when the masses don’t want it … for ur info, people spend much much more than 1% on useless things, like subscribing to CNBC.

  22. Avatar Travis Long says:

    Becky is an idiot who doesn't understand finance

  23. 1% of your portfolio in crypto is NOT crazy that is actually reasonable and historically profitable investment…50%+ is crazy

  24. 4:52 It seems crazy to you because you understand nothing about investing in real assets. (to the female host in red)

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